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  1. You could see that one coming. 3rd line was caught out against their top line and we’re getting caved in there
  2. Pretty good period. It took a while for them to figure this out but we’re playing more like a team that doesn’t think they’re just going to outscore their problems tonight. A couple of good scoring chances as well. Schmid looks sharp and not to jinx it but Smith had a nice period as well
  3. Jeez, I hope not. It needs to be Akita tonight. LGD!
  4. While I agree it’s not sustainable, Rags fans are rightfully jacked that Laf is doing something. After last playoff and then the preseason, he seemed well on his way to playing himself out of the league. That enthusiasm has to be tempered somewhat by the start Kakko has had. Kakko at least seemed like he was well on his way to being a useful player before this year. Basically Laf is about where I expected Kakko to be at this point and vice versa so it’s a wash.
  5. Hopefully he gets more than a period to prove himself
  6. Good to see Nemec back on the ice!
  7. Ever since McDavid broke his collar bone his rookie year, I’ve thought they needed to move the goal out another 2 feet or so. These guys are moving so fast now that there needs to be more room to recover before slamming into the boards
  8. At his current pace, the Leafs are going to convince themselves that paying 10+ million to Nylander is the right move. They are going to just continue to ice the "core 4" at an even higher cap hit with absolutely nothing behind them and hope for a different result. It never gets old Ryan Reeves, who they have signed at $1.35 million AAV for the next two years after this one, managed a -2 in just 4:33 of ice time tonight...but hey, he makes the Leafs tough!
  9. The most disappointing thing is that I thought this period of time without our two star centers was a good chance for someone other than Jack to step up and really assert themselves. Bratt still looks the part but the points have dried up and the rest are just kind of meh. On the bright side, Schmid posted a .952 sv% tonight
  10. Need to at least be getting a point in some of these games.
  11. GTFOH. This is starting to feel like Larsson/DeBoer
  12. Come on already with the jerking around of Holtz. He's actually playing half decent hockey.
  13. They're modest numbers given San Jose's lack of offense but after his 2 point night last night, Zetterlund leads the Sharks with 4 goals and is second on the team in points (with 6 lol)
  14. It’s going to be a great day to listen to hockey podcasts coming out of Canada. They’ve kinda been on fire anyway but this will give them something other than how bad John Klingberg and Ryan Reeves suck, to talk about
  15. Hitting absolute rock bottom is never not going to be really hard to watch. Most are lucky that it’s not on film and all over the internet to be judged like it is in this case.
  16. Saros makes me nervous. Smallish goalie who relies on lightning fast reflexes. That always seems like the type whose game could fall off a cliff at any time.
  17. The city is going to burn if they somehow find a way to lose to the Sharks tonight.
  18. According to this they will only save 1.15 million. What's the league minimum these days should they add a minimum wage replacement? 775k? They're doing this for 375k? Things are bad in Edmonton. https://www.tsn.ca/nhl/edmonton-oilers-place-g-jack-campbell-on-waivers-1.2032465
  19. No because he's currently not playable and he has three more years after this year at 5 million AAV
  20. He ain't getting claimed so how much space could they possibly gain by stashing him in the minors?
  21. At this point I think it’s just baked into the cake that every team has analytics people and they help evaluate their team and trades. A few years ago, it seemed like you heard a lot more because everyone was out there trying to prove they were going to be the Billy Beane of hockey.
  22. If Luke can get close to the level Quinn Hughes has hit this season in Vancouver, we're going to be something else in a few years. I watched part of the game last night and he's pretty amazing. Also, is it possible that the Edmonton tank never ended? What are they doing out there? Realistically, they have this year and next with Draisaitl on a sweetheart deal and then things get even tougher. McDavid will be due a raise the following season. What a missed opportunity if they don't figure this thing out in a hurry.
  23. Getting an Avs team coming off a 7-0 loss isn’t going to be easy. I’ll be happy if we can grind out a point tonight. LGD!
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