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  1. I wouldn't be surprised if Severson is signed at a discount deal. I know many Devils fans think he's not very good, but with D corps having more depth this year, he's not being counted on as much. He's our 2nd PP QB.  Fitz does have to shed some $$ somewhere. I know Tatar, Wood, Severson, Haula, & Graves are UFA's after this season.  I think they are high on Bahl,  & Smith is signed for next season. I think/hope Fitz can sign Bratt to a reasonable contract.  Cap wise as we speak, is not too shabby. 

  2. LGD's.  We all know that this team will lose a few games here and there. Lindy's system is working well. Whatever tweaks the new assistants brought are contributing. We're playing so much better in D zone. As long as goaltending maintains. IMO, the most important piece.  Everybody gives up great scoring chances, & hope goalie bails him out. On Twitter at least, all the "fire Lindy" clowns have temporarily gone crickets after being called out by Biz Nasty & , , Sirius NHL talking heads, and fellow Devil fans.  (not that he (Biz) is a moral compass) 

  3. If we keep losing & unable to right the ship, Fitz will go before Ruff imo. BTW, we will have 2/3 game losing streaks in January, February etc. like other teams.  The hysteria (especially on Twitter) is crazy.  Hynes (who was run out of town by same mob) was a sh>tty coach? He's still employed having some success.  Fitz knows if it doesn't "happen" this year, he's gone. Ruff isn't going any where for now. (at least until Thanksgiving)

  4. It's all on coaching? Nothing to do with execution & shoddy goaltending? Inability to finish.  Don't coaches play the guy(s) that are "going"?  You "play your way" onto lines.  If you only contribute on PP or PK (McCleod/Holtz) neither have earned top 6.  You don't get the job on hype.  Do we have an awesome PP? Or is it Recchi-esque?  Yet, Devils fans want Ruff fired and Brunette installed as HC.

    Everyone, calm down! 

  5. 9 hours ago, pumpkin cutter said:

    I thought bahl had a good game. Hard to judge anything off this game because it was so sloppy overall. 

    I agree. Hard to play against, not the most fleet afoot, but he makes a good case to win a job. He played every other shift in the 3rd period.  Jack couldn't buy a goal last night.  

  6. 19 hours ago, SterioDesign said:

    fvck yeah. I got selected so that i can actually buy tickets to go watch the world juniors here in Moncton

    I'm obviously going to try catch a Luke Hughes game if the US does play in Moncton (and not Halifax)

    Edit: Actually yeahhhhh. I just secured 2 tickets for the USA-Latvia game (which should be a bloodbath), also 2 for the USA-Slovakia game. If Nemec doesn't make the NHL we might get a Hughes vs Nemec game. Would be amazing. And 2 for USA vs Swtiz. Now hopefully Luke won't get injured and miss the tournament lol


    pretty cool SD. jealous

  7. Why is it many fans criticize every thing Devils management does. "Throwing a bone to the fans" . Not to knock Lou, but this stuff would never happen under his care (gimmicky). We've complained for years they don't do anything to engage fans. I love the above designs/efforts.  It's fun folks. Why try to find fault. 

    I love it, & I if available (reasonably priced) would buy warm up jersey. 

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  8. On 8/29/2022 at 10:05 AM, mfitz804 said:

    Definitely. Although, I am sure to some older fans, it is more meaningful. My father was a big Brooklyn Dodgers fan and avid Yankees hater. When the Dodgers moved, it might have killed his love of baseball completely, as following anything other than your local team was pretty hard at that point in time. 

    The Mets bringing NL baseball back to New York was exactly what he needed and he was a Mets fan from 1962. For him, going to Citi Field and seeing the Jackie Robinson/Brooklyn Dodgers stuff was probably much different than it was for me. 

    Count me a Brooklyn Dodgers fans, although I was really young. At the time they had 3 MLB teams in triple-state area. My oldest brother had a B.D. penant on his wall. Loved Koufax/Drysdale, Camponella etc. 

  9. Wowser, us Devil's fabs are really separated on this! None of us know what went into it.  (or whom he tried to lure over here) NJD16W . I love Fitz, and his efforts to bring a decent team here.

    What a jackass

  10. 15 minutes ago, Devil Dan 56 said:

    The people around the league also don’t think Elias is a hall of famer but Alfredson is. It’s not bias that has Nico at #9. Bias is what has Suzuki ahead of him. 

    I know Nico isn’t flashy but he brings things that a guy like Jack might not. 

    Not sure if Nico will ever be big time goal scorer, but rather a P. Bergeron type! Defensively sound,  pops in goals. etc. I don't think teams (at that time) were thinking Makar was the next D man Messiah! We all knew he'd be a good,  mobile defenseman, but this good? Remember the consensus (very important) that many had Nico/Nolan Patrick #1 & 2 all year.  That's the way it panned out!  

    Should we not have taken the overwhelming consensus pick for Hughes? Not one scout had any other prospect close.  Even if scouting staff thought someone was better, they wouldn't dare take another player. The Devils fans on championship square were thrilled. As was I. 

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  11. When qualifying in searching asst. coaches. don't we want a PP coach that is a tactician? (that hasn't just "dabbled" in it.) that has actually played half wall/point (for example Adam Oates) not suggesting to pursue, but that kind of experience. Also, I like the idea of Madden (he'll help with PK imo for sure.) Isn't the asst. coach that was with Rochester still asst.here too. Nothing against Andrew Brunette, but why would he leap to the top.  Wonder if Kevin Dean (formerly Bruins) might be considered.

  12. UFA possabilities: (not necessarily in this) Husso, Copp, Nieterreiter, Burakovsky, 

    Rodregues, Mason Marchment Desmith?

    Possible RFA's (if they can be payed away)  : Necas, Crouse, Hague, Nic Roy?

  13. I really don't like drafting Russian players, (nothing against the players) but they tend to want to stay over there,  & learn their skill & play a couple years in KHL.(and Swedish players as well)

    You draft No. America (players), you watch them immediately. They should be adjusting to the No. American size rink. Find out in a few years whether they will pan out.

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