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  1. 😂😂They probably have very different library of pictures than the veterans who are married with children.
  2. So is this considered a “get out of jail free” card for Jarmo or do you think it starts to actually wind down the clock on his employment?. I know the Columbus job has its challenges but he’s been throwing sh!t at the wall for a while now.
  3. I think you are absolutely correct. I read somewhere that one agent had mentioned defamation lawsuits if and when the NHL report came out.
  4. It seems like the NHL is doing everything they can to let the London police take the lead on this, otherwise they would have released the report a few weeks ago during the absolute dog days of summer. The police seemingly botched this so badly the first time, I’m not sure how motivated they are to put the spotlight on that ineptitude by indicting players now.
  5. Another update on the Canadian Junior scandal where Bill Daly just says “very soon” https://www.markerzone.com/news/index.php?no=270506
  6. Other than the perception that he's always trying to get every last dollar and never commits to the Leafs for the full 8 year max, setting the tone for their other upcoming free agents, I don't think it's actually a bad deal for them that they got him for roughly the same 15% of cap as other star players are getting and have an out when he turns 31. He had all the leverage in this negotiation since Dubas walked him right into UFA with a full no trade clause. I mean, if they keep running it back with the same results for another 5 years, it's probably time to move on anyway, so no reason to lock in for another 8 after next year. The real sin is that they overpaid him on a 5 year term on his last contract. He was way more established than Jack when he signed his long term deal but a better GM would have kept the number below 11.6 (a direct result of Tavares getting 11 and Matthews already outproducing him at the time). If they got the 8 year term, they would still have four more years of him at a relative bargain as the cap finally moves up. The idea that they are probably pissing away 2 more years of Matthews, Marner, Nylander and Rielly's absolute prime years just riding out the Tavares contract so that they get some cap relief to address the glaring holes and lack of depth in the roster is just absolute highest level of mismanagement from Shanahan/Dubas. This is just opinion but the other thing I don't like about the Leafs situation is having your top guy be someone who really doesn't make others around him better. I know goals are expensive but I'm not really sure what else Matthews brings to the table. Despite his size, he's not terribly physical, it doesn't seem like he's some sort of Nate MacKinnon level leader in the locker room and on a team that basically just feasts on the PP, he has a career high of only 45 assist. I guess it's the same reason I've never personally never considered Ovechkin at the same level as Crosby. Regardless of the contracts or age, I wouldn't trade Jack Hughes straight up for Auston Matthews for the next 4 years for what they bring.
  7. NHL front-office confidence rankings, 2023: How fans feel about every team - The Athletic
  8. I think it's kind of cool that Melnyk's daughters kept a 10% stake in the team.
  9. I saw someone actually wearing one of the “No quit in New York” t-shirts that the Rangers sold for the 2023 playoffs in public yesterday morning. It gave me a good laugh to start the day.
  10. …and then there’s this earth shaker
  11. Auston Matthews extended for 4 years x 13.25 AAV That’s a lot of money for a guy who doesn’t really make his teammates better.
  12. At least it’s free of any NMC or NTC. They should be able to move him once their window finally slams shut. edit: Nevermind, there is a NTC that kicks in after two years
  13. I suck at puckdoku but the Devils are one of the categories today so i was at least able to nail all of those.
  14. It doesn't directly answer the question but for 80s or earlier but I've always thought, if well timed, that Led Zeppelin's When The Levee Breaks would be perfect for goals where it's clear the flood gates are about to open. Imagine hearing that heavy drum beat kick in right after the Mercer goal in game 5 vs the Rangers or the Haula 3rd goal in Game & vs the Rangers. For the actual, maybe Andrew WK's Party Hard? There was a upbeat Google commercial a while back where I thought this song worked perfectly. Having this start up right after the horns would probably work well.
  15. He wasn’t for everyone but I enjoyed his calls.
  16. After stuff like the cup clinchers, Henrique it’s over, the Elias winner against the Flyers in the 2000 ECF, this might be one of my favorite goals ever. I wanted that series against the Rangers so badly and this was such a perfect series clinching goal. Palat earned every penny of his salary for the season on that one play.
  17. I think that might be the most disappointing sporting event I’ve attended in my entire life. Maybe even ones I didn’t attend. Between the Roy gaffe in game 4 and the ass kicking in game 5 where literally every guy on our team that had been a bit cold scored in that game, I really thought we were going to lock up back to back cups that night. I showed up the the stadium parking lot with enough food and beer for a second tailgate after the game. Everything looked good until the Foote goal. Was the Gomez goal controversial? I was on the opposite side of the arena but I thought it was pretty clear cut. I honestly haven’t watched a replay of it since probably that night but I don’t remember it being a questionable call.
  18. I’m clearly in the minority here but I think a Phoenix franchise could thrive on the east side of the city. Scottsdale and Tempe would have both been amazing had they not fallen through. I don’t know enough about Mesa to make a judgement but at least it’s on the east side. Taking a trip in October with my college buddies to see a Yotes game at the Mullet and then a Sun Devils football game the following day.
  19. Yeah, I think this trade just lets the Sharks move on with the rebuild. I also don’t mind it from the Penguins side. I think both them and the Caps are stuck in neutral until the stars all retire and then they can begin the actual rebuild process. This trade will generate some buzz and help keep PPG sold out for the next few years but I don’t think they are much closer to challenging for anything significant. Hopefully both teams are non-factors for a good chuck of the Devils upcoming window of contention.
  20. Saros scares me because he’s small and relies on super quick reflexes. When he loses even the slightest bit of speed, is he going to go south as fast as Jonathan Quick did?
  21. Why wasn’t San Jose willing to retain a huge chunk of EK’s salary? I know it sucks having to pay a dude 4 or 5 million per year not to play for you but I would think that would have opened up a lot more trade opportunities and a much bigger return. It’s not like they’re in a position where they should be tight against the cap the next few years.
  22. Dubas names himself GM. 😂 https://www.espn.com/nhl/story/_/id/38128773/kyle-dubas-becomes-penguins-gm-role-team-president
  23. Lateralous


    I’m old enough to have watched all of Brylins career. I appreciate that he was a 3 time cup winner with the Devils, a Swiss Army knife in terms of where you could slot him in the lineup, and a completely underrated player throughout his career, but the second he goes up to the rafters, the Devils jersey retirements jump the shark IMO and it cheapens it for everyone else hanging up there. I completely get why he’s up there and it doesn’t really bother me but I personally don’t even care to see Daneyko’s number 3 hanging next to the other 4 for eternity either. Even with all the years, first pick, 3 cups, he just wasn’t that guy for me. Away fans come to the arena and talk about how amazing the other 4 were. Any time you have to defend or explain why a guy’s number is hanging up there, he probably shouldn’t have had his jersey retired in the first place. Maybe some people enjoy explaining the backstory of why he’s up there but for me, that’s a sign he shouldnt be there.
  24. Wow. If our PP struggles this year, heads need to roll in time to ruin their holidays. That's a lot of firepower.
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