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  1. I'm more worried about the Capitals. They won again last night and have games in hand which tonight is the Ducks (free 2 points?). I didn't have them taking up a playoff spot before the season started, so this is concerning.
  2. It was a really pretty snipe though. Glad to see he’s not just collecting garbage points
  3. Funny seeing Trouba out there. I could have sworn I saw him with a chop to another man’s head over the weekend that was a sure fire suspension.
  4. Yeah, I would prefer to see how Schmid looks if he could ever get a run of games from Lindy.
  5. I don't mean this to be snarky but should I put much stock in any chart that shows Edmonton with 3 of the top 6 D in anything?
  6. Well, looks like I picked the wrong game to head out and miss the 3rd period. The 2nd was tough to watch but glad they figured it.. Lazar is easily an upgrade from Miles Wood for 1/3 the cost. I'll be at the game in Philly on Thursday. Akira better be in net.
  7. Schmid needs to get a run of games because right now, VV is not the answer
  8. A successful penalty kill for the first time in about a week would be nice here.
  9. Weak call. It’s not Mercers fault he has bad balance. Edit: Son of a bitch
  10. Probably true since we were paying Tyce on a one way deal and this new guy is on a two way. No point paying NHL money to a guy you won't even call up when a 1/4 of our NHL forward group is injured. I read a little about him on the HFBoards Isles page. Dude seems to have some speed and there was some hope he could eventually become a 4th liner in New York. I'm sure the $$$ was the driving factor but maybe this guy can do a little something when injuries in NJ warrant it.
  11. I didn't play at a super high level but low shot games are the absolute toughest IMO. The comparison I've always made to friends is that a high shot game vs a low shot game is like the difference between hammering your golf drives straight at the driving range vs keeping them straight on the fairways on the golf course. At the range, you get in a groove hitting one after the other and one or two slices mixed in doesn't really bust your groove. On the actual golf course, where you get 14ish drives (not counting the par 3s) 8-14 minutes apart, it's a lot harder to keep those shots straight. No one blinks at 3 goals on 40 shots even if two are softies. VV gave up two pretty unsavable goals on 12 shots which were all like 10 minutes apart in real time.
  12. We saw it for years with Brodeur. That's not the type of game a goalie is typically going to be able to put up a great sv% because there's no margin for error. I have no issues with VV tonight.
  13. I don’t get it. Vanacek had an .833 tonight. There’s an easy shot to be had.
  14. He created a separate thread while the game was getting good.
  15. This game isn't as close as the 7-2 score would indicate
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