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  1. Yeah but then look at their history of picking in the top 10 of the draft during the same period. It's a who's who of "where are they now" type guys. It all evens out.
  2. Fair. Just pointing out that this is no where close to a Shero / Hynes situation or where it looks like Fitz has decided this is the hill he's going to die on.
  3. Seriously, how does Jarmo Kekalainen still have a job? I know there are some complications to running a team in Columbus but after Johnny Hockey, Severson, Provorov and Babcock, that dude seems totally out of answers.
  4. Realistically, when could he or should he have actually fired him? Shero had so many chances to get rid of Hines where no one would have batted an eye.
  5. I swore his wrap around was going in. I was off the couch and in mid air before I realized it didn't go.
  6. Casey had a sweet penalty shot goal to win last nights game as well.
  7. I was thinking the same thing but didn't want to post and jinx it and have him score the game winner or something. He was disturbingly quiet. I actually checked NHL.com at one point to see if he was in fact playing.
  8. A couple of tough ones. They have to be getting at least a point out of some of these games.
  9. I would say that Vitek is now off the hook for that weak 2nd goal. Hell of a period from him. Hopefully he can finish this out.
  10. Yeah, I was worried Trochek did Lindys dirty work for him
  11. Their chemistry on the ice is starting to look like the Sedins
  12. Bahl starting to throw his weight around
  13. That can’t be 5 minutes Edit: Nice
  14. At this point, just give Smith a shift or two at wing and let him go at Trouba like a missle. No need to send him back out on D. If he gets suspended for a while for said hit, even better.
  15. Rangers fans probably assume Palat is one of the teams leaders in points. Ranger killer!
  16. It’s a double whammy since we went with the 11F lineup and lost a forward to injury
  17. Yeah, that wasn’t much better than sh!tStorks muffin and he lets it happen right after the Trouba hit. FML
  18. I think he was wishing those 7 games away by not acknowledging that they ever happened.
  19. Great, now Holtz will be stapled to the bench for the rest of the night
  20. Ha, Dano slipped in that Panarin has been one of the best REGULAR season point producers in the league the last few years
  21. Given his importance to the franchise, should Jack really ever be a game time decision coming off a 2 week injury for a mid November game? If you don’t know if he’s good to go for tonight by now, just wait until Tuesday.
  22. Hopefully this means we’re going 11F and 7D because no way you can justify Smith over Miller after Thursday night. I’m guessing Lazar is there to run Trouba through the boards if he tries anything with Jack.
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