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  1. I've always been under the impression a "qualifying" offer is typically a certain % above current salary. Like 15%?? How does Meier have 10 mil qualifying offer? Did San Jose offer that much to resign him.?? Also heard today Horvat same amount? 1o mil? Can someone explain how qualifying works?
  2. I think Fitz wants youth if he's going bto trade for anyone. ZP can go to the mall in Minny for all I care. Yes, someone to compliment Jack. w/ speed & decent size? (if there's someone out there.
  3. LGD's. Wonder how many scouts will be on hand from other teams? We're playing against a good team. If we play like we did against the Pens, this won't turn out as well.
  4. Cap space plays a big role in whomever we try to pick up. It almost has to be $$ in $$ out. If Timo has a qualifying offer of 10 mil? Why would he go anywhere else for say 8 mil? I realize every player wants to play on a winner, but that's a lot of $$ to stay put in SJ. JVR (if Flyers pick up 1/2 his cap hit) might be interesting. Rico would be nice too but then again almost 6 mil next year? I think Fitz's going to want youth back. We have some depth, maybe they'll draw interest.
  5. I don't believe any of the "high priced" guys will be traded for to come to NJ. Horvat will be looking for Kadri #'s, & we need to sign Bratt. We're up against the cap now. I know we're speculating here but these blockbuster trades (like 2 first, good player & a prospect) is BS. That fo schnozzle doesn't happen anymore. Yes I'd like to see Fitz scour the league for a complimentary winger for Jack (fast/good along the walls) or for Nico as well. I think our D is great to end the year with. No need to tamper with it. All these glittering shiny objects are too expensive unless they're willing to sign long term. I'd love Meier, but he'll get stupid $$ because a GM will overpay. btw, wasn't it Rutherford that signed Miller, Hughes, and Petterson? You don't sign a guy (after negotiations) and trade him! Because you look like a jackass with no clue. You don't sign or trade for player, and then turn around and get rid of him. IMO.
  6. Blackwood could certainly throw in a clunker. I think VV is the far more reliable goalkeeper. Now I'll go to Twitter & see the p>ss and moan about Huala being on Jack's line. Blah blah LGD's
  7. We scored on 3 breakaways last night. This must be a systems thing. Our D men always looking up. Maybe it's because we were playing the Dux. Going to be fun bus ride to Staples Car.
  8. Sharo has one of the best wrist shots on the team. However he's a one trick pony. Doesn't create any space for linrmates. Everyone thinks you need to have 3 offensively gifted guys on a line? Lindy likes Huala on Jack's line because he thinks the game better. Doesn't have speed/mitts of Jack, but Huala's more of a pit bull. All coaches these days are the same, you play your way up and down the line up. Loving that 4th line 20, 91, and 70. They might just make some noise eh?
  9. Someone mentioned 10 mil offer. I'd love Timo to be traded here. Perfect line-mate for Nico. I'm sure SJ will make a "responsible" offer. Fitz might have a shot getting him in a Devils Sweater. But it'll take something substantial to pry him out. You wonder if Severson would take a lil hometown discount? But then again, he's in his prime years, so he may want to test the waters. Fitz won't make the trade unless Timo signs for a few years at least. What salary "range" is Meier? (making 6 mil now)
  10. 10 mil. offer to Timo? Where did you hear that? wowser! I wonder how many UFA's Fitz will just let walk? Tatar, Woody, Haula, Graves, Severson, ? No other team will be hankerin for the likes of Boqvist, Zetterland, & Yegor (luster has worn off) I like Haula although he doesn't score. Maybe Fitz can find a couple guys to play alongside Jack/Nico. Haula to stay line # 3 as center? We won't be able to keep both #28 and #33.
  11. To my dearest Devil brethren: Bo Horvat will never be a Devil! P. Kane will not be a Devil! Ryan O'Reilly will not be a Devil!! Pasta will never be a Devil! Why? we couldn't possibly make room (cap) So, let's all move on from these evil thoughts. Timo Meier (a remote/minimal possibility) but realistic.
  12. Hopefully he'll consider coming too N.A. Permanently & get used to smaller surface. He's playing against good competition, but not pro's older men. I agree he might just be a gem. BTW thanks for the live scouting reports!
  13. I was never a Zacha hater. I think & always will think he's a serviceable fw. Decent on face-offs did great on PK. Scoring? unreliable. (but you can say that about many players) A few folks here thought he sucked. Now, he's Boston's problem. I think he's happy to be there.
  14. Late to the patty, Merry Merry! And may Palat help bring this team back.
  15. Players can/will be streaky. But not a goaltender. Plays decent against Fla. Sh>ts the bed in 2nd period. Gets pulled. Sadly, I doubt he'll bring anything back in a trade.
  16. That's the criticism Zacha had here. He was never going to live up to the hype that followed him being drafted 6th overall. Choosing him 6th was all Lou, as he always made size a priority. He'll be a decent 3rd line player, but that's about it. But a serviceable player.
  17. Boqvist & Holtz- Give Bahl a shot over Smith? imo McCleod is a very good 4th line center. Struggles with 3rd line role.
  18. If that's what he's (Foote) targeted/projected to be, that's fine by me. A 4th line role is every bit as valuable to a team.
  19. Isn't this a good time to call up one or two guys from Comets? Clarke seems to be caliente at the moment, maybe Foote, or Okhotyuk? Somebody that has a lil jam in his game?
  20. I doubt is Grits going to get a one way ELC.(if there is such a thing) He'll have to compete to make the team like everyone else. I'm cheering for him.
  21. No call up this year. Seems like he's an after thought when this team could use size. I'm sure at one time he was thought as a possible wing compliment to Jack or Nico. We need the Kamikaze like physical anyone! Not perimeter skating types. We don't rough any body up. It's the one thing lacking in our game imo. I'm hoping/thinking when Palat/Bastian get back in line up, things will straighten out.
  22. Has anyone else given up on Nolan Foote. Is this guy ever going to be what scouts thought he would be?
  23. LGD's. Holtz over Johnsson? and Bahl too. i thought he played well. We need a win build a lil confidence.
  24. This "4th line" is brutal. Often lost, not much compete. Maybe if #17 would work his way back up to top 6, he'd be a lil more productive? Please send Holtz to Utica, (lost, not contributing at all). I can't believe how much this team misses Bastian? McCleod has been great imo. Devil fans will start the "he's not being used properly" defense.
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