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  1. Since I'm an out-of-town fan, in case of the apocalypse (i.e. the Devils relocating) I'd probably still follow the relocated team. I'd just hope for them to keep the "Devils" name, colors, only adjust the logo to the new location etc. OR if they changed it all or disbanded or whatever I might also consider rooting for the Isles (there is always this ant-Rangers connection ) or just become numb for a season or two, follow hockey loosely as an independent observer and develop attachment to some other team over time. Either way, it would seriously SUCK to lose the team. The location, the arena, everything - it's a part of the club and the experience, even if you are hundreds of miles away and only watch on TV. It wouldn't be the same with the club situated in a different place.
  2. Revan

    Steve Cangialosi

    It's shoot. BTW, I always wondered about the "SCORES!" thing. Is it simply an American thing and they shout that at soccer games too or is it just for hockey? What's wrong with "GOAL!"? Greg Wyshynski (well, we know him from the forums, too) is also covering the Olympics, some of his tweets are a good laugh.
  3. I hope they do go to Sochi. It would feel wrong to be forced to watch only non-NHLers at the Olympics with the league playing at the same time. My country isn't playing anyway, but watching the USA, Canada, Russia and all the others at the Winter Games is always a blast.
  4. I'm pissed. I know, I know: there is no info on what Lou offered (if he made an offer at all), maybe it's just that Semin didn't want to play for us etc., etc. But you judge your GM based on his results. He built a good team for last year, we all enjoyed a great season, but this summer has been absolutely awful. The only way it could get worse is if Marty left. I'm not really big on Doan (because of his age - I'm kind of surprised that at 35 he's driving around all those cities like he's Kovy from two years ago) and it doesn't look like we have a shot at him anyway. With a 1-year deal there is no risk. If he sucks, you let him go next year. And the Devils actually had money - they presented Parise with a competitive offer.
  5. Good for us. Good for the Preds. Bad for their finances. My, those signing bonuses are gigantic and they can't even drop contracts to afford it (they gotta reach the cap floor). I'm happy.
  6. Revan

    Rick Nash To NYR

    Well, he was. He gave Howson a list of six (or so) teams and declined when the GM asked him to expand it. Sort of primma donna stuff, but well. Guess after all those years there he wanted to make sure he would play for a team he *really* wants to go to.
  7. Revan

    Rick Nash To NYR

    How much young talent did they actually give up in this trade? And with Stepan, Hagelin, McDonagh, Del Zotto and Kreider they have quite a few talented 23-or-younger players on their roster.
  8. Revan

    Rick Nash To NYR

    Howson is looking just terrible right now. All this waiting and holding off, talking about how he wants ready NHLers in return (not just prospects) and this is what he gets in return. After all those months and the talk about the Rangers young promising players going the other way... Jackets fans must be livid seeing this is what they got for their franchise player. Of course, both the contract and the fact that Nash wanted out played a big part in this trade ending up the way it did. But the Rangers still have a ton of cap space (14 million according to Cap Geek - same as the Devils, except the Devs just lost their big name player for nothing), so they'll be fine, even when they need to give a raise or two to their young guys. Hate to say it, but, as much as I consider Nash overrated, this is just a good trade by Sather. I sort of rooted for the Rangers to get Rick because I hoped they would dismantle their team for an overhyped guy, but they were smart. These are OK players they gave up, but come on, nothing impressive in comparison to Nash. And the Jackets actually sent an extra player and a 3rd round pick to NY. That is just awful. Yeah, I'm not a fan of the "keeping up with the Joneses" philosophy in sports, but when two of our divisional rivals (who we unexpectedly defeated in the playoffs, too) improve and we actually get weaker than last year, I just can't help but hope for the Devils to sign Semin (to a reasonable deal). The battle inside the division is looking bleaker and bleaker.
  9. I agree, too. It's always easy speaking theoretically - I bet if we didn't have to play the Flyers in the 2nd round and got to the SCF, people would be saying "it's because you didn't face Philly, they would absolutely destroy you" (just like I thought the Flyers would destroy us before the series). And the Pens were goddamn awful with their defense and goaltending against Philly, I can't believe they are considered a tougher match up for us than what we got in the end. The Bruins - they might've been tough (there are always teams that underachieve and run out of luck in the 1st round). But, again, saying we could've gotten more difficult matchups is nitpicking. On the other hand, I'd say that... the Panthers were actually the worst matchup for us. Sometimes you are a strong team and there's just this one club that has your number and gives you trouble even though it's considered inferior. I bet a lot of teams have that someone. The Devils faced that team and didn't let it bring them down. You never know what can happen. We played who we played, beat the other best Eastern Conference playoff team in the ECF and made the Finals deservedly. We had a great playoff run because everything clicked at the right time, after all those years of running out of gas come April. He was shaky at times but then there were times when he was like the only Flyer on the ice (remember the 2nd period of Game 2?). All in all, I'd say he had an average series, the team in front of him just played an awful series and he's no Roy to carry everyone on his back. The mistake in Game 5 that obviously cost them the series in the end makes him look worse than he actually did in that round.
  10. This, too. I can't wait til the Devs prove all the so called experts wrong again next season. It's really comical reading some writers on twitter saying they're making predictions for next year already when 1/3 of the biggest UFAs are still there, Weber, Nash and Luongo are on the move and we don't even know when the season will start. And, of course, most of them already have the Devils as the big fallers and out of the playoffs. But I should be used to that by now. EDIT: Sorry for post-after-post, I thought those two would get joined automatically.
  11. This. You had a ton of teams in this league that had strong rosters and played well all year long and it just wasn't enough: to make it to the Finals, you need a very deep team with four dangerous lines, some unlikely heroes playing the best games of their lives, you need a roster that is a real team (not just a group of co-workers) and that believes in their coach 100%, no hesitation. It's not a knock on the Devils by any means, it's just true that you need a lot of those little things to click at the right time to make it. We had to wait 9 years for that - this fact alone shows how tough it is. With Clarkson scoring like Parise this year, Gionta coming out of nowhere and playing a big role with Carter and Bernier in the playoffs and Marty having his best offseason in a long time, we clearly had all those things. I'm afraid it won't be easy getting those guys to repeat that stuff, especially if we don't fill the Parise hole at least partially (Semin's scoring touch could really help here).
  12. NY Post hating us aside, what happens if the Devils do announce bankruptcy?
  13. We lost Parise, but look at the bright side: we have the player who got picked even higher that year, Steve Bernier!
  14. This. It made sense for Oates to go elsewhere because he wanted to make a step forward and get a head coaching position. But Larry isn't looking to change his position, it also seems he gets along with Lou very well, so I'm surprised he left to do the same for other team.
  15. That's the thing that kind of irks me. I said I don't hate Zach for leaving and I still have respect for him, but that boggles me. He goes all the way to Minnesota just to play with this one guy who he's now BFF with (he said he would've returned to Jersey had Suter signed somewhere else ) and somehow Suter is now more of his friend than all the players on the Devils he's played with for years.
  16. I couldn't agree with you more, dr33. I understand the frustration, I'm bummed about Zach leaving, too. But changing the past to make it look like he never did one good thing for the team and like we never really liked him... That just seems immature. We sports fans like to idealize our heroes and demonize anyone we don't like. Kovy is a great player, but he's no superhuman. Zach decided to leave - bad for us, but he had several possibilities there and it just looks like there was that one offer he ultimately liked more than the one from Lou. Doesn't mean he hated playing for the Devils. He doesn't play for us anymore, we don't root for him anymore, let's move on.
  17. All the people calling Parise a liar... I really don't know what to tell you. At what point did he promise to return to the Devils? He only admitted they were still in the mix - just like half a dozen other teams, probably. If you thought he only went UFA to get a leverage and get a better deal from Lou... you were naive. He became a free agent, analyzed all the offers he got and went to the highest bidder / his hometown club. He had the right to do so. I hate that he left. I don't hate HIM for leaving. Of course, when you get a three year 9.5 million contract at the age of 36, it's hard not to be loyal. I'm not going to pretend I didn't want Zach to stay or suddenly start acting like he didn't mean anything to the team. He was a big part of the Devils. He helped us get to the Finals this year. I hate to lose him. Still, and I'm totally honest here, considering all the circumstances, I was more scared about losing Marty. That's because we had no plan B and we would be roally fvcked without a goalie now. Zach? Huge loss, but if Henrique can develop the way we hope, Kovy and Zajac stay healthy and maybe Elias wakes up after sleepwalking in the playoffs, our offense is good enough to at least warrant us another playoff berth. Bye, Zach, and good luck in Minny.
  18. I'm very happy about this deal. We really couldn't afford to lose Marty this summer - we had absolutely no plan B. Is 2 years too long? We'll only be able to tell after next year, but if that's what it took to keep him (and that's what the writers suggest), so be it. That's the thing about free agency: you can't have everything go your way, gotta give something to the player. Marty in NJ for 2 years > Marty in Toronto. If you think he's overpaid... The guy's coming off his best playoffs in 9 years and he's a legend. What exactly did you expect him to make? I'm fine with these numbers, we have the cap space and the extra million or so won't affect Parise. If anything, Brodeur staying can only be an argument for Parise for re-signing, too. I imagine his faith in the organization must be peaking after everything that happened in the last few months.
  19. Good for him, Patty is the man! One of the most solid Devils ever.
  20. I don't claim to feel the rivalry as strongly as you local folks (though, you can trust me, I'm VERY passionate about the whole thing, probably even more passionate than I am about rivalries of my favourite local sports teams... Internet is my only medium here, unfortunately, but I've read my share of idiotic comments from Rangers fans and also had a fair share of arguments). Chimaira stated my point perfectly: That's exactly what I mean here. We have all the arguments in our hands now, the only thing we have to do is... respond instead of feeling insecure and offended. We have absolutely no reason to. You think the loss didn't sting them this year? It must have been their toughest defeat in at least 15 years (when they lost the Conference Finals to Philly). You should really take advantage of that. If shouting "94" is still all that it takes to silence you, then I don't know what the Devils have to do to make you feel more confident. I hope you guys silence any morons that still talk sh!t about the Devils. Cheers. That's just epic, we should totally flood YouTube with this and troll Rangers fans to death!
  21. It would've been the most unjust game ever had England won it in PK. Great game by Italy, I'm really happy for them - they're my favourite foreign team. They've been impressive, but they just can't buy goals. Azzurri were really unlucky tonight, though and I think they do stand a chance against Germany. Italy has solid defense and if they can create offense and have a little bit more luck, the Germans won't have an easy task. Germany is still the favourite here, of course, but anyone can be beaten.
  22. This +100. I know it's easier for me to say when I don't have to face Rangers fans everyday, but seriously, we have MAJOR bragging rights over them. Imagine the sh!t we would be getting from them if it was them winning three Cups since our last one. We have so much on them it's just unbelievable anyone is still getting upset when they bring up their 18-year old champnioship. The irony and controversy is obvious, I understand people who are puzzled and have mixed feeling about the situation. But some of you folks saying we should bury him in the minors and wishing bad luck on him just because of his roots... I hope you're kidding and it's just a fresh emotional reaction to the pick. ONLY good things can result from him playing well. Not only does it help the team win, it is also a slack in the face of Rangers fans. He is a Devil now, so I support him 100%. I hope he doesn't turn out to be a bust. Still, there's going to be some awkward moments when his dad is at the game in NJ. Seeing the elder Matteau, a Rangers hero, in a Devils hat... priceless!
  23. I'm sure the first thing Lou takes into consideration when managing the team is what fans are going to see on MSG. TSN had him at 23, so it goes both ways. All in all, he was a fitting pick at 29. No need to try hard to find anything on the guy just because of his father.
  24. Notice the Devils even had a jersey with his name prepared! It's usually only done for players who you're planning on drafting all along. Lou must've been scheming for months. You keep saying that, but I can't see how that would work. Even if the new CBA establishes a new way of penalizing teams for that stuff, it cannot affect the penalties that were already put on clubs. We won't get away with this, I'm afraid. That's what you get at #29. Every pick this late is a "future pick". Of course he's going to play in the QMJHL next year (and the year after that, and perhaps for another one as well), he's a late 1st round pick and that's what late 1st round picks do: play in minor leagues for a couple of years before breaking into the NHL. Ha, I didn't think about Henrique at first! That's right, we now have both Matteau and King Henrique. And we won the most recent and one of the biggest series those teams ever played with each other.
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