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  1. Yes but this year's Kings are better than the 2012 Kings.
  2. Haha Haha Haha you suck as bad as us ... Really, seriously this hockey season has blown for both our teams.
  3. This post makes no sense. Your team plays in Newark NJ. Guess which city has a higher crime rate? Guess which city has a higher murder rate.
  4. The Flyers would buyout Pronger. That makes the most sense. I really doubt it's going to shrink. The first offer is just the beginning of bargaining.
  5. What makes you think the Cap will be shrinking? When has it shrunk since the last lockout? The Flyers will move one of their defensemen, sign Voracek and next year Timonen will retire. The CAP is 70.2 million and $77 million with the 10% overage. If the Weber deal goes through they will be RIGHT at the CAP which leaves them $7 million in space to sign Voracek and that's without trading anyone.
  6. The Flyers are NOT in CAP trouble. They have Pronger's CAP hit coming off in LTIR and even without that can afford Weber's CAP hit. They have only Voracek to sign and with Pronger's LTIR money they can easily do that. Timonen has one year left on his $6.3 million dollar CAP hit and then will most likely retire next summer freeing up that money. They do have a lot of defensemen but they will most likely just trade one of them if the Preds don't match and take the picks. One think I've learned when it seems your team is saddled with huge bad contracts creative GM's can still get stuff done. Remember the Flyers had Richards and Carter entering last summer both signed to ridiculous long term deals and moved BOTH of them within a week. Anything can happen. I think Holmgren knows he's stuck with Bryzgalov so his goal is to build a STRONG defense around him and try to duplicate the 2010 Cup finals run the Flyers had with a very sub par goalie. Weber/Schenn Timonen/Coburn Grossmann/Meszaros That is a strong six defensemen. Meszaros was hurt last spring in our series and is a good puck moving D man. Every guy there save Timonen would be over 225 lbs and can skate.
  7. I agree but Minnesota just did it with Suter/Parise and the fact that the CBA is up do you really think the league is going to go after teams right now?
  8. I don't think they want to help them out. The Preds will want to save face and keep their fans interested. The Flyers have front loaded this deal with a lot of signing bonuses and the big thing about them is that they are payable regardless of a work stoppage. Which means if there is another lockout then the Preds would HAVE to pay out that money. The Preds do not have Comcast's checkbook backing them and instead rely on gate receipts to pay their players. That means within one calendar year they will have to pay out a LOT of money to one guy. It is in their best interest to work out a trade and get some players in return to help them meet the CAP floor, keep their team competitive, and keep their fans happy (between NASCAR events).
  9. Which is why they will most likely work out a trade this week. The Flyers have WAY too many defensemen under contract right now. They will work out a trade to save face on both sides. From what I read the Preds will not match and then trade some of the picks back to the Flyers for current roster players. If they don't match and don't work out a trade the Flyers will then probably move a defensemen somewhere to a team for some high picks. Guys like Weber come along once every so many years so I can't blame Holmgren for going after him especially after watching the Suter/Parise sweepstakes that happened this summer. This way they get Weber long before an open market bidding war starts.
  10. He's definitely done. He's in his late 30's and couldn't even tie his shoes last season (according to his wife) without getting dizzy.
  11. Who cares. With their young core in 4 years they'd have guys just hitting 30.
  12. Same way the 2010 Flyers did. They just got hot. Plus the NHL has started to allow obstruction back into the game. Both your team and the Kings got away with a ton of obstruction in the playoffs. I'm not whining about it simply pointing out what I observed. The Rangers got away with a lot of it as well. Teams that ran the post lockout Cindy Crosby friendly "run and gun" systems didn't make it past the 2nd round (Flyers/Pens/etc). Look at the Caps. They played a defense first obstructive system and were one bad goal from beating the Rangers.
  13. Got this from another board: Apparently the Flyers offer has a $26 million dollar signing bonus plus salary that first year of $4 million. Which means the Preds would have to shell out $30 million to ONE guy. Comcast might have that kind of money but the Preds ownership doesn't. I've also heard that Luke Schenn and Weber are close friends (not sure if true just message board crap) but it is probably why Weber signed the sheet to force something. I think that's what the Flyers (and Weber who clearly wants out since they low balled him last summer and he went to arbitration) had in mind. Book it they will work out a trade within the week. The Flyers have way too many defensemen under contract. Weber (potentially) Timonen Meszaros Coburn Grossmann Schenn Gervais Lilja and a bunch of two way AHL guys with Phantoms like Manning, Bourdon and Gustafsson.
  14. You mean like Steven did in Washington and St. Louis? Stop it, Stevens won because of a GREAT goalie, a great team defensive system and great team around him.
  15. I tried to tell you. He thinks the game is about HIM not the teams playing. I've been watching hockey since 1975. The best officials are the ones you don't notice. Chris Lee is all about "LOOK AT ME". Hands down the worst official in the NHL.
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