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  1. DM, Thank you for another great year. In regards to donations, count me in. BTW...Have you considered making a annual NJDEVS.COM Tshirt sale? I would imagine that could easily drum up the $500-600 needed to run the site. Getting 50 shirts printed should cost at or less then $10 per. Charge $20, Im sure you would move all 50. You can have a contest each year for designs/concepts etc. I know it would be an added responsibility, but I also know the idea of a site t-shirt has been briefly kicked around before. I bet the NJDEV.COm faithful would each love one, myself included. Anyway its just an idea.
  2. Hmmmmm I think the Yankees coined that phrase. The Devils share Few organizational philosophies with the Yanks. However, both win.
  3. Jimmy my boy, to quote classic heavyweight rocker Marvin Lee Aday (Meatloaf) "you took the words right out of my mouth" ANYONE BUT PHILTHY, ANYONE!!!!!!
  4. God willing technology will soon offer hope to reverse this disease. From recent articles I have read, there is hope.
  5. I will be so glad when Ottawa or Tampa hands those lowlifes their summer vacations.
  6. Folks.... 'tis true Lou could have made moves to solidify a floundering "D". Should he have? shouldnt he? For whatever reason, he didnt. Marty has not been standing on his head. Esche IS. Is is the Goaltender or the system? Who knows? Who cares right now? All are valid points, but right now, collectively we need to come together. You will see, come saturday afternoon the Devils will make this a series again. I am not being optimistic, Im saying it like it is and how it will be. This series is NOT over, and I genuinely believe that. Come Saturday Philadelphia starts to sh!t their pants...collectively. This is ours. Believe it.
  7. It just doesnt cost anything to truely believe in something you love. I believe, I really, really do.
  8. No doubt Risky. It s almost like they are letting us know in their own little sneaky way.
  9. well said PK. But what about if you call your dog an A-hole and kick your wife?
  10. fan n. A devotee; an enthusiast. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [short for fanatic.] stooge n 1: a person of unquestioning obedience [syn: flunky, flunkey, yes-man, dweeb]. One without one's own mind. Remember folks..... just because you dont question this teams ability to win does not mean you are a fan....but it may mean you are a stooge.
  11. Z-Man, that is the only defense those who drink the Kool-Aid can muster.
  12. I do respect the traditionalists, but IMO the black and red versions are so much nicer....
  13. Great work Frost....really, that is genuinely good stuff. I would love to see the Devils take your second rendition and use it...perhaps with a lace tie on the collar. I am not familiar with photoshop, is it alot of work? If its not , I would love to see a version with silver as opposed to white. Either way, great work!!!!....
  14. Can someone recommend a Yankee fan forum that is up to par with NJDevs.com? there are plenty out there, some have little or no members, others thousands. It there one someone recommends? Id appreciate any feedback.
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