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  1. I remember Jones in last years playoffs. Monster, played sh>ton minutes against best players. For my $$, I'd love Jones more than most any other D. Runs PP, PK! However, he wouldn't sign in NJ long term. (Although for me I'd think give us immediate upgrade.)
  2. Didn't know he was in the line up but i'll keep an eye out for him. And other draft eligible guys. Also, btw, Mare of Eastwood= fab!
  3. Sadly, we don't know how much "seasoning" Holtz will need,(and he will) along w/ Foote & Boqvist. I think we need a couple FW's that can play in top 9 straight away. Like JT Miller (wishful thinking) B. Saad, (and on D) Ian Cole or Larsson. All the other kids coming up are based on hype alone. Highly unlikely any draft pick will to NHL in next 2 years. Maybe G. Clarke will challenge for a spot next year?
  4. For me, I hope not! No, please no more small/skilled swift Swedish fw's. Isn't Boqvist, Bratt, & Holtz enough? Josefson's 2.0. (I'm not saying this in racist way) A No.American player that has some grit/balls, not another perimeter player. And I know he had some "short-lived-chemistry" with Holtz early this year. Let's not anoint him Peter Forsberg just yet.
  5. If you think about it, who "won" this trade? I know Hall had one very good year. But it looks like Edm. is trying to resign Larsson. If he doesn't sign,(w/ Oilers) the Devils (maybe) or a bunch of other teams will overpay for him. Larsson may not sign with us out of spite.(if he's not resigned) We may have won "short' term, but Hallsy is on his 4th team in 4 years.
  6. How is it Jack/Quinn are small, yet Luke is 6'2"-185 lbs? You know Vancouver fans are also saying, "we gotta draft Luke"! Whoever Devils pick, half of us will be pissed we missed out, half of us will be happy. All 4 of those D-men will likely turn out to be good pro's. After that, I like Beniers if we take a fw.
  7. Well spoken here. Can I hire you as my speech writer?
  8. I had thought the same thing. Wonder if he's a whiney b>cht? We have no idea if any skeletons exist. Also, his "disc" issue could turn into something long term, missing a lot of games.
  9. This team as constructed will again not make playoffs next year. (not splitting the atom here). Whomever we draft will be a couples years away. Couple vets 25-30 yrs old w/ grit would be the fo schizzle.
  10. Well said, if one of Bratt, Zacha, Kuokkanen needs to be served up to get a difference maker, go for it. I agree the '21 UFA market looks weak, not drooling over anyone kept for guys we discussed. And Hamilton/ Larsson are not coming imo. I think we have enough to land Eichel, (1st rounder, roster player, good prospect, and later round pick) but that's still not enough probably. Don't want to part with Hughes/Nico. that will be what it takes.
  11. Wedgewood=neither a wedgy or a woody. LGD's
  12. Sev is signed to a good/reasonable contract for 2 years after this. Why move on from him?
  13. Many saw this coming. He's a certain kind of coach, loves playing a d-1st system, and I think will be coaching somewhere else.
  14. There's been quite a few AHL and ECHL teams in Norfolk Va. Hawks, Ducks, Oilers-others I forget (Rick Kowalski was Capt) and "Admirals" is what they will be called. regardless of who affiliated with. (big Military presence here-especially Navy)
  15. It's official, Binghamton Devils now Utica Comets. 10 year agreement
  16. I want to see us finish the season strong. Not worried about "screwing up" draft position. Not to worry, we'll get a decent player.
  17. I think ownership would love a more "marquee" name. They loved Hall & welcomed Subban. I would think they want to see returns on investment. Philly has #28 & #93 making well over 8 mil & growing long in the tooth. Couts is up for a big raise, Hayes make 7 mil. JVR at 7 mil Provarov hasn't looked all that good. They spend the $$.
  18. Subban is still imo a decent defenseman. Not worth 9 mil, but still a good 3-4 slot? Maybe 4-5 mil (after current contract runs out)? I don't mind he's not the man he used to be. I don't know how he is in the room, but seems to be the type of guy that try to lighten the mood? Folks are suggesting bringing Adam Larsson back, but there will be bidding for him unless Edm. signs him. Whomever will overpay. I think Fitz is going to dangle PK.
  19. Yes, something stinks in Philly. Their goaltending really sucks. And Blackwood was great yesterday. Amazing how the rest of the team plays in front of you when you have confidence between the pipes. I think Dev's players like this winning sh>t.
  20. Ryan Murray has really impressed me lately, and is probably a good vet to have in the room. I wondering if Fitz will try to resign him?
  21. Listening to Chico last night he said Blackwood sh>t the bed on a few goals last night. That should've been saves. Going down too early, being back too far in his net, pushing off w/ his stick. At times makes amazing saves, misses on routine shots occasionally. He should play every game down the stretch, unless maybe back to back? Play two good periods, then get shaky?
  22. I think it applies the most all coaches in NHL at least. You can't only say, "More net front presence, keep em to the outside, get in front of shots, protect the house" so many times. Next coach comes in, teaches new "system", and says same thing. Rinse, repeat.
  23. I think goaltending is top priority, Whomever that might be, someone to push Blackwood. Yes our D is porous, and we need help and will have to overpay. But we're in a position to do that. Fitz mentioned bringing Lars back, great start. I thought Subban has been way better this year imo. how is it we give up more odd man rushes than any other team. The goaltending last night was horrific. There's nothing that kills a bench more than savable/soft goals. last night was men against boys, (maybe many of our players are really only AHL calibre) Our best/better players were turnover machines. Sad to turn off Devils game to watch Rag$/Cryers game. Fookin heartbreaking! My wife keeps saying, I'm sorry every time the opposition scores. Yes, like everyone else, I scream at the TV
  24. i'm hoping we draft a large D man. Don't want to mention any names, but, OP, and the big Swedish guy? I'm sure scouts are doing their homework. No enthusiasm for Ecklund. (Boqvist 2.0)
  25. LGD's. Slay the Crosby-ites!
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