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  1. Yeah, I'm pretty happy just riding Hughes and Hischier as our top centers. One looks like a budding offensive force and the other a top end two way center. Until proven otherwise, I see no reason to make a move. These two should improve naturally. It's the rest of the roster that needs an upgrade.
  2. Doesn’t the fact that Seattle is slipping in with an early pick negate the Arizona forfeiture?
  3. I’ll add Foote to the 3rd line LW. I covered the D when I said “whoever.” No way I’m personally pencilling in any of those guys you listed as top 4 until I see it.
  4. Considering that we just sucked ass to a bottom three finish, like a lot of you I still feel oddly optimistic about to direction this is headed given the improvement we've seen in the core. That being said, there are four gaping holes in our roster than Fitz needs to address: 2 top pair D, 1st line LW and and 2nd goalie. The first three aren't easy but we hopefully have answers for 2 of them in the pipeline. Here's how I see our team long term (Brackets are for prospects we hope pan out) and I left out the 4th line O because that should ideally just be a revolving door of entry level, last
  5. Overall, I really like this summary but my only question is why does it seem like so many of you are hellbent on RD? If we are going to get where we want to go, we really need 2 more top 4 D (yes I consider Severson a good #4) and preferably both are top pair guys, one for either side. I love Ty Smith but he seems like a really good #3 in the mold of Ryan Ellis in Nashville to me. Even if you want to argue Smith is our top guy on the left side going forward, we still need to acquire a top 4 for either side so why does it matter if its Power, Hughes or Clarke?
  6. I get the Flyers broadcast so luckily I get Taryn Hatcher during intermissions instead
  7. Yeah, well I want 15%!! I didn’t realize it was that high but it seems like he’s missed quite a few in close the last few weeks.
  8. Hopefully he’s just rusty from missing so much of the season but Nico really needs to work on his finish.
  9. Started the game on DVR about 15 minutes late so just caught up. Nice start but we missed so many opportunities to bury them early. Kill this PP and then pour it on.
  10. You lost me here. IMO, Smith and Severson could form a really good second pair. Presumably, Hamilton (or Larsson) would be brought in to anchor the 1st pair, no? Why is that an extravagance? We're still about 4 dmen shy of a good defense.
  11. I get that it’s a lot like racking up passing yards in the big XII but if a Texas tech QB could average 800 yards passing per game, I would still find it damn impressive. That’s how I see McDavid hitting 100. it will be interesting to see how whichever team comes out of the North handles the conference final when they presumably face a real D for the first time all season.
  12. McDavid with points 97, 98 & 99 so far tonight. Dude is absolutely amazing
  13. Not much to talk about after that one but I’m excited to hopefully finish out on Monday against the Flyers on a high note. As a fan, hopefully we get something like that one year where we killed Toronto the last night with Henrique and Palms both hitting 30, Zacha getting 2 points in his debut and Elias scoring at the end
  14. On a great team, which I hope we will become, I see ty smith as a second pairing guy. Maybe we address RD through free agency? Dougie Hamilton? Take best d-man available IMO
  15. If they can’t even do that, they should just tear it all back down again and send Quinn Hughes our way.
  16. If blue jackets win this we can’t catch either of them domi, so close
  17. How did Mr “he’s NHL ready day 1 because he’s been playing against men while Jack has been playing against Mites” finish his second season?
  18. I posted this is the draft thread but since I personally would like to see us slaughter Philly on Monday and go out on a high note, im hoping the red wings and jackets go to OT and the Sens win tonight. Right now it’s 2-2 and Sens 2-1 both at second intermission. Hopefully that holds through the 3rd
  19. Blue jackets vs red wings is 2-2 after 2 periods, so that’s good
  20. Sure, you trade Zacha if it’s a package for someone like Seth Jones because the Jackets decide to rebuild or something but this idea of trading him like a hot technology stock just because his value is high makes no sense to me.
  21. I feel dumber for having read that. My favorite is that “anyone could look good playing with Nico and Bratt.” Okay but how many could actually be the best player on that line when they’ve been together so far?
  22. The Oilers goalie Koskinen made no saves on 4 shots last night.
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