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  1. Always liked Nashville's colors and logos. I like the new ones here too. They look pretty cool. We will see Nashville and their new logos this year at the Prudential Center too.
  2. Not suprised it is the Flyers. Tough home opener and hopefully this home opener the Devils will come out with the win. It is going to be an interesting home opening night and to see how many Flyers fans will make it to this game. Hoping more Devils fans will buy tickets to this game that way we won't see so much orange. Looking forward to the season and opening night. October 8th can't come soon enough.
  3. Horrible. Terrible music and song. Could have had a better act for the NHL Awards. When I saw it I was like WTF is that? lol.
  4. Damn. $7M for a goaltender is way too much. Bryzgalov is a good goaltender but has not won anything and has not proved himself in the playoffs. He had a very bad playoff run this year vs. Detroit. Flyers paid too much to sign Bryzgalov. Now they have to trade either Carter or Richards to get under the salary cap. Carter looks like the one to be traded. I don't think they would trade away Richards their captain. The Flyers may finally have a good goaltender but lets see how he does in the playoffs for them if they make the playoffs. I like Bryzgalov but unfortunately he is on the Flyers now which sucks.
  5. Congratulations! Really cool to see. Now to another million.
  6. Yeah I caught that too and started yelling at the TV and Deb Placey. LOL! Brodeur in Game 7 in 2003 was the last time and before that was Patrik Roy twice in a Game 7. She is such and idiot or whoever put that up on the NHL Network must have totally forgot or don't know his or her hockey history. I also agree it still burns me up too that Brodeur did not win the Conn Smythe in 2003. He was a lot better than Giguere. Not like Giguere was so dominant in 2003 like Thomas was this season. Brodeur got screwed out of the Conn Smythe in 2003 as we all know.
  7. I like this trade. Can never have enough of defenseman and Noreau a nice puck moving defenseman. I agree with Noreau/Taormina paring would be good. Plus Fayne will be back as he did very well in the games he played last season. I just hope Adam Larsson falls to the Devils with the 4th pick in the draft next Friday.
  8. I have a feeling the sides have been talking way before this article and news to the NY Post. "Status Quo" with Lou. When Lou is ready he will tell the media writers like TG and Rich Chere. Lou is not stupid and he will do whatever it takes to resign Parise. I think they maybe buying some contracts too real soon IMO to free up some more money under the salary cap. If Salvador does not comeback at least that will free up $2.9M under the salary cap.
  9. David Tyree is $45 per signature and Ken Daneyko is $20 per signature. All proceeeds are going to the charity.
  10. Tickets are getting limited for tomorrow's Brodeur signing at the Park East. One more day today of presale for this event. Don't want to miss out on this signing. Here is the information again on the Brodeur signing. Martin Brodeur Saturday June 18th, 2011 from 3:00pm - 4:30pm at the Park East in Hazlet, NJ. Please Note this event is limited to 250 tickets so reserve yours today by going to www.inthegamecollectibles.com or call our offices at 732-643-8800 Also note there will be FREE autographs of a surprise current NJ Devil star with every Martin Brodeur ticket purchase. That's right Marty will be bringing one of his teamates. Price - $109 per ticket / per item $50 per inscription or personalization
  11. Thanks for the info. Hopefully will make it to this one this summer. Missed last years expo.
  12. The Brodeur signing has been moved to the Park East restaurant and will not be at Pro-Image in the Freehold Raceway Mall. Same date and time just a new location. You can take pictures of Brodeur but not with him as there will be 250 people and the signing is only an hour and a half. The line has to keep moving so all 250 fans can get whatever signed. Getting pictures taken with Brodeur will take a lot longer and hold up the line and 250 people will never be done in an hour and a half. This is what Brodeur wants at his signings now as he is on his own and don't have to worry about Steiner anymore. The $109 is not a bad price considering it is Brodeur and this maybe one of his last public signings so you just never know. As for the mystery Devil coming with Brodeur it all depends on who is left here in New Jersey. Many of the players already went to their other homes in other places and countries. It could be Andy Greene because he lives here in New Jersey in the off season.
  13. I agree DM. Don't see Doc going anywhere. It is just rumors of Pittsburgh. Doc will get a new contract. he is the best and glad he is doing the Devils games.
  14. Finally going to happen. The Islanders organization and their fans deserve a new arena. If it does not go thru I can see the Islanders moving. Quebec, Winnepeg, Kansas City and Las Vegas are looking for an NHL team. Mr. Wang would have those 4 locations to choose from.
  15. Rangers vs. Flyers for the 2012 Winter Classic....makes me want to Why the Flyers again? The NHL really does not know how to pick these Winter Classics anymore. Seriously they could have had 2 new teams instead of just one. What BS. Not worth watching if it is the Rangers and Flyers.
  16. Both games today I would say were upsets with the Czechs losing to Sweden and Russia losing to Finland. Czechs and Russia now playing for the Bronze when many had these two playing for the Gold. Sweden and Finland playing for the Gold now on Sunday. Elias had both goals for the Czechs 5-2 loss to Sweden. That goal was sick! When I saw it during the game I was just amazed. Great goal.
  17. It would have been nice to see Lemaire nominated for this award but he did only coach the Devils for 49-games (8-games more of a half a season) but did turn this Devils team around in the 2nd half of the season and had the 2nd best record in that time. The half a season is most likely why he probably wasn't nominated. My vote would go to Predators coach Barry Trotz but most likely we will see Dan Bylsma win the Jack Adams Award.
  18. Would not mind at all seeing Ken Hitchcock the next Devils coach. The players want a coach like Lemaire then Ken Hitchcock would be that coach for these players. I think once the WC are done Hitchcock most likely will meet with Lou and hopefully will be the next Devils coach. Mike Haviland would be my only other option/choice to coach this team.
  19. The In The Game Collectibles store in Holmdel is gone. It has been gone since last summer. The new address you see is their office in Ocean where you can call and get tickets to all their events/signings. Pro-Image in the Freehold Raceway Mall is just another sports store where the Brodeur signing is going to be but it is being done by In The Game Collectibles. IMO, the $109 for Brodeur is a good price considering Steiner Sports where Brodeur use to be with was a lot more money for the signings. It is not cheap to have Brodeur for a signing and he is a top player so the $109 is not a bad price. Players like Brodeur, Parise and Kovalchuk will be expensive to have and the signings will be around the $100 mark and a little higher. The 250 tickets will sell out because it is Brodeur.
  20. No way Parise gets only a one year deal. Don't like that idea at all. I still see Lou signing Parise to a longterm deal and he becomes the next Devils captain till the day he retires from the Devils. i wouldn't be suprised to see some kind of clause in his new longterm contract of him being the captain of the Devils until the contract runs out. Lou is not stupid. he will resign Parise longterm just like they did with Kovalchuk.
  21. SatansDevils


    Hopefully Kaberle will make a difference in this round 2 series vs. the Flyers. Hoping Kaberle and the Bruins KO the Flyers this time around after that disaster from last years playoff series.
  22. Why did Versus blackout the second game between Vancouver and Chicago? WTF!
  23. IMO, I agree with Rich Chere said that Hitchcock would be the best fit for the Devils if they want a coach just like Lemaire. They do need to let go of Adam Oates too. The Devils PP was horrific this season.
  24. That was a great pass from Arnott to Semin for the GWG in OT. For sure it looked like it was going to go to a 2nd OT. Arnott is a big plus for the Capitals in this years playoffs. I hope they go deep into the playoffs in the EC and maybe the SCF and win it all. I wouldn't mind seeing Arnott get another SCC and see Ovechkin finally get one.
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