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  1. I don't see any reason why LA would do this. Give up a solid goalie, and a defenseman who has struggled at times but can be a difference maker for 2 struggling (albiet young) forwards, an AHL goalie and a 7th defenseman. The picks are a moot addition since the value just isn't close.

  2. The thing about Hunter is that, well, he's not Brian Rolston. Worst case scenario is that he doesn't work out at all and we hide his cap hit in the minors. Unless you thought Rolston was going to be a valuable asset on the team next year, there's no reason to be upset about this trade.

    Now that they are buying out Hunter, it makes perfect sense. Lou originally said that Hunter would be on the team next season, now I have no problem.

  3. I have a lot of thoughts about the contract coupled with the Brian Rolston trade.

    First, the Rolston trade was good because it freed up cap space this year for Parise's contract. However, with Zach taking a 1 year deal - we could have kept Rolston and Parise without any worries about the cap. With Parise's contract, I rather we kept Rolston and let him play out the one year at 5 mil rather than stuck with a 2 mil cap hit for 2 seasons, which infringes into the next season. Sure, there is a lot more cap room but if we could have rid the contracts right away, in 1 year, it is more worthwhile.

    With the contract, I don't know. Lundqvist was able to work this out with the Rangers. I am holding my thoughts until more is known. But this is a contract that has to be extended in January or early Feb when it can be extended. If Zach isn't looking to stretch the contract, you have to move him because this franchise cannot afford to lose a player of Parise's caliber without a return. However, sign him sign him sign him if you can.

  4. As close as you can come to a steal in the FA world (even signing beforehand). He will be well worth the contract for the first 6 years, maybe even more. He isn't too physical he should hold up rather well.

  5. I like his play but this is a very bad deal, per year he is making more than a million over his worth and the contract is also too long. Thinking 4 years at 16 mil would be around where he would go, maybe 5 years at 24 if he got a payday but this is ridiculous.

  6. For me, I think the Devils have to be too high on Couturier to pass him up. I think his two way game is better and think he is more of a sure thing to hit his potential than Huberdeau.

    Also, Elias 2600, at this point their birthdates don't really matter. The months between around projecting any difference in career length and etc. If anything, it just means Couturier had extra time to develop over Huberdeau (read the book Outlier by Gladwell, it has an entire section about the importance of birthdays in the nhl draft).

  7. Lou tends to go with the best player available, not necessarily what plugs the holes. I think a player like Strome is most realistic if the pick is around 7 or 8, although if it ends up being 6 or 5 I can see Couturier if he falls a bit.

  8. Never said it wasn't.

    Just that rappers are NOT musicians, ARTISTs sure ... not musicians.

    Being a musician means mastering an instrument (As voice is) through many years, if not decades, of dedicated study - with pitches, rhythm, and all the skills that go with it.

    It takes years of study - not just writing rhymes with expletives degrading women and encouraging violence (as the majority of hip-hop - NO not ALL - does).

    P.S. ... and yes I am aware of Common, KRS-1, and the linage of legitimate "content-rap"

    A voice is an instrument. If you listen to plenty of bands (especially in the progressive genre) the voice is used to create texture and tone, it provides the same function as a guitar, bass, etc.

    The only people who think rap music is about degrading women and encouraging violence are the people believing the public persona that the media has given rap music. I don't really listen to rap music, but I have investigated enough to know that this is true.

  9. Woah, lets not make any mistakes here

    For clarity's sake - this guy isn't a musician. "Artist" is stretching it as art is subjective but he's not a musician.

    Musician company is: Bach, Miles Davis, Beatles, Hendrix - people who create music - not just poetry.

    Just for clarity guys, a musician can only be a musician if DevilinLA says so

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