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  1. Ya I was expecting him to give him a face wash Atleast. Wtf was that
  2. You didn’t think that a few years ago I’m sure
  3. Relax lol not his problem we have a sh!t coaching staff no goalie and a brain dead GM
  4. We need a goalie asap.. this is getting ridiculous
  5. Poor Daws. Feel bad for him but he should of had that last one. Nerves probably getting the best of him there.
  6. Haven’t noticed boeser at all forgot he played for the canucks tonight
  7. Until we give up 3 straight goals in the first 10-15 min of the 2nd period
  8. Wow what an embarrassment
  9. We score they score. It’s been the story of devils games in recent years. Ridiculous
  10. Another good news for the night Boston lost
  11. Even our social media team is killing it tonight
  12. What a game by bratt and Jack wow… I was fvcking fired up. As Jack says LETS GO BABYY
  13. It’s fvcking crazy. Was thinking the same thing… seems like everything wants to go against us
  14. Wow Blackwood what the actual fvck man
  15. Fire blackwood promote Jack and nico
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