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  1. LETS GO DEVILS! Pray that my night class gets out early!
  2. Weeks should play the final game, especially if we are locked into a series with the rags. Should the unthinkable happen, Weeksie will at least have some ice time against a team I'm sure he'd love to beat.
  3. Honestly at this point I'd just assume let the rangers go 8-0 regular season and then sweep them out of the playoffs. Again.
  4. I always enjoy a quality rick roll.
  5. Must be having their St Patty's party a bit early!
  6. I present... STREAMING LOVELINE! http://loveline.phil21.net/
  7. But I think I should. Or at least all the beer I've drank tonight thinks I should.... Why be social on an internets forum?
  8. I don't think a cup run this year is worth sacrificing 3 future cup runs for. A rental would have been nice, but we just don't have the chips and dismantling the core would have been a bad idea. Gionta and Havlat are similar enough to not worry about, and after Brian's playoffs last year he gets another shot in my book - even if it was another 40g fluke.
  9. Brad


    As far as uniforms go, the blackhawks are way up there for me.
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