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    Mock Drafts

    I agree. I like that order but would go with Hamilton - Strome - Murphy ahead of Beaulieu. We almost have the same order. I just hope Larsson falls in the hands of the Devils at that 4th pick.
  2. Lids.com also had that hat I believe. Go check it out. Lids usually has a large selection of Devils hats.
  3. SatansDevils

    Mock Drafts

    Any one of those 3 players would be a good pick, IMO. If Larsson goes in the top 3 then I hope the Bleacher Report prediction is right. Would rather see the Devils get a puck moving defenseman like a Niedermayer type player. Center is also needed with the Devils too so Couturier would be a good pick.
  4. I agree. First would be Larsson and Couturier would be next. Also Murphy, Hamilton and Huberdeau wouldn't be bad picks either.
  5. You never know. Larsson could make an immediate impact to this Devils team next season. It depends if Salvador comes back and if Greene resigns in the off season which I think he will. Salmela is also a RFA and Fraser is an UFA so it depends. If not like you said he will be in Albany for a year.
  6. I would like to see the Devils get Adam Larsson if he makes it to the 4th pick. Hopkins most likely will go #1 to the Oilers and Landeskog going #2 to the Avs. Hopefully the Panthers will get someone else at the 3rd pick. No matter what Lou and the Devils will get a top player that could immediately play for the Devils next season. I hope it is Larsson.
  7. Go on Lids.com they have this hat. I remember seeing this hat online at Lids.com and in the Lids store.
  8. Nice! This pick Lou will NOT be giving away this year. lol. Sorry Bettman.
  9. This is huge! The hockey Gods were with the Devils tonight! A 3.6% chance and they win! FU Bettman and karma is a bitch. Lou is licking his chops now that the Devils are 4th and not 8th in this years draft. Maybe another Niedermayer they will find in that 4th pick. Anyone of those players mentioned I would be happy to see the Devils get. Larsson or Landeskog would be great but wouldn't mind Murphy or Couturier.
  10. Capitals, Sabres, Bruins and Lightning in the East. BlackHawks, Kings, Coyotes and Ducks in the West.
  11. Capitals, Sabres, Bruins and Lightning in the EC. BlackHawks, Kings, Coyotes and Ducks in the WC.
  12. Would like to see Mike Haviland but if they want a coach like Lemaire it could end up being Ken Hitchcock.
  13. In the East.... Boston Bruins and Washington Capitals In the West.... Los Angeles Kings and Chicago BlackHawks
  14. Very sad news to hear. I wish all the best to Jacques Lemaire and thank him for a wild 2nd half of the season ride to bring this Devils team back to respectability after a horrific 1st half of the season. I hope he enjoys his retirement. Maybe just maybe I hope he would change his mind and comeback for one more season. Does not look it and wish him well. He will always be one of my favorite Devils coaches.
  15. I was there early this morning. Good turnout in the morning and my arm is all brused up as hell. lol. The Devils tee shirt is pretty cool and the red backpack was also nice gifts.
  16. Lou is protecting his future longterm investment. These last 4-games (now 2-games remaining) would have not mattered or made a difference even though Parise does want to play. Not worried at all and Parise will get his longterm contract from Lou and the Devils. Also the next Devils captain too for the rest of his career.
  17. This is a big loss for the Rangers. I still don't think they will make the playoffs and if they do they will be out in the first round. i think Carolina gets in at the 8th seed if they can beat Detroit tonight on home ice, then their next 2 games are winnable. Callahan is one of their best players and losing him is just huge.
  18. Holy sh!t! That is messed up. He should never play hockey again after that. That sh!t should not be tolerated.
  19. Reimer playing very well for Toronto this second half of the season and is in the top goalies for save % with a .923. Devils have to put a lot of SOG on Reimer to win this game. Both teams playing for pride and the Devils looking to even up the season series at 2-2 with Toronto. Hopefully Brodeur is still sharp and the Devils get this win on home ice. LETS GO DEVILS!!!
  20. Just do not like Cablevision or Comcast or any other cable providers. I have had DirecTV for all these years and very happy I still have it. It maybe pricey but it is well worth the money. Cannot beat DirecTV.
  21. Congratulations to Doc Emerick! Well deserved and his 7th one too. He is just one of the best in the game.
  22. +1! Scott Wedgewood the Devils future goaltender when Brodeur retires.... I would like to see him learn from the best in Brodeur but he is only going to be 19-years of age. Wedgewood I like and hope he is the future of this team. Has to start somewhere when Brodeur finally retires. If there is no stoppage or lockout maybe Brodeur will play for 2-more seasons till the age of 42 if he wants too. That way he can teach Wedgewood too.
  23. Would like to see the Devils win their last four games and play the spoiler role for some of these teams down the stretch like Pittsburgh, Toronto and the Rangers. LETS GO DEVILS!!!
  24. SatansDevils


    Would like to see Henrique come play the last 2 or 3 games but better to wait until next season when he may just make this team next season.
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