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  1. Was kind of hoping for a lower voice (yeah, I like Gary Thorne; that NBC guy with Rangers roots who was rumored sounded good to me, too), but I'm OK with this. Definitely a step up over Cangi. Maybe a little irritating when he REALLY raises his voice during some of those calls but overall sounds solid.

  2. 3 hours ago, MB3 said:

    I think my phrasing was more strongly worded than how I meant it. I just think that, with everyone (around the league and here on this board) talking — fairly — about his lack of point production, it’s becoming more and more obvious that his linemates have absolutely stunk. He looked good last year in SPITE of those deadweight losers.

    How about they actually had a good year and simply fell off the cliff afterwards? Happens all the time to different players (see: Gusev). As Colorado mentioned, they played with a different center at times as well.

  3. My goodness, with all the luck the Rangers had this postseason I was still sitting there nervous with 15 seconds left. That's probably when I realized even they can't do anything about this anymore. :P


    Can't remember the last time I was so nervous watching the NHL. 2012 for sure, I guess.


    What a feeling. I can sleep well at night again!

  4. WOW. Just like anything Lou-related, this came out of nowhere. 


    We dont know anything about this yet. Lou hasnt been fired, he's the President of the team and is above the GM. He is been getting older, his health may not be so good, maybe he just cant handle the day to day duties anymore. We have no idea if he was just kicked upstairs or went on his own accord. We know nothing.

    The man is 72 and still basically single-handedly running this franchise. How long can you go like this?


    I really like this, too. Couldn't imagine Lou getting fired. We don't know exactly what happened behind the curtain, but he's staying as president, so clearly it's not like the ownership has had it with him and is kicking him out. Gradual changes, I like that. Still, an end of an era and a huge day in club's history. Can't help but feel a bit nostalgic. :)

  5. Terrible to hear. Still, it seems like a minor miracle they waited so long, considering every single thing during games seems sponsored (Foxwoods FInal Five? Come on...) and the CGI ads on the glass (cause covering every single inch of the boards with adverts isn't enough).



    I've felt this coming since they banned the jersey tuck. Always felt the reason they did that was because they were considering putting advertisements on the backs/bottoms of the jerseys and didn't want them being hidden. Looks like I might not have been too far off.


    Well, that sounds like the best case scenario and I guess a sponsor logo below the number on the jersey's back wouldn't bother me that much... But then again, it would be barely noticeable, so I doubt they're gonna go that way. I hate to think of big ads on the front. :puke:


    When it comes to this, I just hope the Devils go with Prudential, it just makes sense, as a huge company straight from Newark. The fans are also used to it with the arena naming rights, so I guess no one would mind. Or if it's not them, then at least try for it to make sense with the sponsor being connected to the area or the team somehow. Having McDonald's or some other big generic company would just make it even worse.

  6. Much like they've been doing these entire playoffs, the Kings find ways to complicate their own lives (that's why I'm not counting on a sweep or even a 5 game series, more like LA in 6). And much like these playoffs, when the time comes, the BS ends, they start playing hockey and once that happens, there's no match for them. They look like they were born to play those big games.

    Sucks it has to be them, but then again, after everything they've done so far this year, I feel even more confident with them in the final than with the Blackhawks.

  7. The deal makes zero sense to me. And we're just THE team that needs to get older when we have, like, one 23-yo player on our roster. Unless the Canes eat up 3M or so of this cap hit (and that's probably not going to happen), it's a brutal deal.

  8. Now that I look around the web and read some comments it's clear to me this is not that big of a deal to people. Six (!) outdoor games this season and ours isn't even the only one played at this venue. Sure, we're going to remember this, and so are the Rangers fans, but for fans around the league it was just another game between teams they don't really care about and I bet a year (two max) from now most people aren't even going to remember the score. So yeah, the talk about embarrassing the franchise forever and dooming the club's image is just blowing this way out of proportion - it's not like this was a 3rd or 4th round playoff game.


    That being said, Marty did have a terrible game, so did our defense and those guys picked a really bad time to do that, cause all the Devils fans wanted a good experience they could remember for years to come and instead, they don't want anything to do with this game anymore. But that's about it.

  9. What did Roenick say?

    Every time he would interview someone, it was on the Rangers side - and that itself wouldn't be that bad (he's got a job to do), but each time he really kissed them on the ass and especially looked like the biggest Rangers homer when he briefly interviewed some random Rags fans in the 3rd / late 2nd. Hated the vibe I got from that and from most of the broadcast, too.

  10. What pisses me off maybe more than anything else this season is that they seem to sh!t the bed pretty much every time they get close to a nice playoff position. Win tonight and suddenly you're 2nd in the division. Nope, they forfeit the game after the 1st. Not the first time it happened this season (though I can't remember them looking as bad as in those last two periods in a loong time). At the end of the day, I'm afraid that's they were belong - right below that playoff spot.


    From what I've seen time and time again, at least as of late, the Devils are ignored by the NHL and hockey media. The lead up to this game was about 94 and tons of former Rags were interviewed. As was pointed out a few pages back, this just became a Rags broadcast.

    Yeah, that was awful. I mean, was it that hard to get an ex-Devil in there for an interview? Even friggin Dano? Also, Roenick was unlistenable, I used to not care about him in the past, I dislike him after today. The whole thing was retarded, since he never even played for the Rags.

  11. Pulling Marty now does nothing. If he was gonna get pulled it shoulda been 3 bad goals ago. Pete and Marty should lay in the bed they've made. I'm sure we won't hear the end of this game from rag fans for the next 50 years,

    Yeah, because the 2 pts. in this game are somehow more valuable than any other ones. I'll take winning the previous three Rangers games this season and losing this one than the other way around.

  12. 100th game vs the Rangers, going for win #50 and one last time sticking it to them on a stage. I wouldn't doubt Brodeur here if you believe in such things as right place, right time, last chance. You'll get the best of what he has left, because he knows what this means. It's a fitting place, time and opportunity to give one last moment. 

    I wasn't even aware of those numbers. Haven't thought too much about this possibly being his last Rangers game (at least in the Devils - Rangers rivalry) either. Wow, that makes it even more emotional. Writers ask Marty about playing somewhere for the last time non stop, but I haven't really been paying attention (esp. with him saying he might go another year [and with another team, possibly]), but yeah, realizing this might be the last time I watch him playing the Rangers... if he wins, I'm gonna get choked up for sure! :P

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