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  1. Great list. I'll be using these sites instead of HF. Which is already in heavy traffic mode given that Gary Roberts is going to be dealt somewhere if Roberts says yes (TSN had it on their front page). So better them than HF.
  2. Has Crosby been getting beat up and knocked around? Given that he's leading the NHL in scoring by such a margin suggests that he hasn't, from what I understand.
  3. Emery smiling throughout the entire fight was something. That whole spectacle was a something special. That said, I don't want to see something like that involving NJ. Complete overreaction by Buffalo to a CLEAN hit by Chris Neil.
  4. I hope the Devils perform better on defense, 36 shots for the Rangers is no easy way to beat them. All the same, I hope the Devils keep their cool and just focus on the game. Let Sean Avery be the jackass he is, scoring 3 goals to shut his fat mouth up is faaar more satisfying than Cam dropping him like a bad habit. GO DEVILS!
  5. How much cap space did Korolyuk take up? Because if he took up any cap space, Lou just opened it up. Maybe NJ will finally have room to call up players and such??? I'm not finding a cap number on Korolyuk, so perhaps not.
  6. I'm going to this one with my best friend who is a Penguins fan. He's pretty confident in the Penguins, but he always tells me that the defense is horrible. And I agree because a defense that gives minutes to the likes of Rob Scuderi and Josef Melichar isn't a good one. If the Devils can put a lot of rubber on Fleury, they should be fine. He did give up 4 against Chicago recently and the Devils may have finally found that all important offensive spark against Montreal. Even if that doesn't happen, the Devils do know how to beat Pittsburgh, having done it 3 times already this season. It'll be a great game all the same. GO DEVILS!
  7. Poor Langenbrunner, justifying criticism that he needs to work on his shot. But he recovers behind the net and dishes it to Sarge for the game-icing goal. The Devils win 5-2, the Devils SWEPT Montreal this season, and I hope the Devils will see them again in April!
  8. Gionta has a slight groin pull (I'm sure, he hit the groin on his arm?? Was it the trip that hurt him, I guess.) and Huet has a hamstring pulled. Mike Rupp is doing a good job emulating Gionta and Elias made it 4-2. Let's not pucker and GO DEVILS!
  9. I still feel good about the Devils' chances Samsonov-goal notwithstanding. They scored 3 power play goals. THREE! By the by, is Don Lever now the official keeper of Chico Resch's weave?
  10. The Devils have a good chance to sweep the season series. A quickfire double should go a long way to make a win not as difficult. Montreal lost 1-0 to Florida at home last night and won only once so far this month. They are frustrated, they are desparate, and putting them down a bit early would really put the screws to them. GO DEVILS!
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