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  1. LETS GO DEVILS! Pray that my night class gets out early!
  2. Weeks should play the final game, especially if we are locked into a series with the rags. Should the unthinkable happen, Weeksie will at least have some ice time against a team I'm sure he'd love to beat.
  3. Honestly at this point I'd just assume let the rangers go 8-0 regular season and then sweep them out of the playoffs. Again.
  4. I always enjoy a quality rick roll.
  5. Must be having their St Patty's party a bit early!
  6. I present... STREAMING LOVELINE! http://loveline.phil21.net/
  7. But I think I should. Or at least all the beer I've drank tonight thinks I should.... Why be social on an internets forum?
  8. I don't think a cup run this year is worth sacrificing 3 future cup runs for. A rental would have been nice, but we just don't have the chips and dismantling the core would have been a bad idea. Gionta and Havlat are similar enough to not worry about, and after Brian's playoffs last year he gets another shot in my book - even if it was another 40g fluke.
  9. Brad


    As far as uniforms go, the blackhawks are way up there for me.
  10. Pretty good news for me. The Wild are probably my favorite team out west, so getting a chance to see them play is always welcome! And I'll still get the Cheekster for the Devils game!
  11. Brad

    Kevin Weekes

    I love seeing weeksie celebrate on the ice after games. He is the best cheerleader the team has ever had.
  12. Keep in mind that all 4 officials are from Western Canada.
  13. "And Brodeur sensed a line change happening, probably with his eyes" Doc, 12/23/07 in Calgary.
  14. Let's go Devils! I'm pretty excited to see Dion play, and I hope he plays as well as he can without getting on the score sheet.
  15. "Langenbrunner with a shot towards the goal, he didn't get much on that". [Pause] "He didn't get it at all". Doc, 12/13... These guys were on a roll tonight.
  16. Brad

    Goals by Goalies

    http://www.nhl.tv/team/console?type=fvod&a...5&catid=505 But who needs a trapezoid?
  17. Brad


    Oh hi! I had a cheeseburger for dinner! I'm a bit of an animal lover, so
  18. Brad


    I have a leopard gecko and 2 snakes (one corn and one brazilian rainbow boa). Because of this PETA hates me at some level. And every one who owns a dog. Or cat. Or a rescued hamster. I'm all for animal rights, and I'm all for using animals as a way to enrich human lives, be it through seeing eye dogs or for testing medication. However aside from it's grass roots campaigns PETA is a very scary organization... Granted, the thoughts of monkeys being poisoned to create a designer eyeshadow does make me uneasy, however the gene work that scientists are doing with rats and even now geckos are amazing. If we can create a more eco friendly environment that can support a growing human population through animal research (and testing) well, I can't see a logical counter argument.
  19. I love going to Saratoga. I live down in Albany so it's a quick (albeit expensive) trip and a fun day out. My uncle is a bit of a horse-racing fanatic so we usually have a big event for the Travers Stakes - We've found that the best thing to do is rent a table by the paddock. Easy dress and fun for the whole family (6 year olds..) as well as easy access to on the rail. Back in the day (well, 5 years ago when I was 18) we would dress to the nines and do the whole grandstand-reserve thing. Pretending to be ritzy for a few hours is great fun, even if it's not at all who you are! I'll slum around the track with cargo shorts and a devils t any day!
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