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  1. Wasn't he an assistant for many years before being named the head coach?
  2. Dick's deserve better than that!
  3. Wow, what a comeback by the blues. I thought they were toast.
  4. Let's have a fan compitition!
  5. Have they fired the PA announcer yet?
  6. Only Elite teams can give up 2 shorthanded goals on a PP
  7. Oh we blew a lead, who saw that coming?
  8. The PP is really clicking today. No goal against so far
  9. One more goal and we have them right where we want them
  10. Loosy goosey is the most positiv description of the Devils play that I can come up with
  11. Hammond should play baseball as well, he bats over 600
  12. A good period for Hammond. He successfully stayed above 500
  13. why do we bother pulling the Goalie? This team is so clueless what to do with an extra player on the ice.
  14. you should wait wait to call a timeout until they are down by 2 digits, not premature like Ruff did.
  15. The announcer is so bad, you almost wish the Devils wouldn't score so much
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