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  1. I used to think this too but you can't have a guy as streaky as him be the captain. He can go radio silent on the ice for whole months at a time.
  2. Hopefully Smith can beat the sh!t out of someone tonight
  3. I still want to see Meier absolutely bury one of their “stars”.
  4. I thought we managed to miss this phenomenon, but my wife let our 4 year old watch it once at breakfast and now we have to watch it every morning before school. It honestly feels like we're serving him edibles for breakfast. The producers must have been on such an acid trip when making these.
  5. I managed to hang on until about a week and a half ago and then I hit a wall with Devils hockey right as march madness was starting and then the NCAA hockey regionals this past weekend.
  6. He didn’t waste any time scoring today. Yeah, that really sucked for the Flyers because he and Michkov could have been the start of a really nasty offense
  7. We just won two good games in a row. We all know how this one plays out.
  8. Just got to it...lol...delay ...Jack!!!!
  9. fvck off. That's no worse than all the stuff they've been letting go for the last few minutes against us.
  10. I must be on delay but….LUKE!!!!!!!
  11. I missed the last few games but should be in front of the laptop for this one. LGD! No matter how bad things are going for the team, its always fun to beat the Leafs.
  12. It’s funny because Hyman plays the exact type of game that Toronto needs to compliment their stars. Kadri too but I understand moving him after he made himself unavailable in two straight playoffs with suspensions.
  13. I ran into him in the hotel bar/restaurant in Tampa after a Devils game years ago and I love the fact that he’s just as fun and likable in person. Such a great dude.
  14. Completely missed tonight’s game because I’m still sitting in a zoning meeting that will not end. Nice win. Glad to see we’re at least showing some life down the stretch here.
  15. They don’t really need to do anything. I looked at the Graves and Karlsson acquisitions last summer as taking a last shot with the Crosby/Malkin core. That ship has sailed and now they’re looking down the barrel of a full blown rebuild, especially if Crosby tells Dubas to F off this summer. They’ll have plenty of cap space. It was kind of obvious but good on Fitz for walking away this summer.
  16. NIce. This passes the eye test too. Luke clearly had a jump in his legs he hasn't had in 2 months tonight.
  17. I agree with the overall point but didn't he have the turnover leading to the two crazy/lucky Jake Allen saves early on?
  18. Haha, he stepped into it and looked like he was about to rip it and it barely made center ice. All jokes aside, he was really good again tonight.
  19. lol, Allen is no Brodeur with the puck
  20. Good to see a little bit of life in this team tonight.
  21. We're kicking ass in this pillow fight between teams that have totally given up on the season.
  22. Holtz scores! Our jackass Gm will still skewer him to the point where he no more than the throw in, in any meaningful trade.
  23. Come on Holtz. We're all pulling for you but you can't do that soft sh!t.
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