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  1. USA Hockey Magazine's facebook page is running a "fan favorite" contest, and the "final" is Parise vs. Greene. It'd be kind of funny to see Parise lose. I think voting ends at 5 p.m. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151363190043525&set=a.131307553524.110722.19454573524&type=1&theater
  2. I play in AIL at Floyd Hall and Div. 8 at Ice House, plus the adult clinic at Skylands and the HNA summer clinic at Mennen. I also do the floor hockey league in Morris Plains. Funny thing is, my plan was to take the summer off, concentrate on soccer, and then come back to my two hockey teams in the fall. So much for that plan! My soccer league season got canceled, so I ended up loading up on more ice time.
  3. The Caps have a box set and we don't??? Really?? No disrespect to them, and I know they've been around longer, but come on.
  4. I'd love to meet up with some fellow Devils fans who live in Sussex County! I also have an xmas party to go to on the 17th though so that's no good for me. Tues. Wed. or Thurs. works best for me.
  5. The other two names are Hellions and Devils Advocates. There were about 30 people at the meeting. One of the Devils graphic guys is going to create a few different logos for each of the names and there will be a final vote coming up soon. I believe there will also be another meeting scheduled so that those who couldn't make it on Tuesday can go. It was only briefly mentioned though so don't count on it until there is an official announcement. A couple of random things that came up: -In reference to drums (which were banned after Viking Army came in one night with their drum and pissed off some fans who complained), the Devils said they're doing to have some sort of drum line this season. (This is completely separate from the supporters section.) -The Devils are aware that sometimes the music/organ interrupts/kills chants. They want to avoid this. They're hoping to coordinate with the section so that this doesn't happen too much. Seeing as I don't think the section is going to plan its chants out minute-by-minute, I'm not sure how much coordinating can be done with this, other than a general guideline of, the organ should keep quiet soon after a goal because there'll likely be some sort of extended chanting, and chants should be started/kept up mostly while the puck is in play to avoid the music. Organ/music person should pay attention to what's going on to not drone out a chant if there is obviously a good one going. The section is also going to keep pushing to make partial plans available. There was nothing new about a system for STHs to resell their tickets other than hammering home the point at the meeting that people need to resell their tickets to other Devils fans and to fans that are OK with standing and chanting the whole game.
  6. I swear, I fall down way more frequently when I play ice hockey while wearing my Clarkson jersey.
  7. Another CRASHER sighting, this time at open hockey at Floyd Hall Arena.
  8. CRASHER is NOT campaigning to win the Lady Byng. My sig was entirely my idea. I was so disappointed that he lost last year that immediately after the election I changed my sig. He was so close last year. I know he can do it this year!! C'MON CRASHER!!!!!
  9. For you CRASHER fans: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Scott-Mackie-is-an-a$$hole/158961584131849
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