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  1. pretty cool SD. jealous
  2. That's what he was brought in for. Not physicality for sure. IMO well worth it. As reliable as Trav was in fo dot.
  3. he's going to be a very reliable goalie.
  4. Why is it many fans criticize every thing Devils management does. "Throwing a bone to the fans" . Not to knock Lou, but this stuff would never happen under his care (gimmicky). We've complained for years they don't do anything to engage fans. I love the above designs/efforts. It's fun folks. Why try to find fault. I love it, & I if available (reasonably priced) would buy warm up jersey.
  5. Count me a Brooklyn Dodgers fans, although I was really young. At the time they had 3 MLB teams in triple-state area. My oldest brother had a B.D. penant on his wall. Loved Koufax/Drysdale, Camponella etc.
  6. Not many people (creating jerseys) put much emphasis on the pants. (a logo/design? on the sides) Kind of ignored. Not that it's at the top of the list.
  7. A for Fitz. He made the team better. Wasn't excited about goalie. Thank God no Debrincat, Gaudreau. Would've loved #19 (Flames) Our D is way better depth-wise. Loved Marino trade. As far as Johnsson/Tatar still on this team? Another team has to WANT either. WANT them! Willing to give up assets for? You want them gone! If Fitz got crap back, you fans would say he didn't get enough back?
  8. I wouldn't go a nickel over 5.5 mil, for 4 years.
  9. I laugh at twitter Devils fans. How much they're willing to give Bratt? Seriously? He's asking for 6.5, Devils 4.1 yet, they'll give him 7 mil?
  10. Wowser, us Devil's fabs are really separated on this! None of us know what went into it. (or whom he tried to lure over here) NJD16W . I love Fitz, and his efforts to bring a decent team here. What a jackass
  11. Not sure if Nico will ever be big time goal scorer, but rather a P. Bergeron type! Defensively sound, pops in goals. etc. I don't think teams (at that time) were thinking Makar was the next D man Messiah! We all knew he'd be a good, mobile defenseman, but this good? Remember the consensus (very important) that many had Nico/Nolan Patrick #1 & 2 all year. That's the way it panned out! Should we not have taken the overwhelming consensus pick for Hughes? Not one scout had any other prospect close. Even if scouting staff thought someone was better, they wouldn't dare take another player. The Devils fans on championship square were thrilled. As was I.
  12. When qualifying in searching asst. coaches. don't we want a PP coach that is a tactician? (that hasn't just "dabbled" in it.) that has actually played half wall/point (for example Adam Oates) not suggesting to pursue, but that kind of experience. Also, I like the idea of Madden (he'll help with PK imo for sure.) Isn't the asst. coach that was with Rochester still asst.here too. Nothing against Andrew Brunette, but why would he leap to the top. Wonder if Kevin Dean (formerly Bruins) might be considered.
  13. UFA possabilities: (not necessarily in this) Husso, Copp, Nieterreiter, Burakovsky, Rodregues, Mason Marchment Desmith? Possible RFA's (if they can be payed away) : Necas, Crouse, Hague, Nic Roy?
  14. I really don't like drafting Russian players, (nothing against the players) but they tend to want to stay over there, & learn their skill & play a couple years in KHL.(and Swedish players as well) You draft No. America (players), you watch them immediately. They should be adjusting to the No. American size rink. Find out in a few years whether they will pan out.
  15. Where is Juraj (if we pick him) going to play next year? (Finland? No. America?) Is he signed somewhere or possibly be in NJ?
  16. Neither D men will be picked 1-3 it's be 3 fw's in that order. Nemec/Jiricek are not Makar. Devils imo sure as hell aren't picking one of those D men.
  17. In all fairness, how can any of us say any GM isn't trying hard enough to sign UFA's? We have no idea who did or didn't "try" to sign. I think NJ was in on JVR after Toronto but Philly was willing to give him that 7mil term. When you're going to pursue a UFA, don't you set a price? We'll overpay a UFA (within reason) but not stupid $$$ and term? (correctly so) We signed DH to a big contract. All GM's try, but many UFA (matured) don't want to go to a rebuilding team. They only got so many heartbeats. Husso may prefer to go to Leafs/elsewhere. We have cap space however. Who would want to play at the Rock? The Hall trade was a good trade @ the time. He wasn't satisfied, we wanted to keep him around. Glad it worked out for both.
  18. Fitz believes in Lindy as coach. I think getting a new PP,PK and asst coach(s). People are wanting Burnette? now PDB. (we ran him out of here) PDB is a great coach. And no, you don't hire coaches to "develop". Not his job to develope, it's to win now, not for a player to come around. Rico worked out as did Lars. Maybe, Lindy is OK working with prospects. We're tired of rebuilding, but with a lot of youth in our line up. I'm fine with Ruff as coach, he knows the game well. Fitz needs to start with goaltending. Why can't our s Euro scouts come up with a gem?
  19. Few Av's players very "average" last night. Compher (what does he do)? Newhook, Kuemper, where's MacKinnon.
  20. You don't walk away from his salary.
  21. Not the right thread, but I think we need another "insurance" goalie. lost faith in Blackie (not because of his skill) but his work ethic. Will Bernier be ready to train/play. Will he be the same? I like the idea of Primeau, maybe Stolarz? (reasonable trade) We can't go in with Hammond et all. Any suggestions of someone reasonable to target. Sh>t rolls downhill, our goaltending was huge part in out win/loss record. Soft goals kill a bench. Players know it.
  22. I'm impressed with Logan Cooley as well as Suraj (after reading a lil bit more). I like the idea of having another depth center. But I'd be stoked to pick either @ 2.
  23. Random thoughts-I like Nichushkin, E. Kane, Kadri, & Marchment. (we need size/speed) no to Debricat. No to Gaudreau, (let Philly have him) Why does everyone want to throw in the towel on Holtz? He's been here 1 season & did OK in AHL. He has tools. Fitz will not overpay (and shouldn't). Dougie was our big ticket item this year. I'd like Swayman. Nervous about Husso. Spencer Knight =unproven- & on a decent team. Let's just see what happens.
  24. Raanta sucked tonight. Make a GD save!
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