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  1. Edmonton is going to be great this year.
  2. I speaking of the trading/drafting banter.
  3. Wow we starting early this year!!! I like it!
  4. 2012 was such a big fluke it kind of crippled us because of the illusion it cast. Salvador was an MVP candidate.
  5. The Wild's Defense sucks, he will make a huge difference. Brilliant hockey mind and motivator. Minnesota should draft a lot of young D and Stevens will build them into a power house.
  6. Knowing that it takes several years to develop as a Defenseman in the NHL, I can honestly say I am still stoked about him being drafted and how he has developed. DeBoer tried to bury him, but the talent was always there.
  7. I had a couple mistakes, but apparently so did everyone else. I had Ducks in the finals so I will lose many points from here on in.
  8. It means I am ok with your recommendation. I like GIO as a player, but you are correct that he does have his limits.
  9. We don't need Stamkos, especially with his asking price and health concerns.
  10. Agreed. If you just go with the kids, without the veteran leadership your just following in Edmonton's game plan for failure. On another note: I would love to have Daimon Brunner back. He was another player who suffered under Deboers lack of leadership and coaching. He fits in what Shero is putting together.
  11. I like GIO, he is a great PK player and his speed and defensive play are above average. I wouldn't mind if he was back. Patty will have a great year next season and should be back.
  12. Since Zacha's team is knocked out, can he play for Albany now?
  13. Huge loss for NJ. No one else has the passion or the understanding of social media to make this work like Tom.
  14. It's Kalinin's first year in the NHL. He has improved the past few months, especially his body positioning and his hockey IQ. I would like to see what he can do next year, before we toss him aside. I think he is very talented and there could be a nice 40 point player here.
  15. MantaRay

    2016 Draft

    Have we accrued more picks this year as a result of the Jagr and Stempniak deals?
  16. Aside from Merril, I like our defense - A lot. It's Moore and Schlemko's first season as starters and they both have great potential. I think Moore is going to develop into something special. If we get some offensive help, we won;t have to rely on Schneids having to win every game for us. We need support upfront in a major way.
  17. Interested in seeing how Line#3 does tonight with the other new kid
  18. Absolutely agree with all of the above.
  19. Agree CR76 but I hate to compare anyone to McKay. Randy was more versatile; he would either score, make that big hit, or protect one of his teammates by taking on the other teams pugilist. I like DSP, but I would like to see how he develops after this year.
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