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  1. Good game for the Devs, they got the lead and never let it go (unlike games 1 and 4). Marty got one more save than he did in his shutout-game 5. I'm not sure which TV you watched the game on [NBC?], but I had to watch games 2-6 on CBC and I have to say... during the intermissions I felt like I was watching Sun Sports - talking about Tampa all the time, no matter who had the lead and how the Bolts played. I hope I'll get to watch an FSN stream for the Sens series. Bring on the Senators!
  2. Revan

    What's the song?

    That's it. Thank you guys.
  3. Revan

    What's the song?

    OK, I'll give you a sample of it. The quality is low and u got to hear the music through the commentators' talk, but I hope it'll help. ;-) http://members.lycos.co.uk/njdevils/sample.mp3
  4. Revan

    What's the song?

    Hi... Sorry for an extremely noobie question, but I'd like to know... What's the song usually played in CAA before the shootout? There are several ones, but I mean the one kinda Mortal Kombat, I think you'll know what I mean. It's also popular in other arenas, I've heard it played in RBC Center in the last playoffs many times. Hope you'll know and not pwn me after my first post here. Thx in advance.
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