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  1. It was strange to see him wear #40 in the pre-season. #71 would never fly with Lou. So now we have to get use to #15 for Sykora.
  2. Agreed. This is true. Henrique will be a good player especially on faceoffs and scoring goals. In years to come he will be even better and no one will even remember Steckel. Henrique is the real deal and hopefully he will have a great career here in New Jersey.
  3. I would have liked to see Sykora get #18 or #20. For some reason I just don't like him wearing #15. I know Zharkov wore #18 and taormina wore #20 but they are now in Albany. I guess Sykora didn't have a choice to choose what number he wanted. Maybe he did. Who knows. Sykora use to be #17 in the glory days but still was hoping he would get at least #18 which is the closest to his old number he wore here. Have to get use to seeing him wearing #15.
  4. Never cared for Steckel and all he was good for was for faceoffs. Henrique now making this team he is good on faceoffs and he can score goals. Looking forward to seeing Henrique have a good rookie season this year. Henrique can play center and wing which is a plus and could be a top center on this team in years to come. All the best to Henrique. Good luck to Steckel in Toronto.
  5. Congratulations to Petr. He worked is butt off to get back and he deserves to be playing for the Devils and in the NHL this season. I hope he has a good year and that line of Parise-Elias-Sykora will put up a lot of goals and points this season. Looking forward to seeing this line play this year. Happy for Sykora.
  6. Congratulations to Zach. It was a no brainer who would be the next Devils captain. Zach becomes the 9th Devils captain in Devils history. Well deserved and will be a good leader and captain.
  7. Was suprised to see the 30th Anniversary logo on the season tickets this year when next season is really the 30th Anniversary (1982-2012). If they are going to say it is this season they should have put the 30th Anniversary logo on the center ice this season and come out with the 30th Anniversary patches and wear them on their jerseys. Not sure but they may do that this season or they should really do it next season 2012 when it is really 30 years. The 2012-2013 season IMO is the 30th Anniversary year.
  8. Hands down....Mike Peluso....Crash Line!
  9. Alexander Vasyunov First Career NHL Goal Was at the game and remember that goal and game because it was not only the 1st NHL career goal scored by Alexander Vasyunov it was also the 4-3 OT win over the Oilers that gave the Devils their 1st home win for John MacLean last season.
  10. Really shocked and still stunned over this plane crash. Very sad and my thoughts and prayers go out to all the families and friends of the ones who passed....may they all R.I.P. R.I.P. Alexander Vasyunov R.I.P. Karel Rachunek
  11. Actually he has been a Devil since the 1999-2000 season so he was here for 12-years. He was a Lou soldier for so many years and always played hard. he is a true Devil and will miss him. Want to thank Colin White for a good 12-years here and the monster he was out on the ice before his eye injury. After his eye injury he was not the same player but he did have a decent season last year all considering. Some team will pick him up and he can teach a lot of the young defenseman on that particular team. I can see White going to the Islanders or the Blues once he clears the waivers and gets bought out. I wish White well in the rest of his career and he will always be a New Jersey Devil.
  12. Maybe they have and maybe they have not. Like I am going to say them here. Really don't care what anyone thinks so I am not going to even bother to mention names because I am not like that to say who they are. If I did say then the calls and texts would stop so why would I do that? So believe what you want I really don't care. It's a waste of time to even say here who and what they are because of the way this board has been for years and nothing has really changed. So move on.
  13. I think with White now gone the torch has been passed to Larsson with the #5 on his jersey.
  14. I think with White gone now the torch has been passed to Larsson with the #5. Just saying my opinion here IG. Opinons are like a$$holes. Everyone has one. No concrete-absolutes at all.
  15. Don't think so either but I was just saying I would rather have Henrique than Steckel. I still think Lou may get rid of Steckel or trade him back to maybe Washington. Who knows but I do hope Lou puts him on waivers or buys him out. Just do not like Steckel and from what I have seen him play the remaining of the Devils season last season. Henrique has the talent and is the future part or piece of this Devils team. Henrique is a goal scorer and he wins a lot of faceoffs.
  16. Glad to see Parise sign the one year deal for $6M. Now we have to see Parise play and hope he is the Parise of old with his surgically repaired knee. I have no doubts that Parise will do well this season. Also have no doubts that he will get his longterm contract extension after January. Lou is not stupid and he knows Parise has said and wants to be here in new Jersey for the rest of his career. So not going to worry because Parise will get his longterm contract extension way before July 1st and the TDL. Lou knows what he has to get it done and now with a lot of money under the salary cap Parise will be taken care of. Too many fans are just worrying over nothing right now. Parise is re-signed and very happy he is going to be back for this season.
  17. Henrique had 25-goals, 25-assists for 50-points in 73-games. Does not show faceoff percentage but he had a good season last season in Albany and think he will do good in his rookie season this season.
  18. Henrique's faceoff percentage was over 70% in the WJC from an article I read but not sure what it was last season in Albany. He played center and wing last year in Albany.
  19. NONE of the above. With the money that is available now with White and Hunter going to be bought out and possibly some other players going will give the money to Parise in a longterm contract extension after the new year IMO. Don't think Lou is going to wait (sign Parise as early as January) and Parise will never see July 1st as a UFA if he is serious in what he is saying that he wants to workout a longterm contract extension and wants to stay here for his career in New Jersey. Have to believe in Parise in what he wants and he will be here. So not even going to think of losing Parise because Lou is not stupid to let him go.
  20. SatansDevils


    Elias with only two years to go don't think he would take it or even accept the captaincy now. Knowing Patty he would say give it to one of the other players that will be here for a longtime. Zach Parise I think will get the captaincy if not then Kovalchuk. Both players will be around (still believe Parise will get that longterm contract extension)for a longtime and finish their careers here. Elias would be a good captain once again but his career is coming to an end in 2-years.
  21. Sorry my bad there....Meant to say will be. Henrique's time has come and should be in the NHL Devils this season. He has a high faceoff percentage and he scores goals which would be more than Steckel could ever do in a season as far as goals scored.
  22. Congratulations to Doc. Well deserved. Going to really miss him this season and seasons to come with the Devils.
  23. In a way suprised to see the news of Colin White being put on waivers and being bought out. White had a decent season last year and he was a true Devil for sure and never thought the day Lou would do this to White. In a way this is another sad day in Devils history for sure. White always gave it his all and I will always like him and wish him well. He was part of 2-SCC and before his eye injury he was just a monster out on that ice. Since the eye injury White had to become a less of a player he was for some reason possibly because of his eye. This move for sure is Lou looking at the youth movement that has transformed with this team. It has to come sooner than later now. I also agree that Steckel should be released and bought out for his $1.1M contract for the next 2-seasons. I would rather see rookie centerman Adam Henrique in there and he is a way better faceoff and goal scorer than Steckel. Henrique led Albany is scoring and in goals last season I believe. Henrique will be a good centerman for the Devils and should make the team this season. Henrique could also play wing too. Devils are going to save $3.3 plus million by buying out White and Hunter. I think some of this money will go to Parise's longterm contract extension after January 1st. It would be awesome to get Doughty from the Kings but will never happen. Pure fantasy there. Devils will have around $6M under the salary cap once White and Hunter are bought out. Maybe a possibility Lou can bring White back at a lower price if they can do that not sure. As for Salvador, Lou said he has not felt any symptoms but once he is healthy Lou may move him and his $2,9M salary. IMO, I think Salvador is done and don't think he will be back. Most likely be put on the LTIR and would give the Devils close to $10M under the cap which is a lot of room and pressure off this Devils team and Lou.
  24. SatansDevils


    No Devils player has ever worn the #13. I can see Palmieri staying with the #32. Don't think he will change his number. It will be interesting to see what number Larsson gets.
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