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  1. Yesssss!!! We're halfway there! We're playing for the Stanley Cup and it's for real!
  2. I hate how we're having trouble getting a clear shot at Quick this period. 10 minutes to go... sh!t is getting tense. You can tell he knows this is his huge chance. He's been phenomenal this series, I'm really proud of him.
  3. I think the Germans are going to win. Not a good outcome for Poles, but whatever (personally, I don't mind it that much and I'm actually betting money on them). Also, disappointed with the start by Poland - you can't afford to lose a game after a first half like that and with your opponent shorthanded. Luckilly, I think Russia beating the Czechs is a good score for us (they looked amazing tonight, Tuesday is gonna be tough), as we can even lose to the Russians and still have a chance to make it to the quarterfinals. I'm really proud we're hosting the thing this year - most Poles didn't think they would get to see a tournament like this in Poland in their lives and I'm pretty sure I'm not going to see a second one in my lifetime, so I'm just going to enjoy the moment. Too bad I got no tickets and also, my city isn't one of the hosts.
  4. I'd be grateful if you guys could take a look at this jersey. LINK. Keep in mind it's an Rbk Premier, so no authentic. I've been analizing it with a friend of mine who is a jersey geek and he says he's 95% sure it's legit, but then again, he's not a Devils fan, so he doesn't have a Devs jersey for comparison. One thing I'm not sure about this jersey is the bottom: the white part seems kinda short to me, but as I said: this is a bit different than what players wear on the ice and we don't have an Devils Premier to compare it to. Thanks in advance!
  5. OK, we all know that, but can't we celebrate for 15 minutes at least? That game so friggin nerve racking!
  6. It kind of hit me when they showed Henrique only (?) scored four goals this postseason. That's because THREE of them are absolutely clutch! The kid is amazing!
  7. How many home games can you lose in one series? Surely we're taking Game 5! I hope the ending of tonight's game really energizes the team and they come out swinging on Saturday. The problem was not that they didn't attack, it's that there was no creativity and no real idea of how to solve that defense. In their best games the Devils always found ways to score. So, if the last few minutes of tonight are an indication of anything, things should only get better from now on!
  8. Of course, that NBC folk in full disappoint mode, talking about the Devils making the thing boring. Cry my a river. At least JR gives us credit.
  9. Not tonight!!! Tremendous resiliency by the Devils. If there's one thing you can say about them, it's they're extremely strong psychologically. It looked like the offense really woke up after that 2nd goal. Two days of rest, moving back to the Rock and Kovy scoring an empty netter (always some morale booster) sure won't hurt. Hopefully, this is the spark they needed to get going and get their confidence back. Make some noise on Saturday at the Rock, guys! Because the Devils are...
  10. Fixed. To be fair, that could be said about pretty much anyone except maybe Marty.
  11. fvck that sh!t. Refs blow. Badly.
  12. This game just feels like watching an OT all night long.
  13. Boy, Marty has been sharp. I think our offense looks a little bit better this period, too. We sure could use some puck luck to finally get that first goal in a game for the first time in the series...
  14. More of the same, so far... It wasn't our worst PP (at least we kept them in their zone, we don't always manage to do that ), but we still can't get a good shot at Quick. Also, some questionable decisions here and there... passing through multiple Kings players instead of shooting. Tough to believe how bad we are on the powerplay in this series.
  15. Epic. DeBoer looks just hilarious.
  16. I have butterflies in my stomach. Really nervous about this and I still can't fathom the season is over (not just for us, but for the entire league, lol) if we lose tonight. KEEP IT ALIVE, BOYS!
  17. Revan


    I just want them to win the next game. If they do that, we move to the Rock and then we'll see what happens. It's kinda hard to expect a miracle and I'd lie if I said I see us coming back in this one, but the pressure is sort of off now: anything good that happens to us in this series will be a pleasant surprise.
  18. Let's not freak out. We only scored two goals in those three games. Everyone's to blame and you don't walk away from re-signing one of your biggest stars because he had bad finals (not over yet) after leading the team there.
  19. Revan

    Pick your poison

    This is a legit question. It's painful for all of us and I'm terribly disappointed with how this series turned out, but realistically speaking, the chance of this ending with the worst case scenario is pretty big. So, I'm just wondering what would be less painful. I think I'd take a loss in five - doesn't make a huge difference, but at least it's one more win and this is what this sport is all about. And I don't really like the word "swept" going together with "Devils" in history books. Of course, as I said, I'm not a local, so I won't have to watch all that in person, that's why I'm asking you guys.
  20. Not really. We had a good first period (if you ignore all the missed opportunities on the powerplay) and the problem was the lack of finish, probably shooting too low on Quick. But the moment Kings scored, the Devils lost their heads and they didn't really know what to do with the puck. They spent time in the Kings zone, they threw something at the net, but there was chaos and no concept. From then on the Kings would get more and more dominating.
  21. +1 We had our chances to win in this series. The Kings were lucky to go 2-0 in New Jersey, very lucky (although we had a ton of chances we didn't make the most of there - clearly we couldn't solve Quick). Tonight we go 0/6 or 0/7 on the PP, their defense makes the Devils attackers hate life and so does Quick. Plus their offense, which was the weak link in games 1 and 2, clicks and owns us in the 2nd and 3rd. The score of the whole series suggests the Devils got dominated over the course of it and that's simply not true. Tonight, however, was a very smart and solid game by LA all around, you have to be blind not to see that. The better team won.
  22. Revan

    Pick your poison

    So, just in case there is no miracle and the Devils don't win this series (and not even two games), which of those scenarios would be less tough for you guys to stomach? I've always enjoyed the fact the Devs have never been swept and losing in 4 in the Stanley Cup Final is the worst time to do so. But if winning on Wednesday means coming back to the Rock just to host a Kings' cup celebration, that would be brutal for the home fans.
  23. 0/6 on the PP, about to go 0/7. Unreal.
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