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  1. ROTFL. I say it actually helps putting 94 to bed. We have Matteau's son now, imagine how ironic it must be for HIM. Plus, if he turns out to be some sort of Rangers killer... Epic! Plus, the guy slipped a few numbers and he was the highest ranked forward in the TSN ranking at the moment of our pick. He should be OK. Exactly. If we don't stop being defensive about 94 after everything that happened during this last month, I don't know when we will.
  2. Dunno who this Ranger kid is, but he's got a hot sister. So, they DID pass on Matteau. Our turn now! Finally!
  3. The only reason I'm still sitting here (and it's 4:30 am, lol) is because the Devils are picking this late. Were they #15, I'd be asleep right now. I'm really pulling for Matteau now, just for the hell of it. But if Phoenix doesn't take him, it's the Rangers between them and us and how can you see them passing on that guy? Ironically, it didn't occur to me until like an hour ago that this draft class was born in 1994, too...
  4. Subban modelling his style after Lundqvist... Just shows you how young those guys are. He was 11 when the Queen made her debut for the Rangers!
  5. I'd love to hear the announcers and fans' reaction if we draft Stefan Matteau.
  6. Anyone thinking the Devs might trade up? I still can't get my head around Lou not giving up that #29 pick. Wouldn't surprise me if it turned out he dicided to keep that pick to be able to make a trade and draft someone better with a higher number.
  7. Kind of hard to believe this will be the first NHL Draft in the New York metro area. I swear I thought the Devs had hosted one in the past and the fact that neither the Rangers nor the Islanders ever got the shot is... weird. Very nice to see the Devs, the Rock and Newark get some kind of spotlight here! Now, it will really suck if we give up the 1st rounder in 2013. You know Lou's not the kind of guy to adjust team business to PR. I just hope he makes sure we do have a pick in the 1st round.
  8. The Nash trade is going to be a disaster, I hope the Rags go for it and blow up their team (which is on the rise for the first time in years) for a 60-70 pts. guy with a monster contract. If they somehow give Gaborik away in that trade, that could be an upside of that, but the Jackets will demand someone with high hopes for the future, I think. If Lou finalizes his priority signings (Zach, Marty, solve the backup G situation, maybe bring Parenteau) and there's money left, I can't see how giving Jagr a shot could hurt, but with the financial problems and everything I don't really see that happening.
  9. I read most of what they wrote about the Devs and it seems like they stopped watching the Finals after Game 1 (because they got bored) and didn't even get a good look at the Rock, instead reading the same old regular season attendance stats. Not that I'm getting my panties in a bunch over it, this article was simply weak. This is basically what I wrote about in the other thread. And don't call me a sore loser anymore. It's writers like these two that sound like losers, crying over ratings, fans and everything else. I remember when in one of the conference finals games the Devs had a lead over the Rangers and folks on NBC spent the entire intermission talking about what the Rangers did wrong (NOT why the Devils are leading) and what they have to do to win the game. Cup final? Same thing. I mean, obviously at 3-0 and 3-1 the series was all about the Kings, but at 3-2, with the Devs with a shot at a historic come back... still no credit, 90% of the pre-game is about why LA will win. If you can't see the bias, I really don't know what to tell you.
  10. Well, that's why all the media were jerking off to the thought of a potential Rangers - Kings SCF... "It would be great for the NHL, blah, blah, blah..." I always hated that argument. If you want to win the Stanley Cup, DRESS A GOOD TEAM FFS! I don't give a sh!t how many fans you have, how loud they are, how big your city is or how many papparazzis your town has following hockey players everywhere! When they establish a trophy for "the most arrogant fanbase" or "the most irritating media in the world", you'll get your shot. But Stanley Cup is awarded to the best team ON THE ICE. The only thing that's "good for hockey" is the best team in the NHL winning the Cup. Deal with it. Aaah, now I feel better...
  11. (Cause the Kinks just had their parade yesterday), does anyone know where our Stanley Cup parade is going to be next year? Oh, and BTW: I wanted to celebrate the great run by dishing out on some Devils gear and I have a dilemma... right after the final I thought no way in hell I'm buying the conference championship stuff, it's like celebrating the 2nd place and that it would remind me about the lost SCF. The thing is, a few days later I'm looking at those Eastern Conference Champions t-shirts and they are still looking like some of the coolest Devils shirts I've ever seen and they actually remind me more of our Rangers series than the final... What do you guys think? Go for the ECF t-shirt (which is celebrating a season which is always going to be special for me, as I've never seen the Devs go that deep before) or ditch it as "losing gear" and just buy some more generic Devils clothes? I don't really meet people following the NHL on a daily basis, so I doubt anyone is going to give me a tough time about the SCF if I show up wearing that.
  12. Heh, I KNEW someone was going to come up with an article like that. It seems that since the infamous Patriots Superbowl party this year people try to catch those 2nd place teams having fun. Even the Rangers got some sh!t in the media after someone saw them drinking after getting eliminated by the Devils. I wonder how many articles like that it takes before people realise those guys are human beings too and not every one of them is going to just sit in a hotel room crying all night long after a loss. Especially when there is a good bond among teammates and this is their chance to take a deep breath after a long season, chill out after all the pressure they were facing and just... celebrate, because that's what you do after a good year. There is only one winner, but that doesn't mean all of the other 29 teams should act like they're attending a funeral. Besides, I expected much more from this vid and it's just a bunch of Devils walking into a limo. That's a lot to get your panties in a bunch over. Oh, and the guy filming this sounds and acts like a complete a$$hole.
  13. Quite a nice montage by CBC (as always). It should remind us a lot of good stuff happened in the last two months. I'd suggest stopping after 4:18. But you just gotta fast forward to 3:06 for the best effect! Thanks once again, Devils! Tremendous run.
  14. BTW, this must have been, like, the 15th Stanley Cup Final for Sykora. The guy sure knows what teams to pick. I think he has exceeded everyone's expectations after being merely a tryout back in the summer. Kudos to him!
  15. I was about to post that in the GDT, but it got closed when I was writing the post, so I'm putting it here, since it's fitting. It didn't burn me that much until the final horn. Watching the Devils as the ones standing their watching the party was just hearbreaking. As was watching the Kings hoist the Cup. The way Marty handled the loss was quite impressive, OTOH. Hard to come to terms with this, especially with this being the first SCF involving the Devils I've ever watched. Really tough. But I can say this much: I'm EXTREMELY PROUD of the Devs. I never expected that run this year. The Florida series was just a tremendous thriller, a bumpy ride with a happy ending. Beating the Flyers in 5 was sweet after watching them do the same to us twice. And the Rangers series, the Henrique winner... That's just beyond awesome. No one can take that away from us. Not even this awful finish is going to cast a shadow on it. Right now I'm bitter, depressed, I can even feel some tears in my eyes (and that doesn't happen to me during sporting events), but I know when I get over this, good memories are going to be what really stays with me after this spring. THANK YOU, DEVILS!
  16. I didn't even realize we had our net empty, lol. And why does their goal song sound like the Rangers' one?
  17. Gotta agree. Also, I can't imagine the Devils coming back to the Rock just to lose it... that would sting much more. That being said, this is still a tough letdown after they made it a series by winning games 4 and 5. Will you guys watch the Cup presentation? I think I should just turn the stream off with 10 seconds left in the 3rd and pretend it's just another game, lol.
  18. Who does James Gandolfini root for?
  19. Feeling empty right now. After what happened in games 4 and 5, it's just hard to imagine it ends like this. If it was a fair, regular 4:0 win by the Kings, that's a different story. But this is a a bad non-call plus a dumb play by one of ours that put an end to this great run. Hard to think right now. I know I'm gonna be bitter as hell tomorrow, I know I'm going to feel hungover the next few days. But I'm extremely proud of this group and really grateful for all the moments and emotions they gave us this spring. I thought about it after the Rangers series and I thought about it after game 3: no matter what happens, they made me proud. Too bad it comes down to this, but this one thing will not change.
  20. This is war. I've never been this nervous before a game. Never. LET'S DO IT!!!
  21. Revan

    Champs Gear

    +1 Good thing they aren't what the players are going to wear.
  22. Revan


    I believed after Game 4 (because, prior to that, let's face it: it didn't really feel like we were fighting for the Cup. We were playing in the series, but we seemed out of it with Kings winning everything). But after tonight, I'm like "OMG, THIS IS REALLY HAPPENING!!!111oneeleven". We ARE in the Final, we have a legitimate shot at the Cup!!
  23. This is the first time this postseason someone really stood up to the Kings. They've never felt the pressure. It was always a comfortable four or five game series win for them. And as much as it's remarkable, it's going to bite them in the ass here. The Devs have seen all kinds of adversity in these playoffs and for the Kings, the real possibility of blowing a 3-0 lead... They are going to feel the pressure on Monday and they don't know if they're going to handle it. This is actually happening guys! We can tie this thing up! Haha, I'm happy like a kid.
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