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  1. The offense for the most part was static today, Zach really took it upon himself. Is it me or has Kane been a non-factor so far?
  2. Qualifying Round #8 Switzerland vs. #9 Belarus - Swiss #5 Czech Republic vs. #12 Latvia - Czechs #7 Slovakia vs. #10 Norway - Slovakia #6 Canada vs. #11 Germany - Canada Quarterfinals #1 USA vs. Switzerland - USA #4 Finland vs. Czech Republic - Czechs #2 Sweden vs. Slovakia - Sweden #3 Russia vs. Canada - Russia Semifinals USA vs. Czech Republic - USA Sweden vs. Russia - Sweden Medal Round USA vs. Sweden - USA Czech Republic vs. Russia - Russia Gold - USA Silver - Sweden Bronze - Russia
  4. Hey everyone, I'm looking to get a green Daneyko jersey but I am blocked on whether or not he wore an A during the green years. If he did, can someone provide a picture or source? I know he wouldn't have it in his first few seasons but I imagine he could have in the late 80s, early 90s. Anyone know, or could find the answer? I've been looking for a while. Thanks everyone!
  5. Scum, should get some penalty to make him feel worse than playing in Edmonton.
  6. Whitney has a NTC and the Hurricanes were going to trade him to the Kings. Whitney met with the Kings and if they agreed on a 3 year deal he would waive his NTC, and they said no dice. Imagine the same here.
  7. Is i only with the package or can we buy the jersey separate?
  8. I cant watch the game since i dont get versus, hows kovalchuk playing?
  9. Is there any news of Salmela?
  10. Don't you know that DevilinLA is the voice of reason?
  11. Give him some time to mesh at least, my god
  12. Capitals are good mostly because of their RFAs, Semin won't be making 4.6 for too much long and neither will Backstrom make 2.4. Varlamov won't be playing for .850 of a million. Theyre time to compete hard is now, in several years they won't be weak but for now they have a solid club.
  13. Well, the trade is getting talk around the place?
  14. What does everyone think Stajan would cost, Hfboards is going batcrap with their predictions. I weight it in the same way as i would for Antropov who I believe is a better player. I would say a 2nd should be good but it may become a 1st with a cup appearance although that even seems like an overpayment to an extent.
  15. I'm not sure the likelihood of Visnovsky getting traded but he is a nice piece for any playoff team. With Souray possibly moving I just don't see how Edmonton could do it.
  16. I'm looking to upgrade in any position, any trade that makes my team better.
  17. Love it, especially for books. As an english major I love that, but I'm not coining 600 for it.
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