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  1. This is so bad even Rangers fans write they feel bad for us on the web. Go figure.
  2. Listening to that Lou conference call makes you feel like the Rebels are attacking the Death Star again.
  3. Yes, cap space is just beautiful, beacuse Lou usually does wonder with it and he can now sign Ryan fvcking Clowe to a 15 year 7 million contract!
  4. I nearly choked when I learned the news. Was speechless for a good while. Can't believe. I loved the guy and he's just a fvcking Judas. Can't remember the last time I was shocked like that in my life. Lou should've made the fvcker rot. I mean, LL is gutsy. He fought the league all-summer long to make that deal happen. He argued the hell out of the St. Louis Blues in the 90's to get Stevens out of there. Now he just lets Kovalchuk go like this... Dude, you have 12 years left on the contract and we're paying you fvcking 100 million. Stop bullsh!tting... Nah, we should just let him go. I defended him everytime someone told me he was greedy and only signed with NJ for money. I have never been as disappointed in anyone as I am in him. Can't get my sh!t together now, can't do anything else other than browse hockey web. Much like I did in the summer of 2010... Can we hang his number upside down or something?
  5. Nah, with the possibility of playing at home and a sh!tload of money... Hard to say no. I mean, I know you could probably say the same about Parise, but Clarkson at least didn't pull a BFF out of his butt to sign there and, let's face it - losing Zach was much more devastating for the club, so we were all mad at him. Clarkson you CAN keep, but you don't have to.
  6. Reflecting on the Alfie to Detroit drama, it really makes you appreciate guys like Elias and Brodeur that much more. I mean, I know they've won a lot with New Jersey already, so it's not like they've been chasing the championship unsuccessfully (see: Iginla, Jarome; Alfredsson; a ton of other guys) but with the team missing the playoffs this year and being 10 years away from its last championship, what could possibly stop Patrik from trying to get a last shot or two at the Cup with some contender? Also, remember Marty actually became a UFA last year. So, vets staying to finish their career with one team is never so obvious. I'm so glad they're both Devils for life.
  7. The more I look at this move the more I like it. 35 goals in 2011/12, on pace for ~28 this year... 3.5M per year short-term taking him to 35 y.o. What's not to like?
  8. Terrible deal. Can't get my head around the love he's getting from the media. I don't think I have ever seen a player so overrated. Kind of sad, because this deal is going to destroy his career. Hope it doesn't. He's a guy you love when he's on your team and probably hate when he's an opponent. Me, I'll remember those Devils years. Good guy, just extremely overpaid.
  9. Yeah, we haven't seen that one in quite a while.
  10. Plus, he loves New York. Heard the rumours about him coming to Jersey and was really curious about the terms he would get... Wow, this is a lot. The concussion stuff scared teams away and we give him five years. And at almost 5M per... One just can't say this is a good deal with a straight face. Like Clowe coming here, I hope he's gonna be good, but we're taking a huge risk here.
  11. This echoes my feelings, too. A bit pricy for a deal that gets the player from 37 to 40 y.o., but spending a bit too much is way better than letting him go - losing Elias would've been catastrophic for the organization. Glad he'll finish his career here and be able to hit 1000 points in a Devils uniform - amazing! Pretty good offseason so far - free agency hasn't hit yet and we've already re-signed our top free agent, kept another important one in Zubrus and brought in a very good goalie without losing a player. Nice change compared to previous years, when we knew nothing at this point and then proceeded to letting our big UFAs go. Now, let's re-sign Henrique and Josefson, move some D-man and add some offense.
  12. Which works even worse for Clarkson. If Lecavalier gets 4.5M for scoring (and even in Clarkson's wonderful 2011/12 season Vinny had more points in less games) and is a proven star who won in this league, then it's hard to justify Clarkie making more than him for what he brings, even if he's younger (and he's not THAT much younger either, I actually thought there was a bigger difference between them before I checked and learned it's four years).
  13. Good deal for the Flyers (a bit lengthy, yes, but with free agency something's gotta give), but at the same time might be good for other teams, too. Should be tougher for guys like Clarkson to demand big buck with Lecavalier making 4.5M.
  14. Wow, first I saw some 5,5M figures here and there and thought it was crazy (though I fully expect some idiot GM to throw that kind of money at him), now I hear people saying 6 million... If it really comes down to numbers like these, then I can't blame Clarkie for taking that money, but it's an awful deal. Don't worry, we'll sign him back as soon as he gets bought out. Still love the guy, no matter what. But yeah, there is NO WAY he's worth 5,5+. Oh, and thank God we re-signed Zubrus already, got Schneider and it seems we're re-signing Elias. Losing David (if it happens) won't sting that much and it's a good start to the offseason.
  15. Wow, I totally expected him to either slip or get drafted by the Rangers just for the sake of it. Very, very cool moment to watch, this is awesome. Now, how much more awesome would it be if he was an elite prospect forward, got drafted in the 1st round and scored some goals on his dad next year? Or maybe played with him on the same team. Crazy how time flies, Marty and his son in the same organizaiton, both as players...
  16. Well, didn't really know anything about him, but I'm kind of optimistic since people had him ranked around that number despite him not scoring goals. If you get this high solely on defense, you gotta be damn good at it. ...I hope so
  17. Schneider is on the phone on TSN right now. Sounds like he's kind of tired hearing all the trade speculation for the last few years - hopefully it means he'll get a deal done with us ASAP to avoid more rumours.
  18. Guys, you can't expect to get a guy signed for life for just a 1st round pick (and if you do, it means he has an albatros contract you have to accept and you are the one getting screwed in the trade). Remember those deadline deals? A 1st plus assets for TWO MONTHS of a guy? Yeah, keep complaining.
  19. You should really check out some Vancouver boards, man. People there are jumping off bridges, that city is all about "Luongo vs. Schneider" and that's what it's been like for the last two years. They expected to get a 1st, a prospect and a roster player for Schneider (not to mention, everyone would rather trade Luongo and stick to Cory). This is the trade of the draft and everyone's talking about how the Canucks got robbed. Lou just fixed our goaltending situation with one move (and without sacrificing any players). If you think this is easy, take a look at the Flyers and how they haven't been able to make one good goalie move in like 20 years.
  20. Newslash, LD: this isn't a Vezina vote, this is an EA NHL Cover Vote. No one ever said it was about last year. It's as much about last year as it's about the overall performance and popularity. You vote for who you like. Turns out there are lots of Marty fans outisde the Devils fanbase.
  21. 2012: Devils playing in the SCF 2013: Draft being held at the Rock; Marty the face of NHL 14 2014: Devils at Yankee Stadium Not bad for publicity. Not bad at all.
  22. Who ever said we had bad scouting? I hope you don't have to hear too many people spreading such bs. Post 2000 - sure, usually not as flashy as in the 90s, but the picks were usually lower, too, no? Other than that, the Devils have a tremendous tradition of drafting very good-to-great players.
  23. Gotta admit, the Vinny buyout made my heart beat faster. Not a lot of players of that caliber available this year. Though this is exactly why the GMs will be tearing each other apart to get him and he might end up with some insane contract. The other realistic scenario I can see happening is him settling for lower money (he's getting paid a ton anyway, duh) on a winning team for a shot at another Cup and this year we're not one of those teams, unfortunately.
  24. I rooted for Chicago and am glad they won, but boy, am I shocked. Can't help but feel a bit bad for the Bruins. The Blackhawks seemed the same way for me, BTW - Toews talking to MacGuire after the game seemed tired and shocked more than anything, he didn't look like the captain of the team that just won the Cup. Guess the guys are just exhausted after this series. Handshake line - same thing, though I understand if they simply didn't want to kick the Bruins when they're down and go out there and laugh in their faces during the handshake. Oh, and good for Oduya. Another ex-Devil Johnny bringing the Cup home with the Hawks.
  25. The amount of words he's got there in his head is truly mind-boggling. Great to see all the love he gets from most of the hockey fans all over the NHL. Another Devils Legend.
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