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  1. 3 minutes ago, eaglejelly said:

    My complaint is the extra 30 min. They should start the games at 7pm PST when east coast teams are visiting on weekdays

    Oh, I got you.  My best guess is that it's because Seattle's arena is in the middle of the city and I don't think there's much if any parking around Seattle Center.   They probably feel they need to give their fans the extra 30 minutes to get to the arena after work.   

    Most Islander home games start at 7:30 EST and I always assumed it was for similar reasons        

  2. 33 minutes ago, eaglejelly said:

    Why do they start the game so late when an east coast teams is visiting? The 10pm weekday starts are brutal enough.

    Expecting the home fans to get to the arena at 4pm PST on a work day isn't ideal either.   At least they are accommodating us this weekend by playing both games at 4pm EST  

  3. 14 minutes ago, NJDfan1711 said:

    Sit Siegs for who?  We already have two rookie D-men in the lineup.  And Bahl is fairly inexperienced too.  Half our d-men are young as hell.

    Yeah and they’re all out performing him.  One night of Smith to send a message isn’t the worst thing. 

    12 minutes ago, smelly said:

    Don’t shoot me, but I would sit him for Smith for one game. 

    Short term pain for (hopefully) long term gain. 

    Agreed.  I would give him a Timo Meier wake up call in the press box for a night.   At this point I would also give Timo Meier another Timo walk up call.  He used to just take sh!t penalties when he wasn’t scoring.  Now he legit costs us a goal a night with his crap effort.   

  4. 2 minutes ago, slasher72 said:

    He better after that 5 year extension, or the team will be saddled with a bad contract.

    I think at 3.4 AAV he’s an easily movable contract if it ever comes to it.  At his current level of play, he just isn’t the ridiculous bargain we thought we had.  

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  5. 1 hour ago, Oglethorpe13 said:

    I still think it's more on the defense/coaching. Still lot to be desired from our goalies, for sure, but the defensive lapses have been making me want to pull out what little hair I still have left

    IMO, the veteran defenders on this team have been the biggest disappointment so far this season.   I don't think you can say any one of Hamilton, Siegenthaler, Marino or Smith have consistently played up to their ability.   I guess Miller has been good in his role, but he's only been available for 1/3 of the season to date.       


    Edit: Before I get clobbered about the goaltending, I agree they've been bad but I expected a lot more out of the veteran D who, minus Smith, have all proven to be good players at this level.  I typically don't get on Smith because we all know he's a placeholder and only in the lineup due to injury, but holy hell, he's been worse than I could have ever imagined.    

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  6. 6 hours ago, bostondevil11 said:

    That was the worst game I have ever gone to. To make it even worse I accidently got on the wrong amtrak train. Instead of heading south to Baltimore I went north back to NYC. 🤬 Which meant I would miss my actual train and have to get another ticket for the train in 2 hours didn't get home until 3:30. To make it worse I ended up killing those two hours in a rangers bar. I am glad the Devils are out west this week so I can pretend they don't exist I am so mad.

    Obviously the train thing isn't the Devils fault but NHL games are too damn expensive anymore to have complete f'ing duds like the night you were there.   

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  7. 4 hours ago, Nicomo said:

    Well that’s just completely disingenuous. In addition to Jack’s 5 games (which would be like the Rags missing Panarin)

    - Nico missed 11 games 

    - Timo missed 7 games 

    - Haula missed 4 games

    - Miller missed 14 games 

    - Nosek missed 16 games

    - Lazar missed 2 games 

    Hamilton is also at 2 games going to 40 or 50. 

    Just for comparison, the Rangers lost 51 man games to injury for the entire ‘22-‘23 season.   


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  8. 56 minutes ago, RizzMB30 said:

    I am not gonna lie. I actually really like those. The stripes look sick. Too bad that logo makes it all sh!tty lookin.

    Agreed, it’s a sharp jersey minus the logo.   Would look good with the USA hockey logo on it.   

    im actually not sure they used the right logo on this.   Shield doesn’t look right.   Should have gone with Statue of Liberty logo. 

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  9. 1 minute ago, smelly said:

    Straw man much?

    That's not why I said at all.

    To dumb it down for you, I said that even with all of those things happening the advanced stats make it clear that they still should have only given up less than two goals.

    The rest was on AS.

    No, you actually didn’t say that at all.  You literally just posted the comment less than 5 minutes ago.  Go re-read it.  

  10. The goaltending is obviously an issue but:

    Goal #1 - Meier with a bad turnover and a garbage effort to recover and get his man who scored 

    Goal #2 - Luke, what are you doing?  

    Goal #3 - Jack, what are you doing?

    Goal #4 - Marino, what are you doing?

    These guys are playing way too loose and that’s on the coach to fix.  

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