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  1. I don't like the question. Both of the players were important like hell and both are symbols of the Devils organization, period. I wouldn't arrange them in any order. I didn't vote.
  2. Revan


    That's a ridiculous price really. A 1st rounder + prospect + roster player could possibly give us Cambpell... I would be disappointed if Lou brought Jackman for a similiar price, but honestly I don't see him dealing high picks and prospects this year, guess it will be just some smaller adjustments (though I'd love to see a blockbuster, with Jokinen or Campbell coming to Jersey).
  3. With the current roster - no. It would take extreme doses of luck to make it to the Finals, especially that we would probably meet Ottawa on our way, or maybe Montreal, which has become a very good team (despite their last two losses), or even the Rangers, who we suck against. But if Lou brings a quality D-man and a 1st line center, it may be a different story. The question is, will he do it at the deadline, or rather wait til the free agency.
  4. Niedermayer vs. Kamensky, 0:35 - that's why u never forget the guy.
  5. He was quite an important part of this team's success (yeah, even when there were better players than him, like Scotty Stevens) and maybe someday #27 will go to the rafters (Lou doesn't have to do it... it may as well happen 20 years later with another GM - Montreal retires numbers of 70-year old guys...). And if he chooses to change the team, let it be. But he is no longer a part of the organisation, he's an Anaheim Duck now and I don't care much about him - that's why I definitely wouldn't cheer him. But I wouldn't boo him either - he's not a slave, he can choose where he wants to go and unless he chooses Rangers or Flyers, he can do that. And when it comes to this whole retirement thing... Yeah, that was quite classless and irritating, but I didn't think much about him - it wasn't about our team, it was about a guy playing on the opposite end of North America, I could care less what he does: he's not a player of ours. Unfortunately, I won't have the opportunity even to sit on my hands, because I live on a different continent. Have fun, guys, I'm looking forward to this Anaheim game.
  6. GO DEVILS! Very important game - we win and we are a point ahead of the Pens, right behind Philly. We lose and we may end up being 7th in conference real soon.
  8. Absolutely pathetic 3rd period. Nice way to fvck up two solid hard working periods.
  9. The last ten minutes everybody was nervous, but fortunately the Devils didn't blow that 3:0 lead. Good win for Jersey, the first place in the division feels so much better than 6th in conference, but they will have to struggle more to get back on top, since Philly is leading Ottawa 2:0 and it looks like the Flyers are gonna become the new divisional leaders tonight. At least the Penguins should be out of the battle of Atlantic after a few games without Crosby.
  10. Actually a very positive and good article by (N)Єverson... at last.
  11. Revan

    Stanta Claus

    I was hoping he would finish the sentence and say "you look like Chico" after giving Steve the moustache... Haha, Stanta was hilarious.
  12. Merry Christmas everyone.
  13. Did you notice Gretzky signing autographs for some Mickey Mouse Organization fans?
  14. Everybody's saying "he's too expensive", but let's face it: if you want a real #1 D-man, you will have to pay him at least 5 milions a year. Look at last summer's moves and the money some guys got. But that doesn't change the fact that I don't really love the idea of the Schneider deal. Yeah, the Devils may need a veteran blueliner, but 38 years old? I'm not quite sure... And again, I don't see who's going the other way. We won't trade for MS unless we mess the team up, giving the Ducks too much talent. And Schneider will probably retire after 2008/09. I don't think trading one of the younger players for a season and a half of Mathieu's service is reasonable. If I was Lou, I'd wait for summer and sign a quiality UFA D-man. At least I wouldn't have to trade for him.
  15. The Rangers snapped Devils' 9-game winning streak in 2006, then the Devs swept them in the playoffs. 2007/08 regular season: Rangers snap Devils' 9-win streak. 2008 playoffs: ?
  16. The Rangers are 4-0 against the Devils this season. Unfvckingbelievable.
  17. That's the first time in history a Devils - Rangers game ends with a 0:0 score after 3 periods... Interesting stat. Even if we lose in OT or SO, we still get a point... But let's hope the streak will continue.
  18. I hope they can score before OT. The Devils have sucked in OT this year, it's always like 10:1 in shots for the opponents.
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