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  1. shornick

    STH question

    That's what made me wonder. I saw all the tickets listed on there and was wondering if I was doing something wrong this year. Hopefully they'll be up soon.
  2. shornick

    STH question

    Right now I am only able to list tonight's game and the barbecue event on ticket exchange. No other games are showing up. Is this normal? Would like to start listing the games I can't make and would prefer to not do it last minute. Thanks for any help, still learning the season ticket thing.
  3. First season, November game against Edmonton. Still have the program somewhere. We lost 5-1 but I was hooked. I was just a kid, 9 years old but still remember being really excited to see these guys skate and play. Looking back I realize now how lucky I was to see Gretzky and crew play but I was a jersey kid and have rooted for the Devils ever since. Those days you could easily get to the lower sections, was never that full. Probably what helped hook me in.
  4. Woohoo! All of our scoring problems have ended. Least he'll bring some energy.
  5. Last night started out great. Looked like we had found some life but unfortunately once the pp came it all went bye bye. If only we could decline penalties some games we'd be much better off. Not sure what seems to be keeping this team from sustaining pressure for long portions of the game. We have moments but they are too few and far between. Going into the season I feel like this was more the devils teams of old, team based and need everyone to play hard to compete. I still think that's possible, just have to find the right fire to get under their asses. We have guys who have shown they can score and finish in the past, Jagr, Ryder, Brunner and Elias need to be the guys contributing each game with Zubs, Henrique and Zajac joining in to help balance the load. This isn't going to be a huge scoring team, not a lot of Devils teams ever have been, but they have the power to do it. It's gonna come together. The D is looking better on the defenseman side. Some forwards need to be a little more responsible and make sure their men are covered. Larsson and Gelinas are really looking comfortable and while still making some bad positional plays here and there, they are learning and will become less of a problem. Fayne only playing 16 and change let's you know he is either hurt or back in DeBoers doghouse. Five d men and that's all he got time wise. Schneider looked good for first game back, he seems like he will be solid every game but hoping he turns into someone who will be even better than that and wins us some games. With Marty playing better we should be in our end. We need our forwards to get it together.
  6. Thanks for the offer but the lowest I can go is $60 and it would be harder to sell one. I have an offer for $60 from a Flyers fan, would really rather not sell to him. Trying to change my plans so that I can go.
  7. Section 102 row 12. Watch the Devils shoot and score on the Flyers for two periods. Aisle seats, $60 each.
  8. Two tickets available for Tuesdays game. Unfortunately cannot go, section 102 row 12. Aisle seats. $25 a piece.
  9. shornick


    Larsson I think can be a really good defenseman in time. Unfortunately it seems that the Devs coaches have gotten him thinking too much out there. He does look like someone looking over his shoulder and wondering if he'll be benched. His first year, plenty of mistakes but also lots of potential. They need to let him play and learn from his mistakes, work on those at practice and video sessions. They're taking his instincts out of the equation and that is never good. You want to add to the instincts not handcuff them. I remember watching Nieds when he came to the team. He was really good but had to learn the game. He had the benefit of a great team defense around him to learn from and cover his ass. Larsson doesn't have that. Let him play every game and actually coach him and he'll be fine.
  10. I have two tickets, section 102, Row 12 seats 1&2 (aisle seats). Unfortunately I can't make it to this game. Will sell for $180 for the pair. PayPal is fine or we can work something out. Can mail or email tickets. Thanks!
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