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  1. Thanks for the feedback. After some thought, I'm just keeping it. As I mentioned initially, for the piece of mind of having it. It will still give the telemarketers the chance to leave a message on my ancient answering machine. Along with the scammers who call about, "My SSN is suspended and I must act now" and all the other scamming BS. Stay safe and may we all make it through this screwy year.
  2. I'm looking for some advice as I look at trimming some home expenses this year going forward. Baby steps on cutting the cord so to speak. How many still use or pay for a landline phone in their home? I still have one, using it to make local calls occasionally, but use my smart phone for everything else. Its the piece of mind of having it that has had me keep it this long nothing else. Those who have gotten rid of it, was it worth it? Advice is appreciated.
  3. 🤢🤮Finally got to watch the full last season of Doctor Who. My hopes are dashed. Chris Chibnall and Jodie Whittaker are the Hybrid the series feared.
  4. I'm liking the new Colts D compared to the last couple of years. I think they will do good against the Jets. Colts will still have NO run game, so all the Jets have to do is keep making Luck wear his arm out until it falls off. Colt penalties and dropped passes will do the rest.
  5. Agreed, Michelle Gomez was awesome in the part. I've yet to be disappointed with the past casting of the Doctors, so I've got high hopes she'll do great.
  6. Can't wait for the new season. The Doctor is now female.
  7. I voted. Now I'm moving on with my life until the next Presidential election. Hoping things for the better.
  8. I've been a Doctor Who fan myself since when Tom Baker was the Doctor.
  9. No hockey gives me more time to read a book instead. So, the Owners and Players can all take a flying leap this year. I don't care anymore at this point. My love of the sport just died a little more with this Lockout.
  10. I've not yet decided on who to back come Novembers elections on the GOP/Ind side. President Obama has not impressed me nor his do nothing budgeting Congressional Senate. Romney/Newt. Either pill is bitter. I've also stopped tossing money into any election campaigns years ago. The money is better suited elsewhere in donations that matter (i.e. Food banks, Red Cross, etc..)
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