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  1. I like the new logos. They look sharp. The only thing is they could have done without the red mapleleaf in all the logos. We know the jets are a Canadian team. lol.
  2. Going to really miss Doc as he had a great 21-year run here with the Devils. I do hope the Devils get some games on Versus and NBC this season and seasons to come. Doc is the best in the business and will be sorely missed. I would like to see Gary Thorne comeback to the Devils and replace Doc. Thorne is somewhat like Doc as they both leave you on the edge of your seat watching games. LaGrecca wouldn't be a bad choice either.
  3. Just telling it is official it is DeBoer, but will be announced at 3:30PM. Relax.
  4. Just wait until 3:30pm and see for yourself that Pete DeBoer will be officially named the next Devils head coach.
  5. Going to be official at 3:30pm that Peter DeBoer will be the next Devils head coach. Not a bad coach and he is good teaching and coaching with young players. So it will be good for the young players on this tean and the future players that will be on this team from Albany. I am kind of suprised it is going to be DeBoer. DeBoer turned down two assistant jobs in Detroit and Calgary over the last several weeks.
  6. Likely candidates.... Clarkson, Zubrus, Salvador, Rolston maybe White.
  7. Needed someone to replace PL3 in Albany. He should do better than PL3 in Albany. Doubt we will see him in the NHL right now as there is no room for him on the team. Maybe Janssen will be called up for some games that have enforcers. Other than that he will play most of his games in Albany IMO. Never really cared for PL3 but like Janssen a lot better when it comes to fighters for the Devils plus he loves it here in New Jersey. Its a good thing its a 2-way contract.
  8. Have to agree it is impressive of Larsson. Great contract and looking forward to seeing Larsson for the next 3-years and more years beyond that. Larsson is a class act. Now the focus is on re-signing Parise longterm.
  9. I think Lou has had a name and coach in his mind for sometime now. When he is ready he will make the announcement. I keep hearing it will be Ken Hitchcock as it seems to be the right fit and choice for this team. Some of the players want him as he is the Lemaire type of coach. I don't believe he was ever out of the coaching rumors and still believe he is the choice that Lou may announce today or early next week. Like I said before if I was a betting man I would bet on Hitchcock right now. We shall soon see and find out.
  10. At $2.9M that is a lot of money sitting in Albany. Just don't see that if Salvador is healthy and ready to play. Something has to be done about Salvador and his $2.9M. If he does stay in Albany then Lou should try to move or trade him if any team would want him.
  11. Yes he did. But he was at the Prudential Center several times last season and must have spoken to Lou then. We really don't know what was discussed when Hitchcock was there for a few Devils games. Lou may have had some kind of interview then. I saw Hitchcock the one game and said hello to him. He is a really nixe guy and he just loves hockey to death and he really likes the Prudential Center. Hitchcock also said in one of TH articles that he would be a perfect fit for this Devils team.
  12. Really liking the new AHL alignment and divisions. Not a bad division for the Albany Devils.
  13. Actually the Trenton Devils cannot move anywhere else in the state because I was told they still have a longterm lease there in Trenton and they cannot break that lease to move anywhere else in the state. Just sad to hear.
  14. I hope to God it is not Therrien. If I was a betting man I would go with Hitchcock. For some reason Lou and Hitchcock seem to be very quiet when it comes to them saying anything if they talked or not. More like Hitchcock is just waiting for Lou to announce him when he is ready. Just have a good feeling it is Hitchcock and don't care what has been said by Chere, TG and Guy Carbonneau. Hitchcock never came out and said Lou does not want him.
  15. It has to do with the tenants that are in that old Westinghouse building on the corner of Edison and Rt. 21. That building is holding up all the plans for Triangle Park. Once they buyout the tenants and move them to another location, then we may see the start of Triangle Park. They don't know what they want to do with that old building. Either knock it down or renovate it to another hotel which wouldn't hurt. Right now it is just one big eye sore on that corner.
  16. Glad to see Salvador doing better and hope he will be able to play this season. If not, then his $2.9M will help towards the Devils salary cap. I wish Salvador the best and the Devils could sure use him as he was missed last year on their blueline.
  17. Sad news to hear. I liked going to see some Trenton Devils games. It was a nice arena but just in a very bad place with no attractions around that arena. They should move the team to Sayreville or further North like maybe in wayne or even South Mountain Arena. Attendance for sure would be a lot better and the fans would come. Trenton was just a very bad spot there IMO. Everything around that area just looks dead.
  18. Langenbrunner and Arnott being WAY overpaid by JD and the Blues. $2.8M is too much for two aging players. Was suprised to see both signed with the same team especially Langenbrunner and the past he has had with the Blues GM Armstrong. Langenbrunner was very unhappy with Armstrong after that 02 trade because Armstrong had promised he wouldn't be traded. Now he signed both players that were involved in that trade. Full circle now in St. Louis for Langenbrunner, Arnott and Armstrong.
  19. Guy Carbonneau would be a good coach for the Devils but he said today he is not going to be the coach. I still see Ken Hitchcock being named the next Devils coach by the end of the week or early next week. For some reason Hitchcock and Lou are not saying much and maybe they are just waiting for the right time. Just have a feeling it is Hitchcock because many of the players want him and have said they want him.
  20. If he keeps quiet and does what he is told maybe he will finally do something for the Predators. He has failed everywhere he has played so I think this is his last shot in the NHL. Begfors will most likely finish his short career in Sweden.
  21. Can't believe this was a straight up trade. Heatley > Havlat. Minnesota stole Heatley from San Jose. Suprised there was not another player going to San Jose with Havlat.
  22. If the Devils stay healthy they could have a shot of finishing 1st in the division and win the division. Have a feeling they will finish 2nd behind the Penguins if they stay healthy and Crosby and Malkin is back healthy. Flyers will have a bad year with all the trades they made and especially losing Richards and Carter. Bryzgalov will steal a few games here and there but he won't win it for them. If Devils stay healthy.... Devils Penguins Rangers Flyers Islanders Could see.... Penguins Devils Flyers Rangers Islanders
  23. SatansDevils


    No thank you to Kaberle. Not even a consideration right now when Lou is concentrating on re-signing Parise and signing Larsson. Kaberle was a no show in the SC Playoffs for the Bruins. He may have helped somehow but I didn't see it for the Bruins.
  24. SatansDevils


    I think it will be Zach Parise next Devils captain. Sure he already knows that and wouldn't be suprised that a clause to be in his contract saying he is the captain of this Devils team until the day/year or career of his contract ends. If not Parise, I could see Ilya Kovalchuk be the next captain since he has that experience already and will be here for the next 14-years.
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