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  1. In all fairness, how can any of us say any GM isn't trying hard enough to sign UFA's? We have no idea who did or didn't "try" to sign.  I think NJ was in on JVR after Toronto but Philly was willing to give him that 7mil term.  When you're going to pursue a UFA, don't you set a price? We'll overpay a UFA (within reason) but not stupid $$$ and term? (correctly so) We signed DH to a big contract.   All GM's try, but many UFA (matured) don't want to go to a rebuilding team. They only got so many heartbeats.  

    Husso may prefer to go to Leafs/elsewhere. We have cap space however. Who would want to play at the Rock? The Hall trade was a good trade @ the time.  He wasn't satisfied, we wanted to keep him around. Glad it worked out for both.

  2. 1 hour ago, MadDog2020 said:


    This ss I hope who we target! Not Campbell. Also, someone that doesn't need surgery after signing on, or retiring.  I think that's where Fitz needs to begin '22-'23. I'm hoping for Andrew Copp and couple other UFA's. We need competent/reliable goalkeeping this year. And Blackie aint giving it to us.  We have no idea how healing Bernier is at this time.  Tom, get Husso.

  3. Fitz believes in Lindy as coach. I think getting a new PP,PK and asst coach(s). People are wanting Burnette? now PDB. (we ran him out of here) PDB is a great coach. And no, you don't hire coaches to "develop". Not his job to develope, it's to win now, not for a player to come around. Rico worked out as did  Lars.  Maybe, Lindy is OK working with prospects.  We're tired of rebuilding, but with a lot of youth in our line up.  I'm fine with Ruff as coach, he knows the game well. Fitz needs to start with goaltending. Why can't our s Euro scouts come up with a gem?

  4. Av's will sign Nichuskin, everyone would like to sign. Yes, overpaid,  but he's great in his role. 3rd line guy. He's flourishing in that role. Like Marchment too, but other teams will try as well. I believe in Fitz bringing it around.

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  5. Not the right thread, but I think we need another "insurance" goalie. lost faith in Blackie (not because of his skill) but his work ethic. Will Bernier be ready to train/play. Will he be the same? I like the idea of Primeau, maybe Stolarz? (reasonable trade) We can't go in with Hammond et all.

    Any suggestions of someone reasonable  to target. Sh>t rolls downhill, our goaltending was huge part in out win/loss record.  Soft goals kill a bench. Players know it. 

  6. I'm impressed with Logan Cooley as well as Suraj (after reading a lil bit more). I like the idea of having another depth center. But I'd be stoked to pick either @ 2.

  7. 19 hours ago, Guadana said:

    Bad example for you. Tampa did make a building through the drafts and didn't sign one term deals with older players, didn't trade good assets before starting to contend. They did a great job with having good players in their prime years on big deals.

    But it is a great example for the Devils organisation to act. 


    And no, we should not trade 2nd oa for cofield. I like him but he isn't proven. 2nd pick is the giant asset. You can trade Holtz+ for Cofield, but if you trade 2nd OA pick, you should get young, very talented, proven player who fits well. Cofield is very close  but I saw enough of his bad games. I think he has huge potential, but price is the price. I saw games of Slafkovsky too. I would trade any players outside of Hughes/Hischier for him. But I don't need too. And Fitz don't need. Because he will draft him. And get player with star potential for free. And this star fits... nicely at least.

    I like your hockey manager enthusiasm, but we could talk about Marchment, Nichushkin, Kadri, etc more. They are more realistic. 

    Interesting things going on in Boston btw. If they will deal Pasta, it would be a huge sign of rebuild. I would sign third line center from the market and deal Blackwood, Smith, Boqvist and Foote/Thompson/Zetterlund for Ullmark. Blackwood is cheaper and could be normal backup for Swayman, if they trust him and ready to start some rebuild. They got G, D, C and W. Thats a lot, but Ullmark is proven, young enough(28 yo) and has 3 year deal. Boston will got prospects he wants. But I believe they will ask Holtz at least  and im not ready for trading him for uncontroled aged players. I would deal him for Pasta(with sign), Cofield(why not), Tkachuk(it will never gonna happened), Demko, Ottienger and may be Knight(why not). But all of this trades will not gonna happened, because they don't want to overpay  we don't want to overpay.

    Rebuilding teams shouldn't overpay anytime  that was allways bad trades, funny bad. On the other hands teams with limited good assets don't want to sell them.

    Random thoughts-I like Nichushkin, E. Kane, Kadri, & Marchment.  (we need size/speed) no to Debricat.  No to Gaudreau, (let Philly have him) Why does everyone want to throw in the towel on Holtz? He's been here 1 season & did OK in AHL. He has tools.  Fitz will not overpay (and shouldn't).  Dougie was our big ticket item this year. I'd like Swayman. Nervous about Husso. Spencer Knight =unproven- & on a decent team.  Let's just see what happens.

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  8. I thought Matt's play by play was a lil mo better. Got excited when Dev's scored. He was better all around!  Replace Cangi, move on.  You know that whomever it is, half of us will like it, the other half won't. 

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  9. I think if they were going to unload Fitz, they would've done it by now.  (at least I'm convinced) We all know this is his last "shot".  What he's going to do with coaching staff? A few of the players. (yes, I'm now all in on trading Zacha after defending him in the past.)

    * Goaltending is (& will be) an issue until we land a good one. (f>ck Blackwood)

  10. 9 hours ago, Jerrydevil said:

    Zacha is disappointing. He showed some tremendous skill last season, and we haven't seen it too often in 2022. The spin-o-rama give-and-go against Boston was memorable. 

    I would imagine we could get something decent for him in a trade. I'll bet at least one or two teams are intrigued, thinking he just needs to get away from a losing franchise. 

    Isn't Zacha a "decent" bottom 6?  Some guys don't live up to their "draft"  hype.  I've defended him for years.  If you can get something decent for him, go for it.

  11. 7 hours ago, Nicomo said:

    Has he though? Off the top of my head he’s played with the corpse of Wayne Simmonds, Miles Wood (nice player but a bottom 6 guy let’s be honest), Kyle Palmieri who has a total of 11 goals since the 2019-20 season, Yegor Sharongovich, Janne Kuokkanen, and ofc the stretch where Ruff brilliantly played him out of position on Nico’s wing…

    I’d argue this season with Bratt is the first time he’s actually been given a good winger to play with. And to no one’s surprise they complement each other’s styles really well. Bratt is one of the only players on the team who can keep up with Jack’s skating. 

    You're pumping Bratts tires quite a bit.  Let's everyone calm down. Players salaries have a "range". Whoa to the team that overpays hoping he'll play to that salary. 

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