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  1. Voracek at 8.3 mil? Ken Holland might do that. They've been trying to un load his behind.
  2. I thought he put together a decent team. Lots of role players. Very good D imo. (all big, mobile) They stayed away from the glam names (expensive). I just don't get John Quenville? Tyler Pitlick? I wondered if Habs fans secretly wanted Price to get picked. Now, unless they hold half his $$, they're stuck with an aging 10 mil anchor around your neck. Mentioned this on Twitter last night, and a Habs fan said the City would melt.
  3. The 2 guys I wanted for us to be "in the mix" for Larrs and Oleksiak=gone. Who is still out there.
  4. The league doesn't leak this stuff. Agents/players/teams do. Bettman's probably furious over this.
  5. I saw this guy on expansion list Christoph Bertschy. Anyone know who he is?
  6. I really doubt Kraken taking Subban, even if he's only making 2 mil in actual salary. Because he still 9 mil against the cap.
  7. philanges crossed! would be lovely.
  8. I'm wondering if Parise nixed the deal w/ the Isles last year. If that's the case, Lou may not give 2rd chances. Lou "That ship has sailed" Also, Parise might just retire. He's got sh>loads of $$.
  9. We're making this big stink about which D man Devils will take at 4. They're taking a forward. Thank you!
  10. Whenever a "juicy" name comes up in a rumor on Twitter, Devils fans get excited and justify going hard after them, (w/ draft picks platers they think we don't need) and then predict line combos. And then rolling out the parade floats. No thanks to Tarasenko, Gaudreau, & the other players who's best days are behind them.
  11. We all know Devils are not exposing Blackwood. All I'm saying is Kraken won't be salivating over Scott Wedgewood. It has no bearing on expansion draft. (don't look at his signing (SW) as a "strategic" move.) Don't know who they will expose. (Johnsson/Butcher/Wood/Bastian)?
  12. With absolutely no chance he'll (Wedgewood) be selected. Zero! Nada. Nein!
  13. If we have a lead in the 3rd, you will not see Bratt on the ice unless it's an O zone draw. He's easily overwhelmed by anyone. Great skater, but he's a perimeter guy.
  14. McDonagh, Hedman, Ruuta, Sevärd all in 30's . Sergachev/Cernak are the future, & not going anywhere.
  15. Just something I noticed. In the entire Vegas roster, (not the AHL) but no players are entry draft selections. All roster players via trade or original expansion draft. Cody Glass is closest to NHL ready (he's played in some games) but not worthy of a call up. I know they traded away Suzuki (Habs) but not much in the pipeline?
  16. We also have to remember that a player that has good stats on a very good team, will drop significantly coming to ours. He won't have the supporting cast. Sergachev would be a 1-2 here. He's #4 in Tampa. He's not an offensive powerhouse, & never will be. But, we need a good shut down guy. Friedman says a good young D, you honestly think Dallas would consider trading Heiskenen? Colorado-Byrum? Yotes- Chychrun? Van-Hughes? what are you smoking? Is Jake Bean worth a #4 pick? (didn't think so) Nothing to get hung about.
  17. I'm hoping Fitz does dip into UFA pool. There are a couple very good game changers out there to be had. And not the one year wonder signings/trades like Ryan Murray. (not saying he was bad) Fitz will spend the $$, but will have to overpay/term. Holtz/Mercer are years away from contributing. (you're right CR they need to season in Utica.) All of us will squabble a little about who to sign & who not to sign. But of course, I'll be right!
  18. why would anyone give up anything to get Ghost. He was on waivers less than 2 months ago, not claimed by anyone. Rightfully so. Flyers can't give him away. Unless Philly took back 1/2 his salary. Hextall thought so much of him when he signed him, let him trade for Ghost.
  19. I saw this too (Athletic) He was kinda "harsh" on everyone. Even Owen Power was average at everything. Very few players got above average anything. I liked his grading system, but I'm wondering if he thinks this is just a sh>tty draf?. I asked him, but haven't heard back. Everybody was average overall. Yes, his rankings were way different than everyone else.
  20. PK I think will be at his best in contract year, Severson is a good 1-4 d man Smith at this time 5-6 until he gets more seasoning. D is a big question mark for us in that Bahl/Vuk/& Okhotyuk need at least another year in the AHL imo. Don't hurry them, it's not necessary. We would imo improve immediately if we were to land Seth Jones somehow, even if he doesn't sign longterm. I think CBJ will hold off on him til trade deadline. possible UFA's- Danault, Wennberg, Saad, Armia, Hyman D- Larsson, Oleksiak, Barrie, Hamilton, Riley G- Driedger, Ulmark (he'll want the #1) Brossoit
  21. Does anyone else believe that the addition of 3/4 quality UFA (or by trade) players would be enough to add to this group and sneak devils into a playoff spot? The Rag$ made a huge addition w/ bread man & Trouba . We'll all have our opinions as to which individuals would make that happen. A top 6 fw, top 2 D man , and a 3rd line center that is great in faceoff dot? These would likely be vets 26-30 yrs old.
  22. vadvlfan


    True dat. Do you think teams when playing the Devs drool over dumping the puck in corners to crush Smith? Butcher? Carrick? Wouldn't hurt to have a couple bruisers back there.
  23. IMO Hughes/Nice are going no where. Fitz is seen in the locker room (talking to Amanda Stein) with #13 & #86 jerseys right behind him? Also, Vince Dunn is the answer to our prayers? (put us in the playoffs?) Maybe a nice addition. What does he do really good? He's on a pretty decent team that very willing to unload him. Larsson would be good target.(good shut down guy still young) . Hopefully no more petite (Sam Girard ) types.
  24. Wasn't sure which thread for this but, just listening to "Under review" on XM brought to my attention the majority of Av's players are from trades, not from drafting. Their drafts were better recently but on current roster most were via trades. Toews, Girard, Graves, Nemeth, Ian Cole , Saad, Burakovsky, Kadri, Donskoi, Nichuskin, Bellemore, Eric Johnson, Grubauer, . They have some guys they hope with be decent pro's "Newhook, Bowen, & Jost. The big 3 Rantanen, #29, & Landescog all doing well.. Devils need beef on their back end (Oleksiak, Forbert, etc. Maybe Fitz can sign a couple.
  25. But you guys know we're drafting either Beniers or McTavish right? so stop all the D-man speak.
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