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  1. I voted Vesey. I feel like he'll score 3-4 goals in the first two weeks and be waived by Thanksgiving.
  2. I too remember being super excited about the Fire and Ice Lounges when i first saw the renderings and being pretty disappointed with the actual final product.
  3. I too am an architect and I literally spend my entire day the last few month fielding calls about change orders for insane material price increases and shipping delays. It's a crazy time to be building anything.
  4. I guess I’m too old to even begin to understand that decision.
  5. I actually agree with you and obviously the Conn Smythe is awarded for the body of work over the full two months of the playoffs but it was still damn hard to watch a guy that I saw give up 15 goals in person over 4 games at the Meadowlands win any type of MVP. Unfortunately, I think Marty probably lost it when that fluke goal off his stick extended the series in game 3. It would have been much harder to give it to Giguere if the series only went 4 or 5 games.
  6. I haven’t seen him mentioned but how about Langenbrunner for ring of honor? He was key to the 3rd cup, spent a lot of years here and was captain for a while.
  7. I would be another No on Brylin for a jersey retirement but a yes for ring of honor.
  8. Correct. The post was fine, just my immaturity I guess.
  9. I read the start of this and laughed
  10. He “dumped” a guy that he drafted 3rd overall 3 years ago. How beautifully could he have played it? We’re still pissed we drafted our leading scorer at 6th overall in 2015 instead of someone “better” Honestly, I think the Canadiens are stuck in that middle of the league area where you barely make the playoffs/miss the playoffs. A weird series of circumstances came together that allowed them to make a run to the finals this year which will mask the bigger issues with that roster for a little while. is Dvorak really an improvement? Jk has more room to grow IMO
  11. Carolina is just going to bury Gardiner on LITR. Problem solved.
  12. The best response I’ve seen so far is: ”what a bunch of jerks!”
  13. This has Tom Dundin written all over it. Like everyone else here, I think this is a pretty bad ass move. That being said, I'm not sure why Carolina holds so much bitterness. When I first saw the offer that Aho accepted, I remember thinking that it was a pretty reasonable deal and that Montreal did the Canes a favor.
  14. Same. We were only there for baseball and downtown was nice enough but yeah, it was dead almost immediately after the game ended. We stayed in Scottsdale which seemed to be a good move in terms of food and entertainment, especially since we were there for a b'ball game which is much closer. It's a looooong way from Glendale.
  15. Tempe and Scottdale are to the east of Phoenix and basically where all the money is at. The Glendale Arena was built way to the west of the city on cotton fields as part of a development called Westgate which pretty much got derailed by the 2008 crash. Now it's basically an outdoor mall. It's the Cardinals stadium, the arena, a tribute statue to Pat Tillman and a Tangers outlet all out in the middle of f'ing nowhere. That's fine if you're trying to get fans out to 8 sunday games a season. Doesn't work as well for hockey.
  16. I wish they could find a way to get over to Tempe or Scottsdale, where they belong. We west edge of the valley never made sense.
  17. Getting back to the subject, the small ads honestly don't bother me. Teams have been wearing irrelevant patches on their jerseys for years so I barely even notice them unless it's the Stanley Cup Finals patch.
  18. Yeah, I have hope given that they seem to be recruiting quite well and the UNC debacle aside, they were pretty good last year. Who knows though, it looked promising early in the Shannon, Golden and Richt tenures too. I also have a little bit of hope that we can catch a super inexperienced Bama team in week 1 the same way Mississippi St caught LSU last year after they lost most of their team to the NFL. Getting D'Eriq was a game changer for Manny because otherwise, he should have been fired after the Independence Bowl two years ago. He's certainly is the king of the offseason though.
  19. I think it might have been 2011, I did a double header Canes vs USF football in the afternoon and then Devils at Lightning at night. We ran into Chico and Cangi at the bar in our hotel, which was across the street from the Arena after the game. I didn't want to take up too much of their time but they both seemed super awesome in the few minutes we did talk. The football game might have been the worst thing I've ever seen. I think it ended 6-3. Dark days for the Canes. Edit: I just looked it up and it was the Marriot, so probably the same bar you met Clarke at.
  20. Do other sports have doctors who apparently F up as much as NHL docs do? Paul Martin, Eichel/Lehner in Buffalo, Tarasenko, etc.
  21. This story is f’ing horrible but the worst part is I truly believe that this was well known by everyone. Someone can correct me but the one part of the Penn State fiasco that I’ve never seen answered is why if no one knew what was up, why did Sandusky never get another job? The dude had documented aspirations to follow Paterno as head coach and then he just up and retires at 55 after being defensive coach of the year and never gets a sniff of a head coaching job or a top paid coordinator job somewhere else? To an extent, I think his dirt was known by everyone in college football years before it became a scandal.
  22. What am I missing here? 1. The reported price for landing Eichel from the Sabres of Reilly Smith, Krebs, Hague and a 1st doesn't really feel that steep to me. Seems like Knights should have already pulled the trigger on this if true. 2. Vegas goes and lands Eichel and then would want to flip him to the Rangers for Zibenejad? Why?
  23. I remember mocking a dude in my dorm in ‘93 about this so you’re right about the 2 minutes if ever.
  24. Holy sh!t. I am just catching up. This is insane. The Hamilton contract looks better every day. I’m so glad we went with Fitzgerald instead of one of these retread GMs. Honestly, the NHL needs to step in at some point and work a Gretzky type trade out of Edmonton because they are just waisting him (and Draisaitl) up there.
  25. I think you can kind of add Hischier to that equation as well. He basically missed the entire year. I’m really optimistic about the improvement in the team we’re going to see this year.with a healthy Hischier and Bratt from the start, dougie pushing the rest of the right D down a slot and Zacha being moved full time to LW, Etc.
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