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  1. I know they get a lot of crap but I really hope that Arizona gets the deal for a new arena in Tempe. They would kill it there. There are hockey fans in Arizona but they’ve been fed a sh!t product out in the middle of nowhere for way too long. That franchise got totally screwed when the voters of Scottsdale approved funding for a new arena and then the local government nixed it. They would have thrived in that part of the city. Glendale was a panic move that they are still paying for.
  2. Ottawa has an agreement for a new downtown arena. That’s great for them because their current arena situation sucks. Cookie cutter building way outside of downtown.
  3. Hopefully Colorado fans are all jacked up to win the cup at home on Friday, they come out and dominate the first 10 minutes, including getting a goal that gets called back and then give up a totally deflating goal from the blue line and things just snowball on them from there.
  4. Nice response by Tampa but if Kucherov is hurt, I don’t know how they win this if both he and Point are out or at least severely limited. Game 4 feels like a must win for both teams.
  5. I think they’ll probably manage to split at home but this series just looks different. Colorado is scary good. Imagine if Byram keeps getting better.
  6. I was thinking the same thing. If he does good for him but just like Nickhuskin, the team that drafted him never had a chance of reaping the full rewards of their talent
  7. One other point is that if you include the #2 in the upcoming draft, we have three top 10 picks on board that are not yet on the roster. Assuming Slaf is the pick, all three address major holes in the roster when they do arrive, if they pan out of course. The Devils are far from a finished product that is just wildly underachieving. At least with respect to the prospects, I think Fitz has done a nice job taking a long term approach and not rushing guys up We're actually at the point where we have a pretty deep prospect pool and these type trades can make a lot more sense than when Shero was doing them. I don't know if Palmieri qualifies as falling short of his draft position but imagine if we could land that type of player now for just a 2nd and 3rd?
  8. This has been a hell of a game so far. I was hoping for a late goal to avoid staying up for OT but oh well.
  9. Closest I can think of is Marian Hossa losing with the Pens, then the Wings and going a third straight with the Blackhawks but thankfully the Hawks beat the Flyers
  10. That’s a good read. Thanks.
  11. Hopefully only one more period of this nightmare.
  12. Jesus, I hope that isn't true that he passed.
  13. Nevermind then. As you were . Still prefer Palat assuming a lesser price point
  14. Getting a C like Johnny Hockey would be a luxury given that we already have two really good young centers, not a necessity. This feels like it would be repeat of the mistake that Toronto made signing Tavares when they already had Matthews and Kadri who at the time was putting up 30 goal seasons at 2C. There were a lot of subsequent management mistakes up there but ultimately IMO the Tavares contract is the biggest reason they lost a lot a really good players over the next several season. The exact type of players they seem to lack every year come playoff time. Connor Brown, Kadri, Hyman, etc.
  15. I really don’t want to spend top dollar on one of guys like Forsberg whose contract I think will age badly and I don’t understand bringing in another Top 6 center, no matter how good they are when we’re pretty much set with Hughes and Hischier. Assuming we get Slaf in the draft, my #1 UFA target at forward would be Palat. Proven winner, can play LW or RW. I think he would look great on Nicos wing for the next 5 years and the salary shouldn’t be outrageous.
  16. Exactly. The important thing is that I can't imagine how far it sets us back if we came away with Nolan Patrick from that draft.
  17. My understanding is that the Flames really need a C, especially if Gaudreau leaves. If Wright fell to #2, Nico for Tkachuk? I would obviously trade the second pick for Tkachuk instead but I would imagine Calgary would want the established center that can step right in next year. Edit: That being said, with where they are with their roster, I don’t know how Montreal could possibly pass on a Center to go and take a LW #1.
  18. I just bought the Hockey News Draft Preview. They call Shane Wright a “clear #1” and have Slaf #2. The one thing I find odd is that they mention that he can step in next year and play as a positive. I could see why that might be part of the equation for a good team but when you suck bad enough to be picking this high, who cares about where the Draft +1 year is spent. For each player they give a “best case projection.” I thought it was interesting that for Wright, the best case is Nico Hischier. Slaf’s projection is Jamie Benn.
  19. It’s very emotional when that sh!t stain of a franchise gets this close to a Stanley Cup.
  20. https://www.espn.com/nhl/story/_/id/34038771/colorado-avalanche-center-nazem-kadri-leaves-game-3-injury-first-period-hit-behind This doesn’t sound good for Kadri. Out for series “if not longer”.
  21. Avs players are dropping like flies. fvcking rangers are going to get a skeleton crew in finals.
  22. I don’t care how much cap space we have right now, due to the years left on the deal, you can’t take that contract without significant retainage by Florida IMO
  23. Holtz kind of reminds me of Elli Tolvanen in Nashville. Insane shot but not enough other high end tools. Hopefully he turns out to be much better.
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