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  1. If this thing about a lower salary cap number from the NHL is true, how is that legal? It's still JVB's team until he doesn't get an investor. So therefore, why can't we sign whoever we want for whatever we want?
  2. For those of you clamoring for a game in which Marty carries us, may I present to you the most recently completed contest: 2009 Eastern Conference Quarterfinals vs. Carolina - 44 shots, 44 saves. You could see it in Marty's body language throughout this one, and it simply said, "These Canes ain't scoring on me tonight."
  3. i think placing someone on waivers gives you a window to trade the guy once you pull him back... not sure though...
  4. That's the problem with shoddy goaltending. You can dominate a team all period, and then your goalie costs you.
  5. Regarding your first point, agreed. I disagree with the second sentence though. I think we've stepped on the accelerator a bit, and seeing Marty there, I'm wondering if he gave the boys a little talk during intermission.
  6. I meant Carolina and typed Ottawa. Heh. What I mean is it's easy to say there's no Brodeur and plenty of injuries and maybe not skate as hard or hit as hard or anything like that. It takes hard work to win when you are understaffed, but if you work hard as the opening of this period has shown, you can at least give teams fits if you are not as talented. Goal! There's that fire, keep your fire.
  7. I'm sure you could trade both of them to teams who need defensive forwards. Get a draft pick or two. They're just holding back younger players like Vrana and Bergfors once Holik and Rolston come back.
  8. There's a part of it that is effort. I'll point you back to the series vs. Ottawa in which Ottawa won the first 3 games, and we came out in game 4 with skates on fire to send it back to Ottawa. Were we more talented than Ottawa? No, but you can certainly step it up a level and play .500 hockey until Brodeur comes back. Maybe, you sneak in as an 8 seed, and you're a dangerous team to play in the playoffs.
  9. I agree wholeheartedly that we give way too much time to Madden, Pando, Rupp, etc. etc. etc. These are guys who cannot find the net regularly with the puck, and yet, they're out there for as you say 20 minutes per game. Both nice guys, both work hard, but they're getting older, slower, and they still can't score.
  10. I'm rapidly becoming sick of this team's effort level.
  11. I think Langs is trying to wear the Capitals logo off the front of Theodore's jersey.
  12. Say what you want about Shanahan, but at least, the guy could pot a few in the net. It literally feels like we will NEVER score again.
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