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  1. pretty sweeet. Hope devils, if they get new jerseys, are as cool as those.
  2. honestly we should expect some type of big name player to bring in people, thats what the fornt office is going ot think. marty is amazing we all know, we draws people in, but people want to see goals. i seriously expect a kariya, forsberg, nylander, some big name to draw in some publicity and to get people to buy a few tickets and try to make them serious fans.
  3. he said he was going to be in the league longer then bertuzzi... looks like he meant it
  4. stevestevens


    Anyone else interested in hopefully pulling Nylander in? I think Nylander isnt going to be a ranger next season, he hears the talk of Gomez coming into Nyr, which is most likyl the case and he hasnt been handed over a check yet. His agent and Sather have agreed to a deal, when Nylander heard about this he tore up his relation with his agent in anger, possibly anger at Sather too? Anyway i think Nylander would be a great pickup. If we cant pick him up hopefully a player like Kariya we could get, though unlikly. We need something on offense and we're moving into a new areana and they want to fill seats and as they say offense fills seats, defense wins championships. With some offense and our strong defense we could look forward to maybe the cup coming back to Nj soon. Players im interested in are Kariya, Nylander, Zubrus, possibly Sykora. I know Lou isnt into signing free agents but i think this might be a must.
  5. I realy would like to see Kariya, i think it will happen because we are moving into a new areana and they want to sell it. Also i think its time to say goodbye to Brylin, i think its a must as he has aged. Zubrus would be worth going after also. Rafalski is on the side of yes we should get, but i beleive we need to focus on offense despite bing a defensive team, he is simply too old and not worth it as he is only aging. Madden is definatly worth bringing back though.
  6. Anyone want to see Paul Kariya come here (his contract ends) or Petr Sykora? I think Sykora is doable and i dont think Kariya is out of the question. Though highly unlikly.
  7. Lol, i love Jannsen, but we should teach him how to play hockey if we want to increase his role.
  8. Expect Matvichuk in the palyoffs, he needs to play only 1 regular season game to be in the playoffs. And Yes hes sitting for salary cap reasons, but letting him pkay the last game is no worry. We'll be ig in the playoffs with a healthy team.
  9. Only good thing there was chuck norris.
  10. All 3rd jerseys are dumped. Dosent mean anything to the devils, since we dont have one. Nhl should stop being such a pain and keep everything the same.
  11. the jerseys arent 100% real, they look screen pressed not hand sewn on.
  12. As i read this, i looked up at my door, where all 3 of those hang, from the time i was 6 and got the 95 one, to the newest, i had them hung there thinking theyre worth nothing. My brother, a ranger fan has had them all in his closet and just left them, i dragged him to the games, i just asked for him and i got them. Looks like i got a little goldmine.
  13. If anything they should just stick some gay broadway actors as the logo. I mean, not a single one can check, and when they try to *cough*jagr*cough* they end up hurt and crying.
  14. stevestevens


    Kksparaitis, or Kasper the unfriendly ghost is on waivers. Bad deal for Rangers to put the only defensive player that could actually check on waivers because the coach and him dont get along so he didnt play. I'd love him in NJ, but thats never happening, i see him going to Chicago for the Blackhawks to get some D. Still, good for us that they are dumping arguably the best defensive player on their team.
  15. My names steve, huge stevens fan, it just seemed like a good quick name.
  16. YES! YES! oh man im so happy... now to get out of nj to ca for the show...
  17. Offense needs to pic it up tonight, Gionta is doign good, Elias is trying to be a playmaker, we need to score and stop leaving it all to Marty
  18. Is it just me, but dose the 3rd Jersey for Rangers, the logo looks more like a princess then the statue of liberty? Either way Rangers suck in, or out of them.
  19. We dont have a logo of a senator who looks like the talk show host from angels in the outfield.
  20. Ive been a Devils fan all my life, went to 95 stanley cup when i was just 5 years old, been big on collecting autographed items from the team, mainly Marty, Stevens, of course. Just wanted to say hi and mention how much we'll kick the ass sucking rangers this year.
  21. The looks great, lucky guy. I recently got an authentic Marty jersey autographed and it makes me feel great, enjoy your priceless piece of art!
  22. I got my Marty allstar game jersey, i could say, its very, very comfortable. Its a little more expensive because of the enw material, waterproof and lighter weight. Love the new jerseys... however i want to see the new devils jerseys.... im spectic, i saw how rangers jerseys might look, that give me hope on good devils jerseys. Devils have great colors, so i would think theyll look great.
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