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  1. For once in my life I'm looking more forward to dolphins football then Devils hockey . Prob the first time I've had more confidence in the dolphins organization. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Someone will have to buy some stuff and i will pay them back ! I call for your help, Fellow Devs fans ! Last year was an over priced tshirt and a poster or something that wasn't even cool Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. I picked up this patch tonight, then saw someone walking around with the round #30 style patch on their jersey, did anyone see that one for sale at all? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. We are still a dysfunctional organization just like we were a couple weeks ago. To me nothing has changed and none of this is very exciting.
  5. This team has completely drained all the passion I had for this organization. I woke up last Sunday and didn't even want to attend the game. I have never had this feeling before. E haven't been very good for a while but it was still fun at times. I'm still a fan and that'll never change , but I've completely stopped giving a sh/t about this organization.
  6. Season over, good riddance. The worst thing is I have to go watch them next sunday in person.
  7. We get an easy blow out and the pats had to fight for a win. Couldn't ask for a better way to go into a thursday night game.
  8. Daniel this whole team collectively is bad
  9. But really aren't we all use to this by now?
  10. It's too early too get angry , at this point I'm very concerned
  11. I'm gonna remain calm. In saying we better go 3-1 at the bye
  12. nice maddog, the official grand opening of the renovated stadium. Ill be at the skins game week one.
  13. Love the new throwbacks. Most likely end up getting a wake. Gonna try and make it to the throwback Monday night Giants game. I will def be at the Metlife takeover, and the Eagles game ( wife is a die hard eagles fan)
  14. fullmoonjersey has a decent amount of jerseys for sale, Im waiting for a white Jagr to arrive that i got for $23. Hopefully its the tackle twill retail and not the NHL.com custom numbers/letters
  15. I can already see the writing on the wall, " why did we draft this bum? Because he can do backflips with pads on.... Why on earth did we draft a running back with a bum knee?! ........ Why the fvck would we draft a wr in the first when we don't have a LB!" Fins up
  16. I figured I would post because most of our fan base are obsessed ..... http://www.msn.com/en-us/music/news/gary-glitter-sentenced-to-16-years-in-prison-for-sex-offenses/ar-BBi2e9z?ocid=iehp
  17. This is my 6th season as a sth, and sadly it will be my last. Financially it makes no sense to renew.
  18. Whatever our record ends up being this year, do you think Tanny has secured his job as starting qb? Or will they bring in competition?
  19. I got my greene jersey for $220 shipped . My authentic greene I wear to games cost about the same
  20. Continuity is what this franchise needs. Everyone deserves to come back next season in my eyes.
  21. Is not getting to Peyton was the reason we lost, I think we forced him to throw one ball away. As for tannehill, he played great. And he made some amazing and tight window passes that impressed me
  22. An amazing game to be at, it was good to see the fins at home and some energyin the crowd. Can't wait for the takeover in 2 weeks
  23. Well I'm going down for the game against buffalo, have yet to see the fins win at home .....,hopefully this ends on Thursday night football
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