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  1. I agree, I was/am surprised Atlanta didn't get something - even a 7th rounder in 20xx would be something... The only way for Atlanta to get something real (someone mentioned a 3rd) would have been taking Brashear and not insisting that White went the other way. Then the Rangers would have gotten out of their cap hit without taking anything in return. Does anyone know - how much $$$ in cap % you can have sitting in the AHL. I know with a 60M cap the Rangers could do it w/Redden, but could they do it w/Redden and White?
  2. I am nearly positive that if you buy a guy out, it needs to be done PRIOR to 7/1... That said, Atlanta is doing this to save themselves a few bucks - this trade saves them 300K in real money. The Donald has a a 1.4M cap hit and is owed 1.3M real dollars, I think Rissmillers numbers are 1M and 1M respectively. Given they are no where close to the cap, the only number that means anything to them is the 2.3M is real $$$. Todd White is making 2.6M real dollars, and 2.375M cap dollars. Cap is virtuatlly a wash, but 300K is real money.
  3. bg.

    Frolov to Rangers

    If this deal is indeed one year in the 3M range, then this is a good deal for the Rangers. Reasonable amount of cash, no-long-term risk, plenty of upside, etc. The Rangers roster is certainly lacking in top-3 / top-6 type forwards. Gaborik is the only legitimate top-line guy and in the last 5 years Frolov has averaged 76 games and 26/34 (goals/assists). He is 100% a guy who you have always expected more from (why isn't he scoring 35/40 goals per season?) so going long-term here is not in a teams best interest. Solid move.
  4. Triumph - I understand that guys logic, but that not exactly the same contract. 101 vs 102 - no difference. 17 yrs vs. 15 years, again, close enough. Issue is 6 vs 6.7 against the cap - that is not the same. If I am the Devils I move money around, but at the end of the day I still want my cap number closer to 6 than 7. Overall value of the contract will probably go down, but that matters little since the guy will not be collecting the last few years.
  5. You are a realist here - do you think this deal will go through as-is, or be modified? Anyone with any hockey sense knows he will not be a Devil in year 17. The best argeument the NHL has is that the salary in those five years will probably be < NHL min, the contract is (at best) good for 10 years, meaning the last 7 are all but meaningless. There are several ways the Devils and Kovy can get this agreed to by the NHL without getting into a massive pissing contest - I have to believe that in the interests of getting this behind them that will be the way this goes. That is the real solution. Kovy gets his cash and the Devils. Devils get their player at a cap number they can live with. NHL gets to save some face by not having an insane contract go through. Cap nonsense aside, from a real money perspective the Devils did not max themselves out with this deal - if they gave him 15 or 20 million in year one I might not feel that way and could argue they might got to the mattresses vs. the NHL on this one because that is the only way they can keep the player, but that is just not so. There is plenty of room in the first two years make this more appealing for Kovy while at the same time getting the NHL off their back and making this work from a cap perspective.
  6. I would say the odds of that are all but zero. He will be a Devil, but the structure of his current deal will change. When this was signed, I woudl bet any amount of money both the Devils and Kovy's agent knew this was a possiblity and had contingency plans. If you look at this contract w/o the kool-aid, you see that it was for 8, 9, or 10 years. To think that Kovy would be playing in year 11 for 3.5 is a stretch, and you can even make the arguement that he would not be playing in year 10 for 6.5. You re-do the deal with more money up front thus making the PV and cap hit similar. Personally I would suspect that is why the first two years at at 6 - giving them room to do this.
  7. Blueskirt - if I am understanding you correctly your main premise is that if 90% or so of the contract is paid in 58% of the term, all is good. Number are approx...so lets say Chicago signed Towes (age 22) to the following deal... 30 years 140 million (4.7 per) 128 mil (91%) paid in the years 1-17. This would be ok and not an attempt to get around the salary cap?
  8. Good for the NHL for taking a stand against these contacts - a way around the cap is all they are. Blueskirt - you can find numbers to support a way for this to go through, but one can also find numbers against this. In the last 7 years of this 'contract' he will make 7M. As it is now the odds he plays any of those years is very very low - that is 7 years of the damn contract! What is probably going to happen here is that the Devils will work with the NHL to come up with a reasonable length, the precedent of having guys go to age 42 will come into play and as opposed to having this become a circus/mess. This contract will probably be 15 or so yrs in length, the last few yrs @ 500K will be replaced by far fewer (2 like the Pronger contract). At the end of the day the Devils will probably front-load the deal more so that the PV is near to what it is now, as well as the cap hit. If it is 6 now, when its all said and done it will still be in the 6M neighborhood. Also - love the fact that some of you defending this were the same folks crying about the Pronger and Hossa deals! lol!
  9. Honestly - hockey is at game 7 or 8 of 82, baseball is in the second round of the playoffs. The only place you would have a chance to see even one TV w/hockey would be Toronto.
  10. Walking away from Zherdev was absolutely the correct move. You just cannot pay 4m for someone like him. I would much rather the Rangers spend this money on Dubinsky / Staal (next year), or another vet F (either trade or UFA) in a one-year deal. Still a bit surprised that the Rangers (as of now) appear to be going into camp with two open spots on D, but we shall see...
  11. For each of the next two years Parise will make more than Zajac. 3 v 2.75 this year, 5 v 3.5 year after. Also, in the 3rd year while Parise will have a 5M qualifer, arbitration rights - and most importantly the leverage to get a megadeal, v 4.5 for Zajac. Basically what I am saying is that for the next 3 years there is no chance that Zajac will make more than Parise, and come year 3 odds are the Devils will give Parise the biggest contract they have given anyone, I would expect his deal to be bigger than Elias. It makes no sense for Parise to be 'mad', he has 8 million coming over the next 2 years, and provided he takes care of business he puts him in a position for a megadeal.
  12. If he is saving room for Martin, he should sign him now. Price a year from now is never less than it would be now.
  13. As for Messier, it was 15 years ago - whatever he said the day before all I know is that the day of the game there were headlines everywhere, so whether indeed he said it like that or not he had to deal with it. What we saw was a HOF player do something amazing. Your team or not, you have to respect and give credit for that. Like several of you I imagine, back in the day I was a huge Knicks fan, seeing Jordan do his thing over-and-over frustrated me to no end, but I also knew that I was watching something special.
  14. Honestly - this coach thing is legitimate. Unless you blow someone out of the water (not the Devils style) any UFA is going to want to know who the coach is. As for the using the d-man as a LW, right after that blurb about Neidermayer he mentioned the time Mucker did that with Leetch and took the same kind of shot.
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