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  1. Oh wow. I just remember Poile was like "maybe we made a mistake" about a month after Tolvanen landed in Seattle. Oops is right.
  2. Basically everything this team lacked before he got here, right? He's a perfect compliment to the guys we already had when we acquired him. While a GM like Dubas is out there trying to assemble as much skill as possible, Fitz is out there assembling a team. Honestly: Despite the frustrating lack of production, I look at the Palat signing in the same light.
  3. He’s always reminded me of Eeli Tolvanen in Seattle. Great shot and racked up the points before getting to the NHL and then struggled to find his game or even get his shot off when he got to The Show. Hopefully, we get a similar player but unlike Tolvanen, Holtz figures it out without the “change of scenery” trade. Last night was a nice step in that direction.
  4. On top of everything else, Luke was a +3 last night. Not long until he's easily our best d-man, if he isn't already.
  5. N. Okhotiuk had two assists for the Sharks in a 5-1 win last night. The Sharks other goalie stopped 44 of 45 shots.
  6. Nice win. It feels like these guys figured some sh!t out tonight.
  7. Palat, Mercer and Holtz! Everyone you wanted to see step up in one play!!!!
  8. Lazar stepping up with the 2 point night
  9. @NJDevils1214 beat me too it but I'm in. LGD!
  10. Wow, that's pretty ugly. Maybe this will somehow be the night where they deliver a feel good win while Jack is out because the deck certainly seems stacked against them tonight.
  11. Quick, healthy scratch Alex Holtz so we can get two more plugs in there.
  12. I don't disagree with any of this, the only thing I would add is that I suspect that Fitz is still looking at this as somewhat of a development year and I think Lindy does deserve a ton of credit for the development of the young guys on the team. With the exception of the curious case of Alex Holtz, nearly every young player that has come up lately seems to be reaching the high end of their potential. Hell, if you ignore their draft pedigree and just consider where they were when Lindy inherited them, I would even argue McLeod and Zacha kind of hit the top end of their range. Zetterlund is 2nd on the Sharks in scoring and first in goals. I know, it's San Jose but still not bad. Do I think a guy like DeBoer could get a lot more out of this team? Sure I do. I know no one in their right mind is suggesting DeBoer, just using him as an example since most people here are probably familiar with him getting us to the cup while also being terrible for the development of a guy like Adam Larsson. There are still very important guys who need to be properly developed just getting their feet wet, or in Nemec's case, not even here yet. I think this is going to be another factor in Lindy getting a really long leash because unless someone who can do both X's and O's + development becomes available, it's probably better to stick with the guy who is killing it with the young guys at the NHL level. Note: I know a lot of Zacha's success can be credited to Boston surrounding him with guys like Pasta and Krejci last year but while I can't explain '21-'22, he did seem to figure some sh!t out in '20-'21 when he led the Devils in scoring. .
  13. I don't think we'll see one either. I was just responding to his question about who is even out there [that would be a worthwhile candidate.]
  14. Lindy is definitely at the top of the list of people getting exposed while Jack is hurt.
  15. Woodcroft? I honestly don't think he was the main problem in Edmonton, just the sacrificial lamb after a rough start.
  16. Ryan pretty much summed up what I wanted to type. It's been super disappointing to see just how ineffective this team has been without Jack and Nico. I really expected more.
  17. The worst part is that this is way better than last year.
  18. Yeah, he’s pretty much used up any good will he built up with me last season
  19. Come the fvck on, here. What the hell was that Bahl? Hamilton, Bahl and Siegenthaler basically guaranteeing we won’t see Akira again for a month.
  20. It’s interesting that no one in the arena stood up for the fight. In any barn in the US, whole place jumps to their feet.
  21. Marino! First goal in forever nice play by Luke
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