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  1. You could say that about the division championships, too, But the division titles fans kind of care about simply because they mean you dominated the area. You had to beat your local rivals to get that. I like teams acknowledging that. The President's Trophy is much, much harder to win, you don't get that very often and finishing no. 1 after 82 games... no mean feat, if you ask me, so a banner is well deserved IMO. The no. 1 spot in the conference however (that is without the President's Trophy) I don't think people really care about that much and I find those banners ridiculous. Wow, I didn't know it looked that bad until I saw it. The idea is pretty bad, too. I mean, if you want your player's name in the rafters, you put his jersey up. This... I mean, what are you even going to tell the fans when you put up a ceremony for those guys? Yeah, we're raising a banner for the guy. Yes, we're putting his name up there. No, we're not putting his number up there. We're not retiring his number either. No, we don't know why we're doing this, really. The only special kind of banner I would like the Devils to raise is a mic banner for Doc. The guy is an icon.
  2. Revan

    OOT Thread

    Since the offseason and the start of the season is what determines the Cup winner according to Rangers fans, I understand we should now assume they're missing the playoffs?
  3. Voted Zubrus. Zubrus... Zajac... ah, close enough.
  4. Who's Boreur? It's been a while... LGD! Finally!!!
  5. LOL, that was quick. I even thought about doing that myself. I'm going with Zubrus - those first goals usually come from less-than-obvious sources (i.e. not Kovy, Zajac or Elias), but at the same time, it would surprise no one to see Zubie put it in.
  6. LOL, yeah, they sure are ready to go. This thread and the first page of the Francessa one I was reading like this: They should start with the Devils each time - Dano will talk them to death and only leave them like 25% of the show's time to cover the Rags and the Isles.
  7. Well, technically, he *did* sign a long-term contract this offseason, so it all falls into place. I'm on the "overpaid" wagon, when it comes to Zajac. It feels kind of funny coming here saying that while, on another forums, I'm convincing people (not Devils fans) that he in fact *is* a good two-way player (they seem to think Subban, Benn and O'Reilly make Trav look like a pee-wee player, lol), but yeah: all in all, he got overpaid. We couldn't afford to let him go, we need those two forwards on long-term contracts to build the team around, so I can stand it, but I still gotta admit 5,75M for 8 ys for him is a big, risky deal.
  8. I didn't say you wanted him, I only replied to the part of your post about ESPN. Nice to hear, though. That's why we're called fans, not GM's. Newsflash: being a fan is not about being rational. Never was. In fact, it's the complete opposite. After all, why would you care about a bunch of jocks chasing a piece of rubber on the ice for millions of dollars? If I was a GM, obviously I would have a different, cold, analitycal look at all this. But I'm a fan. And as a fan, I can't stand Scott Gomez, I have too many bad memories about him. It's funny how we suddenly forget about the rivalry, bad memories and everything. Me, I still don't want to watch him. Go West, please. And if you say you'd sign Avery... Call me a fanatic, a hater, call me whatever you want, but I say there are some things a proud organization should never do and signing Sean Avery after all the crap he pulled against us (and not just against us) tops that list. And come on, it's Gomez we're talking about. Not Crosby. Not Giroux. Gomez. He's not going to be that big of a help, so why get so horny for him? Ask me if I want Lundqvist on this team and I'll bring you the 7 million to sign him (cool fact, BTW: his contract with the NYR expires the year Marty hangs 'em up). Because, while I dislike him and want him to fail as a Ranger, I'm not blind and I see he's a very good goalie. There I would definitely care more about helping the team than holding a grudge against a rival. But Gomez? Remind me once again, how many goals did he score last year? Move on, let him rot. Yeah, especially this!
  9. Kovy saw how much this club did to get him. He's gonna be fine. Also, good for Sal. I was surprised when I first heard the rumour (during the whole lockout I was sure Kovy would be the C), but it's well deserved. The only thing I'm not a fan of here is that two years from now (or so) we'll be picking captain again.
  10. His profile still says "New Jersey Devils" and has the Devils logo in the background. I don't want him back. When we brought Holik back, it wasn't that big of a deal for me, because I wasn't following the NHL yet when he was still here - he was a Ranger/Thrasher for me from day one. I knew his story, so I wasn't a fan of getting him, but then again, he's a character guy and pretty likeable when he's on your side. Plus, the Rangers were barely an NHL team with him, so he didn't do us much damage at all. With Gomez, on the other hand, I saw the whole story, followed him playing for us, then signing that humungous contract Rangers fans loved. I saw him and his butt-buddy Avery lead the Rags over us in 2008 and celebrate on our ice (I don't even live in the U.S. and it was still frustrating!). Ever since then, I enjoyed watching his career go downhill and laughing at Rangers fans and the hopes they put in him. I don't hate him as a human being, wouldn't want him hurt or anything, but purely as a hockey figure... seeing him getting buried in the AHL until retirement would make me smile. I know you want to make the team better, but seriously: 1. the guy is washed up; 2. would you really sign ANYONE to help the team? Would you sign Avery (a few years ago, when it was possible)? There are certain players I wouldn't like to see on the team and Gomez is definitely one of them. That being said, I can totally see Lou signing him the moment he is bought out. Lou loves his nostalgia.
  11. I'm surprised because, while I've always thought this is probably the most logical way out of this whole Nassau situation (despite the arena appearently not being 100% suitable for hockey), I haven't really heard any reports about the Isles in quite some time and the media are usually all over a planned relocation weeks before it's announced. But good for them, I guess. With all the venues in the area it really didn't make sense to build yet another one just for them (if they were some heroes of the state, winning championship after championship and selling out every night, with fans all over NY, maybe it would make more sense, but they're not quite there).
  12. It's Russia, what do you think he drinks from the water bottle? Yeah, same here. I know he plays for the Phailures and I want him to let all those goals in when they play, but other than that, he's really likeable and it would be hard to hate him personally. Especially after that epic 24/7 episode.
  13. Haha, I remember I put all the money I had on bet-at-home on the Devils winning that game (must've been the euphoria from the Kovy trade). And then with about 30 seconds to go I had that feeling I always hate when I bet and the game seems to be going to OT ("yeah, it's great they came back, awesome game, but I'm still going to lose because OT's count as draws")... and then the Pandolfo goal, incredible. Funny fact, I had the exact same thing on the last night of the 2005/06 season with the Devils winning the division after trailing 3:0 vs. Habs. Good times. Another classic Doc OT moment: Damn, I don't normally think about hockey that much everyday (probably because a) it hasn't been until Friday that we started losing games to the lockout and b) we're coming off the shortest offseason possible because of the Devs playing in the Final), but videos like these make me miss all that. And the NHL game which hasn't been released on PC for years, too... I want it back!
  14. Kovy looks like he's 60 in that picture, lol. Could be Malkin's dad.
  15. Wow, bummed to hear that. While there are always other streams out there, this one was always the sure thing and I knew even if there is nothing better/stable out there, I can always go back to MWP. Thanks a lot for all the games!
  16. Well, it's the offseason (in most American sports) and we all want some sports stuff, so this kind of articles isn't bad at this time of year. Obviously, I can't see GMs pulling their hair out because ESPN ranked their team low in some fan-satisfaction standings, but it's at least a good try at comparing franchises from different sports in terms of how they are run and how happy their fans are.
  17. Nah, I've heard of Devils players working out with Rangers players during summer, also Zubrus used to practice with Stephan Matteau's son years before Stef was drafted by the Devils. It's not like Sal is a born and raised Devil either. There are rivalries that translate into players' attitude towards each other, but most of the time, they don't look at that kind of stuff nearly as fanatic as the fans, they switch teams and they understand when someone leaves their club (nonetheless, I'm sure they are always disappointed when a star bolts someplace else). I'm positively surprised by some of the scores there (Datsyuk crushing Lundqvist and now Kovy owning Parise) - I thought it would just end up being a popularity contest. Some of the matchups, however, seem weird and there is no real criteria in this thing and no reason why some players are paired (Kovalchuk/Parise or Weber/Suter makes perfect sense, but comparing Quick to Nash or Chara to Spezza makes me scratch my head). It's not like they are comparing players from the same country, same position or even close age group. Nevertheless, some of that stuff is interesting.
  18. So, basically, one of the owners wanted to make an idiot move and as soon as the rest of them (and the GM) found out, they shut him in the basement and he has never been heard from again. I would've done the same if I was them. Thank God that trade didn't happen. Nah, I doubt it's that strict. I mean, a lot of times GMs admit they went after this player or that player and it didn't work out (just look at this year's draft frenzy and the ton of info we had on Parise, including Holland talking about his offer and Zach mentioning they wanted him but wouldn't take Suter etc., etc.). IIRC, Lou at some point said they tried to get Hossa (though I still haven't really seen an exact quote of that, it's one of those things everyone repeats but I'm not 100% sure they happened really). It's always fun discussing these almost-trades. I think it seems like Lou only pulls the trigger on big names when he has a chance to get them surprisingly cheap (like the Kovy trade). It seems fewer GMs tend to break the bank on trade deadline these days, so who knows, maybe we'll see some bigger moves from Lou in the next few years.
  19. Revan

    John Madden Retires

    A real hard worker and a warrior. He deserved that extra Cup he won with the Blackhawks, I'm glad for him. A complete Devil type of player.
  20. @thehockeygods44: That's a very interesting list. Hard to believe even Fischler didn't pick Messier. On the other hand, none of those people picked Stevens, either. I think it's pretty obvious who should be asked that question: the players. There is so much going on between the captain and the rest of the team that we never see (except for those few months of some teams' lives HBO 24/7 captures the last few years) it's really hard to truly value some of those guys who aren't all that flashy on the ice, but great in the locker room. Even making lists like "Top 10 Goalies of All Time" isn't obvious and sparks controversy every time, yet alone preparing that sort of stuff for captains.
  21. http://www.nhl.com/ice/news.htm?id=640779&navid=DL|NHL|home Alright, so I usually don't like crying about the media hating us and don't get my panties in a bunch every time we get omited somewhere, but this article... Well, just see for yourselves, I won't spoil it for you. Okay, I can't help it: look out Stevens' name on the list. Then find Lemieux. Then Sakic. ...Then Crosby. Nice example of zero-competence hockey writing.
  22. Since I'm an out-of-town fan, in case of the apocalypse (i.e. the Devils relocating) I'd probably still follow the relocated team. I'd just hope for them to keep the "Devils" name, colors, only adjust the logo to the new location etc. OR if they changed it all or disbanded or whatever I might also consider rooting for the Isles (there is always this ant-Rangers connection ) or just become numb for a season or two, follow hockey loosely as an independent observer and develop attachment to some other team over time. Either way, it would seriously SUCK to lose the team. The location, the arena, everything - it's a part of the club and the experience, even if you are hundreds of miles away and only watch on TV. It wouldn't be the same with the club situated in a different place.
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