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  1. Hi just wondering why Lou felt it was wiser to apply for a one year arbitration instead of 2. His value in a trade seems bigger with a 2year contract. And why risk losing him after one year? Havnt heard anything about the negotiations for a couple of days any news would be good.
  2. As many devils fans here I hope that we go on a surge to make it to the playoffs. Some fans "the losing for larsson" fans feel like it will be a wasted top pick if will fall short by a few points. There is a way we may accomplish both: By trading Arnott to the bruins for a 2nd + a switch of their tor 1st and our 1st pick if toronto finishes after us in the standings. Arnott may generate a high 1st on his own now that fischer went for a 1st+ but i rather take a chance with a 2nd and a "safe" top 5 pick. What do u think?
  3. Devs Will will win this one 3-0 lgd Devs Will will win this one 3-0 lgd
  4. I like Macclean but not as our coach we need a hardass who can control our vets an motivate them. I fault lou on this...
  5. that pp with kovy and arnie at the points moving the puck slow ass, oatsies creation....
  6. This is so depressing, and tomorrow we get spunked by the flyers....
  7. 5 forwards havnt we tried that...
  8. Lets go ffs LGD score some ppgs
  9. Damn even the rangers show some heart theyr up 3-1 against the bruins. Wtf happenend to our team?
  10. Damned be the pens but atleast we had a good third...
  11. Now would be a goodtime for kovy to score his first for the year
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