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  1. Jack redeemed himself. Luke, you’re up.
  2. Jack is back!!! (From two tough periods)
  3. Jack is a little off tonight. Fumbling everything he touches
  4. I was just thinking the same thing. Now would be a clutch time for him to start scoring again
  5. A couple of brutal clearing attempts leading to goal against. Go figure
  6. Yes, he got hurt and missed the final series
  7. NHL app just changed it to Mercer from Nemec and Holtz
  8. At least this isn’t Blackwood doing this to us.
  9. I still don't understand how Trouba is playing.
  10. I was pissed about the refs blowing Akira's regulation win with the BS calls but it was kinda worth it for the Luke Hughes OT goal. We jumped to our feet the second Hischier pushed the puck up to Jack because we all knew what was coming.
  11. It's early enough in the year that if he shows he really belongs, you "burn" the year and get him for 3/4 of a season. I mean it's clear the way this season is going that we're always going to need an extra body back there and none of us want it to be Smith. If he looks really out of place after 8 games, send him back and save the year.
  12. I'm more worried about the Capitals. They won again last night and have games in hand which tonight is the Ducks (free 2 points?). I didn't have them taking up a playoff spot before the season started, so this is concerning.
  13. It was a really pretty snipe though. Glad to see he’s not just collecting garbage points
  14. Funny seeing Trouba out there. I could have sworn I saw him with a chop to another man’s head over the weekend that was a sure fire suspension.
  15. Yeah, I would prefer to see how Schmid looks if he could ever get a run of games from Lindy.
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