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  1. I always enjoyed watching this stuff before Winter Classics, it's a blast to finally be able to watch the Devils in this situation. And with it being at Yankee Stadium... I wouldn't have it any other way (OK, I'd rather it was the Winter Classic, but that ain't happening between two local rivals. And years from now, no one's gonna care what date it was anyway, it's the experience that's going to stay with the fans and the players).
  2. I still have the last two episodes of 24/7 lying somewhere waiting, lol. Well, they could serve as an appetizer.
  3. It just made me think about the center-ice logo for the Stadium Series. It's probably going to just be the series logo (just like with the Winter Classic logo at center-ice). But how sick would it be if they put the Devils (since they're the official hosts) logo at the center of Yankee Stadium? Not gonna happen anyway, doubt they're going to mess with the ice too much with the Isles game just a few days later.
  4. Wow, for whatever reason I was sure he only listened to some modern dance/pop crap. Kudos to him.
  5. It's not s so much about leaving his feet as it is about hitting the head. Any hit to the head gets reviewed nowadays I believe. Good thing the Devils scored on the subsequent 5-on-3 - watching that disallowed goal after a quick whistle still makes me pissed. Moot point, since we still lost, but well...
  6. I heard his next task is paying Kovalchuk a visit and, um, cleaning up.
  7. Revan

    Was gifted a jersey

    Haha, or first world problems. If it's such a problem for you, OP, and you don't feel comfortable wearing it at the arena, don't wear it. The best option is, probably, talking to the person who gave it to you, saying thanks and telling her/him that you have a favourite player whose jersey you'd love to get, so since you got the sweater, you'll redo the lettering on the back to the name of that player... The jersey fouls column at Puck Daddy is usually funny when you have people with some really dumb stuff on their jerseys or when they do things that could *really* be considered a sacrilege (like, tearing two jerseys apart and sewing their halves together). But sometimes it gets extreme and I'm getting this totally macho vibe with fans pointing fingers at others because some minor detail is off or someone customizes their jersey the way they like. Come on, even the official NHL shop puts up those ads with jerseys reading "YOUR NAME" on the backs. Don't like it, don't do that to your jersey, but if someone else likes it - who the hell are you to tell them not to wear it? And is it that big of a deal to rip people over it? Sheesh... Personally, the only problem I'd have with the jersey would be the "01" on the back. No reason for that 0 in there. Oh, plus, maybe I wouldn't feel to comfortable with all the people around me seeing my last name instantly (if it is your last name, no the first name). But a jersey with my first name on the back, I probably wouldn't mind.
  8. Hate that Zajac's stupidity/carelessness cost us a point on the Rangers in the standings, but it lets me sleep peacefully at night when I remind myself we are 3-0 against them this season. Good times. Hard work paid off tonight. Happy with the win, all in all, cause I had huge doubts before the game and certainly didn't see that coming with the Rangers leading 2:0 and still shooting at the net. The Devs got their sh!t together quickly enough.
  9. Lundqvist is 31 - he'll be 38 when this deal expires. Which means there's a good chance this is the last contract he ever signs. Makes me feel old all of a sudden, lol. Feels like it was yesterday when he was playing his first year with the Rangers. Might be because his Stanley Cup victories total is exactly the same it was on the day of his debut.
  10. What a relief. This kind of wins remind me why I enjoy watching hockey. Great to see Marty finally get his 1st W out of the way, the team win one on the road and a come back they actually manage to pull off. Probably not a breakthrough, but a hell of a game to watch!
  11. Revan

    Goal song

    Do you have to be a U.S. citizen to be able to vote? Or will a foreign zip code work too? Wonder why they want to know your section, too. I'm not gonna be original here, but Seven Nation Army would be awesome. And while multiple team already use(d) the song, Bro Hymn just works so well, would like that one as well.
  12. No Chico, no Doc, no Marty and soon no Lou... Dark times ahead.
  13. Just watched the Sens - Ducks highlights. The pace was sick, the plays looked like a friggin video game! Good to see some real hockey for a change.
  14. That's what I've learned watching the playoffs. It's not about being a much better team, it's just about being better. Sometimes you see a club simply being one step ahead of their opponents all series long and they sweep the series. No blowouts, no shutouts, but they win 4-0. That's pretty much what's happening to the Devs now. They are always this bit worse. And they are going to lose a lot of points because of that seemingly small difference if their games doesn't change quickly.
  15. Yeah, that's about what everybody was saying last year and they managed to go on a friggin 10-game losing streak. Never recovered from that trauma either, the last few games of the season were pure embarrassment. They kept sucking until the very end of the season and they start the new season on a 5-game skid. Sorry, but Lou can't just sit on his ass waiting for a magical break to happen. Besides, when it actually happens, what does it really change? We win a game or two based on probability and then still keep losing more games than we win. If you're a good team, you get more breaks going your way. Clearly the Devils are either a bad team, or a badly coached team.
  16. Glad I didn't stay up until 7 a.m. (that's what it would take) to watch this crap. Man, 4 goals in the 3rd? Really? I keep telling myself it's a matter of time before this new team gels and that this whole Canadian trip is a good opportunity for that and at some point during it they will really click and start playing good team-oriented hockey. Some good goaltending would help, too. Didn't think we'd have this kind of problems with this goaltending tandem. Hopefully Schneider gets a real boost from playing tonight in Vancouver.
  17. NY Post... Larry Brooks... and an article I certainly didn't expect from him. That's good to see. It got me a little nostalgic, too. Haven't really thought too much about it this summer with all the wild stuff going on around the Devils.
  18. lolwut, how haven't I seen that account earlier? I wonder if Harrold knows about it already.
  19. Sweden, Switzerland... who cares, they are both post-Soviet republics anyway.
  20. From the thread's title I thought Greene was going to be given to Kovalchuk. Whatever that means.
  21. Wow, good for you, and especially to be able to see them in a French-speaking city. I'm still holding out hope the new ownership takes marketing the team seriously and sends their asses to Europe someday.
  22. Not a fan. The top portion contrasting with the rest makes it look like a black helmet. The sides look as generic as it gets. Maybe it needs to grow on me, but right now I find it kind of ugly.
  23. Revan

    Column on Elias to HOF

    I was on the fence on this, but the points about him losing games due to both lockout and hepatitis during literally the best time of his career sort of got me on the bandwagon. Besides, when you look at the Devils teams from the past few years, you see some guys going through ups and downs, Parise and Kovalchuk... and yet Elias is always where he should be - Zach/Kovy has a down year? Don't worry, Elias is a lock for #1 in scoring on the team. He's rock solid. Not a dominant player in this league, but always solid. And let's face it, the HHOF has already inducted guys based on consistence instead of domination in the past. That being said, he still has three years left to play (thank God, we would probably be complete bottom feeders otherwise), so a lot of this is still speculation. I'm excited about watching him playing on the same team (and line, hopefuilly) with Jagr.
  24. Revan

    New Mask for Marty

    I'm thinking with the numbers of Stanley Cups and Vezina Trophies he won pasted on the trophies on the mask it's sort of a farewell thing, summarizing his career achievements. He probably decided to retire after this season definitely and he's using his final chance to mix things up for that last year.
  25. I managed to catch some air and I gotta admit, the arguments about the Devils benefitting from it, maybe even encouraging the situation, are starting to hit home. Here is a quick analysis from The Hockey News, a good read: http://www.thehockeynews.com/articles/52816-Kovalchuk-retirement-a-little-too-convenient-for-all-involved.html Don't really know why I had missed it, but until yesterday I wasn't aware that the Devils would get a salary cap penalty for Kovalchuk retiring a few seasons before the end of the contract. And I had no idea it could get THIS ugly: We know Lou doesn't shy away from finding loopholes to get players in and out, especially when there's a bad contract to unload. I never viewed Kovalchuk's deal as a bad one, I actually thought it was pretty sweet because of the extra years, but now I see with the new CBA it became really, really problematic. So, the thing I'm wondering right now is how Lou played this out. What was his initial reaction (I mean, in his mind) to Kovy telling him he's considering going back to Russia? Was it "sh!t, we're going to lose our franchise player" or was he like "well, we can get out of a bad situation thanks to this, so the sooner he bolts out of here, the better for our cap and finances"? On one hand, we all love to view Lou as this evil lord pulling strings from behind the courtain and keeping his hands clean, but on the other: he sacrificed quite a lot to get this fella here, so it's tough to imagine he could be happy about this. Not sure how to feel about it today. Yesterday I was furious at Kovalchuk and depressed by the big loss, blaming only him. Right now I'm still devastated because we got weaker, but at the same time, can't stop thinking about Lou letting him go. Clearly he knew it was in the club's interest in the long run - they agreed it was best for both sides. But I loved Kovy and if Lou outright worked with him to get him out of here, then I'm disappointed in him as well. I know I probably sound like a spoiled kid saying this, but even if it's the lesser evil, I'm still more pissed about losing my favourite forward overnight than pleased with LL working his magic to help us years from now. I just had so high hopes for #17 I'm depressed this is how it ends.
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