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  1. It's not the first time the Devils have a period off. We can bet Sutter will kick some asses in the intermission and the Devs will go FTW. Oh, and BTW... Scottie Scumbag playing pretty well in the first, you can tell he wants to step it up while playing against New Jersey.
  2. LOL This is just hilarious, after reading the first paragraph I did thought it was (N)Єverson...
  3. Honestly, I don't care about any team in the NHL but the Devils, and always root against the Rangers, Flyers and perhaps Hurricanes. Don't love Habs much, either. So I don't really have a "second favourite" team, but I sorta have a soft spot for the Islanders (yeah... you know what they say about the enemy of your enemy). Also, during 2004 and 2006 playoffs, after Jersey got eliminated, I was rooting for Alberta teams. I'm not a fan of theirs, but it's like I feel quite good about them. And, Mikka Kiprusoff is one of my favourite NHLers, too.
  4. Woohoo, what a game! Well worth staying late at night. Congrats to Zach, Marty and the whole team, it's now 6 in a row and how different we feel than we did about a month ago!
  5. You guys are disappointed Henrik is outvoting Marty, but I have to say I'm surprised it's only a difference of ~1000 votes. Lundqvist has been fvcking solid this year, having 4 shutouts already, while Brodeur is still waiting for his first SO. Just because he had a great 500th win game doesn't mean everything has been fine. Oh, the first 1,5 months of the season it definitely wasn't, though it looks like it's starting to click now, hopefully. But of course, I'm voting for Marty. And I love it how my friend, a Canadiens fan and Roy fanatic, says Canadians don't like Brodeur (because he plays for the fvking Devils, not a Canadian team), that everyone loves Luongo and almost any other good goalie from Canada but Marty, blah blah blah. I gues all these 29,631 votes were cast by Devils fans then. Nice.
  7. I was already starting to think we suck again when Pando made it 4:1. Pretty much an icing on the cake, but there's still much hockey to play, the Flyers will still fight.
  8. What a solid game for the Devils so far. But the sad thing is it probably gives us false hope, because they will suck again next game. At least that's what we may think watching the Devils games so far.
  9. Did you notice that "Flyah Killah" head-line, when they were showing Patriks' stats? I loled.
  10. This year's Hall of Famers, including #4, appeared tonight in the Air Canada Center in a ceremony before the Rangers - Leafs game, I turned it off and launched the Devils game on the radio after they presented Messier (you could hear some booing from the crowd)... Does anyone of you know what was the purpose of this? The induction is on Monday, I wonder what it was about (there was a bunch of some old men too)... EDIT: Looks like I found it: http://fans.nhl.com/groups/Hockey_Hall_of_...kend/blogs/2475
  11. LOL. You can really tell swapping Flyers for the Devils did him good.
  12. Whoa, I didn't get to watch the game (right now it's 6:23 am, I just got up) and entering the Devils' website I was sure I'd see a 3:0 or 4:1 Flyers win. 4:1 Devils? 39:14 in shots? 16:2 shots in the 2nd??? What the hell was going on down there? I'm glad to see this win, 'cause I have to admit, that 5:0 loss to Pittsburgh really made me feel bad and I didn't have much confidence in this Devils team. I'm watching the Islanders game on Saturday (1 am in Poland...), so I'm hoping for a big win #500 for Mr. Marty!
  13. Revan

    MSG Attendance

    http://www.nhl.com/nhl/app?service=page&am...&gameType=2 And that's the truth - now I know why Madison Square Garbage was so quite most of the time last night. :]
  14. We sucked in the shootout, and I had to listen to Sam Rosen jerking off again... :/ Damn, the Devils played quite a decent game (especially playing two games in two nights), they put more shots on net and they still fell a point behind tha Rangers. I'm just pissed off right now. But when you look at the game, it was a very solid effort by Brodeur once again and although the offense was being stopped by Lundqvist over and over again, I don't think the way the Devils played tonight is a reason to cry. The game was OK, just the shootout sucked. No matter, we'll kick their butts next Wednesday. Let's start thinking about Pittsburgh game already...
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