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  1. This is his second one year deal he signed with the Capitals. Maybe he figures he can get more money each year by signing 1 years but I find that hard to believe, considering his worth during a longer 4-6 year contract and the security it would provide.
  2. Tha chances of getting a 1, 2, and a 3rd for Arnott is insane, he won't get a 2nd and a 3rd, nor a 1st. The Tkachuk trade was more than a massive overpayment. Arnott may be able to fetch a 2nd, he should anyway. I don't think prospects will be involved for any trade for him, if you are GMing this team you have to look for a 2nd.
  3. I don't really think that we can afford to not trade Arnott, with Kovalchuk costing the extra 1st and a 3rd.
  4. I don't see how having a beard is unclassy, hurricane1091. I think its part of it being "Lou's team". He is strict because he wants everyone to know who runs the show.
  5. Looks like he fell on a pitchers mound. Which wouldn't surprise me since Pandolfo clearly wasn't playing hockey last season. Pretty sweet though, I'm not big on Pandolfo but I would have bought any retro nights if I had the money since the sentimental value to have one of those is through the roof.
  6. "its not like the inscription fee they are charging is 20 bucks" Yeah but its still 10. I went to the signing for over the summer Elias and Zajac several weeks ago and they did inscriptions for free, plus I got Zajac for 40 and Elias for 50 and that included a picture with them signed. I signed up months earlier and paid so maybe it was a bit more day-of, but both of them were more reasonable than Arnott for essentially 50 dollars. With him, its just an item signed but with the previous two i got pictures - then autographed- signed with both. Their track record is irrelevant here, high prices are still high prices in an economy that isn't supporting me shelling out so much for an autograph that I could potentially buy online cheaper. I've seen many Arnott items, pictures mostly, sell for 15 dollars or so. Sure, you don't get to see them in person but the extra 25 (before you factor in paying for the picture) is a lot to ask. But I guess if you don't like the price, don't go, right?
  7. That wasn't a very good fight, it was just Bissonnette teeing off a bit and Janssen not landing any.
  8. I don't see how its anything other than a success.
  9. You don't put him on the injured reserve, keep his money against the cap hit and it will work out well for them. The Islanders should be fine with staying to the cap, Yashin's penalty is 4.755 in addition to bonuses and they make it.
  10. They're marketing the Winter Classic to America and the Heritage Classic to Canada. They could do a better job of advertising both but they've kept them separate for some reason.
  11. How is this even a rumor? Its just what some guy wrote on his blog, he doesnt cite any sources and is not affiliated with any publications. Its just some guy on twitter.
  12. You know its especially bad when you were talking about the cup and flunked it by the end of December.
  13. I just got mine today, found it at a hobby store. I paid 17 for it but these are sometimes hard to find once they start selling.
  14. I don't see how Bradley Manning is responsible. The democracy should by no means be based on lies and secrets. This is information that should be readily available to the public already. And yes, everything that goes on with the war should be open information. If everyone is doing the right political decisions and making moral choices, then there is no problem. However, that is not reality.
  15. How about this, I will donate 20 dollars to cancer and show you a proof of donation and you would send me a patch? If you're donating the money to cancer you will be pleased to see that the cause will receive more money through donating compared to the few dollars going towards the patch.
  16. I actually had this on my blog (no it wasnt really done by a young kid), reddit seems to steal a lot of the stuff i post.
  17. He is just being immature, I dont really see a suspension in order here but he certainly needs to grow up.
  18. I agree, and if he is an a$$hole at least he hides it unlike Christie.
  19. Atlanta seems to be giving out a lot of 1 year deals to their players, this may come back to bite them.
  20. Possibly he realized he wouldn't make the team? I mean, it was fairly obvious but I cannot imagine him to have any reason to retire once camp began otherwise
  21. The only issue I have with PL3 is his discipline, he took too many bad penalties and a game misconduct is never worth it. He just needs to play smarter.
  22. I had a class that met 4 days a week for 3 hours a day last semester, about 1,200 pages a week. The reading wasn't easy at all too, Marx, Derrida, Chomsky, Morrison... you better believe I did nothing other than do homework for that class. I also had a class with 80 hours of observation for teaching required. Hardest semester of my life, I got through it with a 4.0 and now every class seems easy.
  23. bleacher report has zero, absolutely zero, credibility.
  24. edit: I retract my statement before someone flames at me. But I will say that if they are entitled to it, if they are not allowed to build a Mosque then they should be taking churches out of NYC as well. Freedom of religion, everyone should be allowed to worship as they please.
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