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  1. It will be pretty telling to see how they come out in the 3rd. Lindy better be peeling the paint off the walls as we speak.
  2. No disagreement there but at this point I would rather just wait to get a few of these guys back than ice an AHL roster + Jack Hughes
  3. Probably for the best, the starting lineup last night was already borderline embarrassing
  4. They’re just teasing us. Nothing more
  5. Got home late from work, put the toddler to bed and tuned in just in time for two quick Vegas goals. Time to move on.
  6. I get it because I watch sports as a way to hopefully decompress from the grind of the day but tonight just feels different. This isn’t just overreacting as a fan of a young inconsistent team and deciding to bitch about it. This is literally embarrassing. We’re all watching most of our important young assets regress yet again after a decade of futility. Worse yet, it’s against the only team we’ve been able to beat since mid November. We do this because it’s supposed to be enjoyable but I can not think of a single positive thing to say about what I just saw.
  7. Hamilton, Zacha & Hughes being a combined -11 isn’t a great development either.
  8. Tonight has to be a fireable offense, right? RIGHT?
  9. C’mon Blackwood. Some of us that live in the Philly suburbs have to go to work with Flyers fans tomorrow.
  10. It was more than that regardless of the points. There were some other duds in there early. Was it the Calgary loss where he was directly responsible for two awful goals against? Overall, I’m fine with him I just don’t think he’s been consistent enough to just call his season an absolute A performance.
  11. Just consistency. He wasn’t very good for the first 10 or so games of the season.
  12. What has Ty Smith done to deserve a D? He literally could not be playing worse this year. Pretty clear F for me Hamilton and Johnsson are the only two players that would get an A from me. Bratt is close and Hughes hasn’t played enough games to make any type of judgement.
  13. …so was Butch Davis. Doesn’t much matter if you can successfully recruit and develop Dade and Broward talent. As for the Devils, the seasons we’re getting from Nico, Ty Smith and Sharangovich are really concerning. Smith especially can’t do anything right out there at the moment
  14. This is 3 hours I'll never get back
  15. I was excited to see what Hughes, Hischier and Zacha would look like together. Its awful. They barely ever even touch the puck on their shifts
  16. At 2-0 Minnesota, this game is not nearly as close as the score would indicate.
  17. Graves having himself a tough 1st period
  18. Mercer looked like Clarktard on that last shift with how many times he was on the ice
  19. Looks like something you might see hanging in a t shirt shop on the Wildwood or Seaside Heights boardwalk. Maybe they could complete the design by writing something across the butt on the pants
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