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  1. My thoughts are two seemingly contradictory statements: 1. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire 2. Only believe about have of what you read and don’t be so sure about the other half. Especially how we see that “reporting” is simply copy/paste in some cases…. These kinds of stories have been popping up here and there, and we also have the whole minor league ‘reorganization’ thing. Just something to keep an eye on; no reason to panic.
  2. There was a team affiliated with Elmira last year too; don’t remember who or if it continues. Good move for the Titans. They plan to be a place that’s attractive for guys who want the chance to move up to the AHL, and several AHL coaches have connections with Titans staff. Thus we expect roster turnover to be pretty regular and having someplace to draw bodies from is a smart move. They also plan to cross promote (gee what a concept……..) the two. Great move, especially for those times that the phones ring a lot and you find yourself with 15 skaters and a game tonight…….
  3. Oh I'm sure all the AHL teams - except Albany - have them. But those are still team jerseys. These things aren't Devil jerseys, they're Prudential jerseys. The Kalamazoo Wings wear warmup jerseys that are McDonalds golden arches. Front and back. But those are warmups; not game jerseys. That might be an interesting trend.
  4. Well they are such pathetically easy targets. I'd suspect the video was made by the gameday ops folks?
  5. Even if the NHL licensed this, the Devils would never have them as long as Lou is around because of the huge Prudential logo. Not gonna happen. Even in the minors there’s no sponsorship on any of the jerseys (and in the ECHL at least, pretty much everyone has sponsors on the jerseys, if only on the back, at the bottom). Frankly I wouldn’t be interested in a Prudential jersey, which is what it looks like…
  6. Another vote for Hayes & Ginand and pass on the rest, though I too think Ginand is better than the E.
  7. Oh definitely, if any of those contracts relate in any way to the Devils, I can’t see it happening. And it’s hard to imagine they don’t tie them to the Devils. OTOH, they let Leaderer to go Milwaukee last year so….basically I wouldn’t count on any of those 8 being available to Trenton but at this point I wouldn’t rule anything out either.
  8. Certainly possible. I’ve never heard of the website this came from before and anyone who’s been involved in a situation that makes the paper knows that details are often incorrect in the reporting….
  9. From: news article Is this wrong then? Not like the press ever gets anything wrong of course.....but that's pretty definitive that the contracts transfer which would indicate they bought the franchise. I would think, anyway...
  10. I felt that way too, and was sure that since it was going to be a daunting task, they’d come in all guns blazing and make T-Devil games something to talk about (meaning the whole game experience on and off the ice) In reality it was all lip service. It wasn’t until this past season that I fully gave up the Kool Aid and realized they didn’t care about that goal as much as I, or you, did. I went to better than 95% of all Trenton Devil games. I was committed to them being a success. After the first season I never felt the Home Office was equally as committed. Up until this past season I held out hope they’d turn it around but this season…it was clear it wasn’t going to happen. There was clearly a ‘we’ve given up’ vibe about the place, a bit hard to explain but a definite ‘dead man walking’ vibe. So it was sad and yet expected when they said they were folding up. The fact hockey’s coming back is fantastic, and the folks they’ve got running it are top notch. As has been said, affiliation at this level has little impact on NHL results. Todd Fedoruk and Ruslan Fedotenko were the big names to put on a Titan uniform, and they barely count as they didn’t come close to 20 games between them. Now had the alternate scenario happened and the Titans folded, and Philly moved the Phantoms in…I don’t think I could wear a Phantoms jersey. Well, no, I couldn’t wear a Phantoms jersey; it’s way too close to the Flyers. But I’d go to the games. They’d probably trade the best prospects away for some stiff anyway before they could wear a Flyer jersey…. Wonder who the second affiliate might be. I would say it could never be the Devils but…a franchise was pulled together in less than a month. Never say never. (as a footnote they used to be affiliated with the Islanders on a couple of occasions).
  11. +1. They simply have to sign Parise and sacrificing Rolston...isn't much of a sacrifice TBH...
  12. Apparently they're looking to secure a second affiliation....
  13. Oh clearly, they were banking on the Bermans not finding a buyer and folding the team, leaving a nice empty arena for them to plop the Phantoms in. So even had the Titans folded, the place wouldn't have been dark long before hockey returned, and it would've been AHL hockey and a franchise with a strong following. Trenton hockey would’ve been fine.
  14. I am…not completely sure on this point one way or the other. We’ve had guys under NJD and AHL contracts here, and I’m sure they’ll go wherever the Devils put them. The guys that signed ECHL deals..they were still Devils deals…so I don’t know what happens there and it’s a very good question….
  15. Nicely put. Remember also this is the organization that thought pulling home games from their minor league cities and moving them to AC (where a very successful team already failed because no one went) for absolutely no good reason whatsoever was a bright idea. And to exacerbate it the Albany opponent was the Phantoms, ensuring a high level of Philly fan turnout. And the ice sucked making the whole thing a complete fustercluck. That entire event nicely sums up the Devils minor league operations top to bottom. That and Chris Lamoriello’s statement “we don’t concern ourselves with the people that aren’t here”. The ignorance of that statement continues to astound me.
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