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  1. Hiring Berube now would be a bit of a head scratcher given his availability when last season was still salvageable.
  2. The team is built to score but can't score in the playoffs so it's definitely time for them to address the roster construction. What is it now, 14 straight playoff games where they have not scored 4 goals and only once did they hit 3? Two or less goals in 13 or their last 14 playoff games! That's insane for a team with 4 guys making 11 million or more.
  3. I wonder what Ottawa saw in Travis Green's stint in either NJ or Vancouver that made them say "I want some of that!"
  4. Guilty as charged. I totally watch the elimination video every year. I will also shamelessly mass consume every other podcast out of Toronto for the next few days, listening to all the calls for change with the foresight to understand that by the draft, they will all have convinced themselves that they were a bounce away and will just run it back again. All that being said, I did also make a point to watch the LFR video last year when they finally won a series and made it to the second round. Dangle seems like a good dude and I wanted to see the other end of the spectrum. It's not our fault that there aren't more of those series winning vids.
  5. This should be enough for the Leafs to run it back!
  6. Leafs elimination night - Take 3 Please don’t let me down Bruins. Coming back from 3-1 only to lose game 7 would be the most Leafs way to do things
  7. Lateralous

    Alexander Holtz

    At this point Holtz deserves to go somewhere where he might actually have someone within the organization in his corner. It was embarrassing the way Fitz and Ruff treated him this year and unless there is some deep dark secret about something he does behind the scenes, none of it made much sense.
  8. It's crazy how bad Shanahan and Dubas screwed that franchise up. They were a 105 point team when Lamoriello left them with a young core of Matthew, Nylander, Reilly, Marner, Hyman, Kadri, etc. Tavares has a NMC so I doubt they can do anything with him. Marner does too but I assume if a trade came with a new contract to a destination he wanted to go, that's probably doable. I bet they ride it out and tell themselves it will be better next summer when they have JT off the books. Essentially they are pissing away the absolute prime years of Matthews, Marner, Rielly and Nylander waiting for the end of the Tavares deal, that's absolutely insane to me. On a side note, the core 4 takes way too much heat IMO. Since the Leafs management decided to go top heavy on forward contracts , they've always been built like the Blackhawks or Lightning teams after they won their cups and lost all their depth. It's almost like Kuch, Stamkos, Point, Hedman and Vasy need a supporting cast to make a playoff run. I guess you can blame the players for being greedy but it's really always been a management problem in Toronto. How else can you explain a team basically holding the line last summer with Nylander at around the Meier deal and then deciding to go up to 11.5 AAV 3 month later because he comes out hot in Oct, Nov and Dec. Let's go Bruins! I'm here for the circus North of the border when the Leafs are hopefully eliminated in the 1st round again.
  9. It’s okay though. They’ll spend all summer talking about how Marner sucks and that they can’t possibly pay him a penny over 8 million going forward only to give him 8 years at 12 million by New Years after he starts off the season with 40 points by Christmas.
  10. I was just texting this to my friends. I naturally hate anything NYR, but he literally always has something insightful to add to the intermission when he speaks.
  11. I never have been able to get past the training staff needing to take Scott Niedermayer’s pulse on the ice and then Toronto fans showing up a few days later with a “free Domi” banner at the meadowlands. fvck Tie Domi, his mouthy son and that entire franchise. Just watching this team makes my blood boil.
  12. This is especially true with GMs. My current issues with Fitz aside, I’m glad we gave someone ready for their first shot a chance at GM. So much better than recycling the Brian Burkes of the world.
  13. Sweet pass by Zacha for the one timer by Pasta. Go Bruins!
  14. It’s absolutely wild that Ruff got another job this quickly. Once you’re in the old boys club…
  15. Bob with a game saver on Stamkos during empty net. Edit: he just robbed Point in close as well.
  16. Looks like I’m back to just hate watching Leafs and Rangers games
  17. I appreciate the lengths the NHL went to, to keep the Coyotes in the desert for almost two decades after the dude from Swift Trucking first started having big troubles with the team in the mid 2000s. Despite the insane money they make as a league, I think the NFL is the absolute worst with the way they uproot franchises every few years at even the sign of a better publicly financed stadium deal. The NHL honestly seemed like they exhausted every possible solution to keep the team in the Phoenix area but losing that arena vote in November which everyone thought was a slam dunk until the opposition ran way more (negative) ads than Murelo was probably the final straw.
  18. Ironic quote coming from a guy that seemingly didn't come in to work for about 5 months straight at one point.
  19. Well that sucked. Most disappointing regular season ever.
  20. Saros is similar in age to the Forsberg, Josi core. They'll probably need some sort of rebuild after those guys age out so Askarov may end up in the mushy middle like Schenider was for us. Might be better off using Askarov as the trade chip to bolster the current roster.
  21. Honestly, at this point they should just put the mics down. They're just saying words. Let us just watch the end of this miserable season in silence.
  22. Jack to Luke in OT at Philly in the same game where it looked like Luke got badly injured earlier in the game.
  23. Just sat down and turned the game on. I guess I can turn it right back off.
  24. I still think hockey can work in Phoenix if done properly but it was time to pull the plug on what they were doing. The solution with 5 year window to reactivate the franchise seems fair.
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