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  1. On the contrary. Games are generally shorter nowadays. It takes less than 10 hours to finish some of the big-name shooters. Also, not a lot of RPG games hit 100 hours, like did back in the day. I think I'll be getting a PS4 (if I buy a console, I buy a console - I already have a Blu-ray/DLNA player and all that stuff, no need for putting that inside a gaming system), but I'll wait a few months (maybe even a year) for the prices to settle down and some good titles to come out. They usually lower the prices many, many times during the lifecycle of the console, so buying on day 1 is going to be expensive compared to what it's going to cost just a bit later.
  2. Awesome stuff! Now, how hilarious will it be if, a few days from now, NHL announces Bobrovsky won the vote? Mindfvck.
  3. That's what I'm thinking, too. Remember Habs fans have a soft spot for Marty. That kind of explains how he managed to beat a Maple Leaf in one of the previous rounds. Then it was Canada vs. Russia... Wings fans were watching games, Russians don't care and Devils / Canadian teams were golfing already, meaning their fans could focus on something else, say, NHL 14 cover vote. I can see that happening without the poll being fixed.
  4. Party time! I hope Lundqvist decides all those losses took too big of a toll on his psyche and bolts NY as soon as he goes UFA next year. Part of me hopes he doesn't go far and just crosses the river.
  5. I'm voting like crazy. Funny I don't even have a console, so unless they release a next-gen version of 14 and I buy a PS4 / X720 quick, I'm not even going to enjoy the effect of it.
  6. Too bad the Flames suck this year - I have good memories of rooting for them during their 2004 run (though with Kipper retiring and Iginla gone it's a whole new reality there, now. Also, I find it hard to follow the Penguins just for Iggy). I'll probably root for the Isles, don't really care about most of the other teams. I think NYI and Toronto making a come back is a pretty cool story, so I wouldn't mind the Leafs making some noise, too, although I don't like the tone of a lot of the Canadian fans and media and I won't mind if their Cup-drought gets extended again. Plus, we're probably going to see some nice story develop at some point, so maybe if there is some cool underdog thing going on, I'll jump on the bandwagon.
  7. What the hell are you talking about? This I agree with. What frightens me is the lack of franchise-player-material UFAs this year. Kovalchuk's injury and struggles make it obvious we need another star forward badly and there seems to be none out there this year. Last summer it was Parise and Semin. This year you gotta either go with a retirement plan (i.e. signing Iginla or Jagr) or throw some filthy money at Ribeiro and pray he stays close to point-per-game and doesn't implode (which is unlikely). Can't really trade for any all-stars with our assets (or lack thereof)... Not to mention, all of our top scorers but Kovalchuk are going UFA or RFA. Possible brutal summer ahead!
  8. My God, the NBC pregame makes mu pumped like it's a playoff game! GO DEVILS!!!!!
  9. I agree with MadDog. Our playoff hopes are long gone - the goal that put the nail in our coffin was that empty netter from Toronto. That's when it became obvious it would basically take a miracle for us to make it and we should abandon hope. Tonight's game is all about the Rangers If they win tonight, it doesn't change much for us really - it's big for them, not for us. If we steal points from them, on the other hand... we can make their lives really difficult and then their (and our) final game of the regular season will probably be deciding for their playoff contention. So, there is pretty much nothing they could take away from us and a whole lot we can rob them of. Well, we probably won't remember too much about it 10 years from now, but if it comes down to the wire, then that game on April 27 is basically like a Game 7 of a playoff series for the Rangers - win and you go through to the next round or lose and your season is over. I'd say that's big enough for me and I'll tell you this much: I'd be pissed big time if we were in 8th spot all the time just to lose it in a Rangers game on the final day of the season. So, I'm pumped for tonight... LGD!!!!! :koolaid:
  10. Damn, I'm enjoying this. Too bad they couldn't start doing that just a couple of games ago. We're getting hot, let's at least bury the Rangers tomorrow.
  11. We've hardly had *A* win. I don't like us bringing Kovy back already. Just let him get back to 100%. A risk of him getting re-injured before he's even cured? Not cool. I'd like a nice high draft pick, but I'm watching tonight and it's kind of pointless to root against your team while watching the game so... LGD anyway. Tomorrow and on 04/27, though... draft picks can go screw themselves, I want wins.
  12. Kinda ironic we are the home team. I won't be there (obviously), but this event is a sort of a dream come true for me - ever since they started the Winter Classic tradition, I thought a Devils - Rangers game at Yankee would be awesome. As an NHL fan... I don't dig six outdoor games every season. WC is special because it's a once-a-year event, plus there is all the fuss in hockey (and not hockey only, I guess) media and on top of that, we get to see the teams on 24/7. Those extra games are more of a local attraction. Devs/Isles - Rangers? Hell yeah, I'll watch that, but that' because I care about the teams and the city. Those other games (with the "big" WC being the exception)? I don't really care much about - maybe if I have nothing better to do at the time, I'll watch them. So yeah, as a Devils fan I'm thrilled. As an NHL fan - it feels to me like they're trying to make Christmas come several times a year. Oh, and BTW... If Lou is on the Yankees BOG, there is no way he didn't have a say in this, but at the same time, some of you guys really seem to have a low self esteem when it comes to the Devils. All the talk in the last few years about how we could never, ever get a game like this... Now people pointing out how it's all thanks to Lou (because we can't forget the league hates us and Lou had to put a gun to Bettman's head to force him to let us play)... I don't know if we wouldn't get the outdoor game without Lou (my guess is we would - the NHL simply didn't want to piss off any of the NY area teams), but let me tell you this... With the draft being held in Jersey this year and the Devils playing at Yankee Stadium (as hosts) next season, the meaning of the Devils brand in the league and the media probably isn't half as bad as some people paint it. Now, waiting for my Devs to make a trip to Europe...
  13. Well, we gotta keep this in mind: to get into the playoffs, we need to get pretty damn hot in the last few games. So that means if we're in the postseason, we're probably at the top of our game in round 1 and I like that. Once you're in, anything can happen. Luckilly, you don't have to make choices like this, but I'd still take the playoffs. You play hockey to win. Win our next game, win the next few, make the playoffs - then worry about who you get to play. We're probably (sigh) not winning the Cup this year, that means sooner or later we're losing and if so, I'd rather it comes later than sooner.
  14. I sometimes hear people saying "I'd rather my team doesn't make the playoffs than lose in the 1st round". I never understood it. It's sort of a "Cup or bust" attitude, but it just doesn't work in this league - not in this age, anyway. Do I regret we made the finals last year because we lost them? Hell no. There are few things that make me as excited as the Stanley Cup Playoffs in the sports world and I want to live those emotions even if we end up getting eliminated less than two weeks since the start. That being said, last night changed my attitude about this season. Up until yesterday, I somehow still couldn't envision us missing the playoffs - when I thought about the end of April, I would automatically see the Devils playing in the 1st round in my head. But with those 8 losses, with the gap between us and 8th/7th being four points wide... I'm facing reality and this time it will be us making the cut that will surprise me if it happens.
  15. Where do you get that 80% number from?
  16. Way to lose a won game... Also, all the effort of killing that penalty in OT (that PK nearly gave me a heart attack!) is good for nothing now.
  17. This guy is a MONSTER. Well, we were a low seed last year. So were the Kings. Anything can happen.
  18. I loved Poni when he was with us last year, really excited to see this move. Love our depth now (and the Zubrus injury makes the trade that much more necessary).
  19. This trade is more about getting rid of Rupp than anything else. Some of their fans would've gladly given him away for free, from what I read, so can't really blame them for being happy with actually getting two guys for him. Silence! You know nothing about hockey! This is Stanley Cup Champion lineup right there!!!11 It wouldn't surprise me one bit to see guys like Barch, Butler, Matt Anderson or Harrold on the Rangers one day. They always pick up those minor players the Devils pass on or let walk away after they play a small role on the team and then they score a few goals in their first games for NYR to become instant messiahs. Remember when Aaron Voros won Conn Smythe a few seasons ago? Anton Stralman was also pretty good, capturing that Norris Trophy last year. They would never do that with the Devils - the coaches there had no idea how to use them right! Oh, and obviously, Matteau comes to mind. Though when he was being interviewed with his father after the draft, he seemed genuinely excited about playing for us (as opposed to his dad ) and it really semed like there was this "Yeah, you played for the Rangers, dad, but this is my career starting today and the Devils are my team, it's gonna be awesome" thing. So, I don't think he's gonna lose sleep thinking about playing for the Rangers, though we'll see how he reacts to playing a few games at the garden.
  20. Revan

    David Clarkson

    Quite honestly, my first memories of Clarkson are him scoring in one of the games when he was called up because of a series of injuries on the team (it was in March, a few season ago obviously). I was really impressed with his scoring touch there, LOL. So, I was kinda disappointed when he seemingly turned into a not-so-productive goon for a while. I'm glad Petey D. was able to get the best out of him, Clarkie has been nothing short of amazing for us this year and last year, with all the goals, energy and getting under the opponents' skin when necessary. Tough not to like this guy (if you're a Devils fan, of course. Other teams' fans must love to hate him and that's good). Especially after that epic PureHockey commercial this year.
  21. Crazy game. Gotta give the Isles credit, they took the lead four (!) times. Marty clearly wasn't at his best, especially with the puck, the defense was shaky too... And am I the only one who immediately thought of Henrique's "The Goal" after the Isles scored in OT? Guys gotta get their sh!t together, the weekend is gonna be intense. Games like this one happen from time to time, I'm sure they're gonna be more disciplined next time. I'm kind of pissed with all the OT losses, though on the flip side, at least we're still getting a point each time, still undefeated in regulation...
  22. That's a good one. You beat me to it. This isn't just another player for them, he is the one selling those tickets. And for that alone they would demand a lot in a trade, even if they were to trade him when his stock is low (if you can ever call Ovechkin's stock low). Funny the OP created this thread though, cause I was thinking about this very thing a couple of days ago. Getting Ovy would be a hell of a risk, though and I don't even know where to start.
  23. Sterio was right about Subban, lol: TSN: No celebrating in Habs' dressing room over Subban signing You know the guy is a cancer when the only people congratulating him are the ones who have yet to meet him in the locker room and everyone else is like "oh, he re-signed? Fuuu... I mean, it's game day, no comments from me, move along".
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