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  1. GO DEVILS!!! http://www.newjerseydevils.com/njd/fanzone...2/countdown.php ---> Watch number 2 before going to the game.
  2. Hah, I couldn't stop LMAO when I saw the boxscore... What a way to lose the game. LET'S GO BU-FFA-LO!
  3. It's not impossible... Let's break it up - one game at a time. Game 5 is at CAA and our offense really managed to get some goals in these home games (4 goals in game 1, a win in game 2). They can win it. Game 6 will be the most difficult, as we come back to Ottawa - Marty will have to stop making stupid mistakes, Elias will have to be 150%, the attackers should be driving Emery crazy. Game 7 at home - Marty said, that in these games you can really take adventage of the home ice and it is important when the series goes down to the wire. One game at a time, if they don't blow game 5, good things may still happen.
  4. Well, this team really shown this season that when they're plaing in a do or die situation, they can make it. Tying all these games late, coming from behind, stealing wins... I believe (well, actually I'm sure!) they will win game 5, but it's really hard to believe in winning the series. But it's not over until it's over. Even if they will lose in six, let's at least say fare well to the CAA with a win! 4 am o'clock... Gonna get some sleep.
  5. We're on our way home, we're going home... Get ready for the last game ever played by the Devils at the Meadowlands.
  6. Still half a period to play... I'm usually optimistic, but I just don't fell this is their game. But anyway, GO DEVS GO! They did it so many times this year, why don't do it once more?
  7. I was always defending Marty while talking to rags fans, but excluding three really good games (game 5 Tampa and games 2 & 3 Ottawa) he's awful these playoffs, let's face it. :/ No more 79 games seasons... I'm always with the team until the last horn... But right now it looks like this season is over.
  8. The Devils absolutely suck on the PP... Ottawa could get 3 hours of penalties in this game and Jersey wouldn't score more than one goal. Marty was sharp at some moments, but then this Heatley goal... This game sort of reminds me of game 3 against Tampa: the opposing team scores a goal, Devils tie it some time later, but they again stop playing offensively and the rivals score another goal. Lou should better kick some butts during the intermission or we're going home in six or even five.
  9. As I was out of town for games 2 and 3, I watched them today on my PC... A pity they couldn't get away with a win in game 3 (I felt Ottawa wasn't as dangerous in game 3 as they were in game 2), now today's game is crucial. If they have an OT again in a game like this, I'm gonna end up with a heart attack. LET'S GO DEVILS!!!
  10. True. Thanks for the welcome.
  11. Hey, I thought it's time to write something finally, it's been over a year since I started reading the forums. As the thread title says, I'm from Poland, I've been a Devils fan for something like 3 or 4 years, but it would be much more if hockey was popular in here. But you know it from the other topic, as far as I can see. Currently writing for NHL.com.pl - The Polish NHL Centre. So... Hello and Let's Go Devils!
  12. Good game for the Devs, they got the lead and never let it go (unlike games 1 and 4). Marty got one more save than he did in his shutout-game 5. I'm not sure which TV you watched the game on [NBC?], but I had to watch games 2-6 on CBC and I have to say... during the intermissions I felt like I was watching Sun Sports - talking about Tampa all the time, no matter who had the lead and how the Bolts played. I hope I'll get to watch an FSN stream for the Sens series. Bring on the Senators!
  13. Revan

    What's the song?

    That's it. Thank you guys.
  14. Revan

    What's the song?

    OK, I'll give you a sample of it. The quality is low and u got to hear the music through the commentators' talk, but I hope it'll help. ;-) http://members.lycos.co.uk/njdevils/sample.mp3
  15. Revan

    What's the song?

    Hi... Sorry for an extremely noobie question, but I'd like to know... What's the song usually played in CAA before the shootout? There are several ones, but I mean the one kinda Mortal Kombat, I think you'll know what I mean. It's also popular in other arenas, I've heard it played in RBC Center in the last playoffs many times. Hope you'll know and not pwn me after my first post here. Thx in advance.
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