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  1. The main difference between Therrien is that he lets his star players play. He does have a decent grasp of offense and defense, I'd expect the team to score more goals with Therrien than Lemaire. I mean, in all honesty I thought MacLean was the way to go but Therrien isn't some random guy here.
  2. I'm going to wait until this is confirmed but it doesn't surprise me.
  3. Offense: Dainius Zubrus 32 Zach Parise 31 Ilya Kovalchuk 28 Vladimir Zharkov 15 Travis Zajac 15 Patrik Elias 11 + David Clarkson 9 - Rod Pelley 9 Pierre Leblond 9 Patrick Davis 7 Dean McAmmond 3 Defense: Andy Greene 28 Paul Martin 17 Matt Corrente 15 Bryce Salvador 10 Anssi Salmela 9 Colin White 4 Martin Skoula 5 Other: Martin Brodeur 17 Yann Danis 10 Lou Lamoriello 10 Voted Off: Mark Fraser 0 Jamie Langenbrunner 0 Rob Niedermayer 0 Andrew Peters 0 Mike Mottau 0 Cory Murphy 0 Brian Rolston -1 Jay Pandolfo -1 Jacques Lemaire -1
  4. Burke doesnt want to get 'rid' of Kaberle. He has been willing to hold onto him for as long as he needs to, it wouldnt surprise me if he never traded him at all. Remember, he wouldn't move him for Kessel at the draft so Clarkson and Rolston will not cut it. Kovalchuk's rights dont really have any value, especially the sort of value to Mueller who did excellent under the Avs last season. They dont want to trade Mueller and especially for the rights of a player who wants to test free agency. Brendan Morrison doesnt have much left, he certainly can't play the top two lines and third is questionable. Better than Nieds? Yeah, but don't expect him to put up 40 points here, maybe 25-30 is reasonable. I'd pass on him. Also, Stephen Valiquette? Seriously? The guy was awful this past season, he was put on waivers and it was obvious noone wanted to pick him up. Spent half the season in Hartford playing poorly.
  5. Dainius Zubrus 21 Zach Parise 18 Andy Greene 17 + Ilya Kovalchuk 16 + Paul Martin 13 - Patrik Elias 13 Martin Brodeur 13 Vladimir Zharkov 11 David Clarkson 10 - Pierre Leblond 11 Mark Fraser 9 - Dean McAmmond 10 Rod Pelley 10 Anssi Salmela 10 Bryce Salvador 10 Yann Danis 10 Patrick Davis 9 Cory Murphy 9 Travis Zajac 10 Lou Lamoriello 9 Martin Skoula 9 Jay Pandolfo 8 Mike Mottau 8 Colin White 7 Andrew Peters 6 Brian Rolston 6 Rob Niedermayer 3 Just based on this playoff series.
  6. We have been rising every year, ranked dead last last year or the year before, I'll take 26.
  7. Congrats Hasan! Since I finished 6th, do i get to pick 6 next year?
  8. Congrats on a season well done! This was my first time doing a fantasy league for hockey, 6th place is pretty good for a go.
  9. Flyers are struggling. But my main thing is Boucher cannot hold up, Devils in 6, maybe 5. Brodeur vs Boucher makes a non-matchup.
  10. For one, people don't find the name offensive. If the NCAA received a ton of pressure to change the name, I don't know what could happen but I can imagine that someone could have it changed. The difference here from the Fighting Seminoles and names of that like, is that the Sioux did not receive money for their name. At several times they did and it was just pennies really. Not for anything but the Sioux was not a violent tribe, despite their name. They could have kept the name if they wanted to, they could have struck a deal with the two tribes and be past it right now but they decided it wasn't worth the money. This is more about money than being politically correct.
  11. I just got 3 tickets, section 10, row 10!
  12. Apparently we still have Oduya and Vrana as well
  13. Thats a cheap way to say we arent spending enough on D. Martin = 3.83 White = 3.0 Salvador= 2.9 Mottau=.762 Greene=.738 Fraser=.5 Salmela=.613 and pro-rated into this could be Oduya, his cap hit for his time here is 2.285 Thats 14.598. Thats about 26%. Thats a pretty respectable number. Some teams spend more, Atlanta, but that doesnt make their D better.
  14. Could have signed him this offseason for the next to nothing he is paid.
  15. For a fourth round pick, not bad
  16. In the future, please keep all of this in one thread. Its kind of ridiculous seeing new threads everyday for your jersey.
  17. The Havelid trades become the Grant Marshall trades. Theyre not all bad.
  18. I'm sure Niedermayer will not be moved, it has been said several times that they do not want to move him. The plus side to these players is that they are all upcoming UFAs but Kubina would be expensive and I am not fully sure that the Predators want to give up Hamhuis.
  19. Any elite defenders or centers to be traded? Ill trade a LW for one, or two. Looking for a solid +/- and lots of face off wins. No one on my team is untouchable, Kovalchuk Iginla, Burrows, Boyle, etc. are all up.
  20. We forget he has 2 years after this on his contract with no clause allowing him to slip to the NHL.
  21. I was once pulled over and received a ticket for a light not 'on completely' on my way home from car inspection. Oh was that ironic, somehow my light wasn't fully on from the 10 minutes I left the check to get home.
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