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  1. A handful of guys really fell in the draft, Kovalchuk and Iginla went 20-21st. Also, Vector Hedman in the later rounds (10-12 I believe I picked him) was pretty good as well. Picking players led to poor goalie depth, Marty Turco and Ty Conklin aren't going to be the death of me, but I should have taken a goalie before the third round.
  2. It's been loading for the past 15 minutes or so. Are there any recommended browsers?
  3. A good signing, we have a lot of 3rd line talent brewing in the AHL but the truth is that when a guy works hard, it brushes off on his team. I like the singing a lot.
  4. Are we having keepers for the next season? If we are then it will change some draft picks for sure.
  5. Can someone lock this, or change the title of the thread?
  6. You're talking about trading for a right wing, how is that all helping us get a center? Also, its only to start the season because Elias will be back and then we will only have 1 rookie center who will most likely be Pelley. What will Moore provide that we don't already have, exactly in your opinion? I don't think he will provide anything other than one dimensional play to a team who cannot afford to throw roster spots at players who don't fit in.
  7. So you want a trade done just to get a trade done? Youre open to trade someone like Zach Parise for Jordin Tootoo? I don't understand your logic here.
  8. The answer to our center troubles in a one dimensional winger? Excellent par99, thats using your noodle.
  9. Funny People was probably my biggest disappointment this summer. Not horrendous but far from being good.
  10. Very bad is Pikkarainen is shying away from contact, especially in his role.
  11. Go ahead and send me one if you haven't. I'll be home tomorrow and pick up my xbox and a copy of nhl 10 so I'll be able to play.
  12. I'm good with any day, any time. I'm at school so I can always make a little room for the fantasy draft. Sorry about the late response, this page was never loading for me correctly.
  13. Skoula may be a good move for the Panthers and better yet they get to see him before they decide if they want him. They have a hard time attracting top talent so when they get a chance to land a solid player when they have the roster space, its good when they go for it. It says they also invited Christian Backman who is a bit more gritty but I prefer Skoula over him due to his puck handling.
  14. I wouldn't make this trade. Kipprusoff has been very good for the Flames and Nabokov is really questionable. It is a risk but the spread from 'high risk, high reward' is a bit too spread. It would take a lot of luck to win this trade if youre the Flames and I do not see any reason why they would go forward with it. Only way I see Calgary doing it would be to lower their cap from Kippers 5.833 to Nabokov's 5.375 but with 2.405 on their cap space I don't think that is reason enough.
  15. Pandolfo is a guy who could turn around his play from last season if Lemaire uses him to Pandolfo's strength. Everyone has to be on board completely for it to work, but after last season I think Pandolfo is moving forward and Lemaire know what kind of player he has at hand.
  16. It is a good move for the players and management. I'm surprised that none of the GMs have made it mandatory for their players to wear them. If they catch one stick a bit too high, their 2M or even 7.5M investment is out for serious time.
  17. Pronger's is a bit different. If he retires the cap stays on because it comes into play once hes 35. The Hossa, and now Roberto, deals that will cancel out their cap hits when they retire because they are under 35. Does anyone know if they are still payed the money if they retire? I believe they do because thats how they are hooked into the deal and then dropped out once the cap rolls around.
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