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  1. Souray announced he will waive his clause, the rest of it is rumors.
  2. I doubt he will win the appeal although I do think that the rest of the season is more than a bit too much. He's a kid, kids make mistakes and certainly this was larger than many others. He has apologized publicly for the incident which is a lot for a kid to do. I say they have allow him to make a second public apology and allow him to play the last handful of games this season and the playoffs. It was a bad hit but I think he certainly is sorry for it.
  3. Jesus Christ, you are right on that.
  4. Getting Craig Anderson fulfilled my need, thanks though. I may make a move for a solid second goalie, although I am open to trading Turco for anyone interested.
  5. Eckford for Pitkanen is a decent deal but you have to consider they will want more, most likely a draft pick as well. Eckford isn't a ready prospect so who knows if they would want a player to plug in as well. PS they wouldn't want Mottau.
  6. Any goalies up for trade? I have Kovalchuk, Iggy and even Burrows up for trade. Dan Boyle as well, anyone to get a goalie that is at a good level.
  7. Leno is a douche bag. Conan all the way, I'm boycotting NBC if they keep Leno over Conan.
  8. If youre referring to what was called on Burrows, its in my previous post. If youre referring to the original play in Nashville I think that the play in that game shouldnt be assigned any importance to future competitions.
  9. Roberto Luongo even admitted that the officiating was a bit suspicious tonight, this WAS a personal attack on Alex Burrows. For one, an officially should not talk to a player like that before a game begins (I am not sure if it is a rule but I also believe that they cannot), they are only suppose to relay information to the Captains and Assistants if anything. This was the interference penalty called on Burrows. I would like to hear anyone say that this play IS a penalty because in my opinion I just don't see how it is. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dkG0fyvAeA0 After game interview with Burrows, Luongo and Vigneault. It certainly looks like an unfair ruling against Alex.
  10. My largest complaint with this is that although a 6 on 3 is a large advantage, that is a lot of players on the ice. Also, with clearing the puck there is a possibility to score off of it - and unless the offense is playing frantic to keep the puck within the zone I would concerned over possible goals.
  11. The use of only is somewhat poor here, because 'only 27 goals' behind the Caps means something. They will probably end up with 60+ more at the end of the season with a healthy Ovechkin, and 27 goals does win you a lot of games. What is more important is the difference in GF and GA.
  12. There are several different IR lengths but a player may go on the IR several times a season and the length is up to the GM and coaches. IR is mostly in place due to the salary cap, their cap hit freezes and they may use a substitute player. Depends on contract and age. A 2 way contract allows more fluid action to be called up and down, a 1 way freezes them in the NHL. If you send a player down who is on a 1 way contract, they may be picked up by another team who will not forfeit anything but take the cap hit. If a player is recalled after being sent down, they may be picked up for half their salary if they dont clear waivers. A player on his first contract may go from minors to majors as many times without penalty. Number of games and age okay a role in eligibility to be waived. Example: Zharkov may be moved as many times as wished Leach was sent down and taken off of waivers by the Habs Murphy, 1 way contract was sent down and not taken. Happened again without result and he cleared once again. The number one pick in hockey is HUGE, I do not know where you got the impression it wasn't. NFL they are more likely to talk about trading it but if you have the first pick in the NHL you keep it. Tavares, Stamkos, Crosby, Ovechkin all are very valuable assets of first overall picks They play in junior or professional leagues around the world. North America has the juniors which is comparable to a major league of young players or college level league. In Sweden and Russia for example they play in various leagues, and mostly get 3rd and 4th ice time but the potential is seen there for sure quote name='Scoopscj' date='06 January 2010 - 05:16 PM' timestamp='1262816180' post='832990'] Minor leagues... there are Lowell which is the equivalent of baseball's triple A team, and Trenton.. double A team, and is there a single A team?
  13. I'm learning why to pick a goalie first
  14. Josefson is a center although he has played wing for the Swedish U20 team
  15. I think he is worth 10 million to Atlanta, but won't get it. More around 8.5 sounds right. HellOnIce- They traded Hossa and kept Kovalchuk not out of necessity but Hossa was not going to resign with the Thrashers. Kovalchuk was on a contract and signed an extension, can't build around a player not on the team.
  16. Aside from the Thrasers, can any team win a cup with a 10 million dollar player? I dont know. There has to be luck involved, for example last years Washington Capitals team came very close to possibly making a shot at the cup with Ovechkin, cap hit 9.538. A team with a player with that sort of pay needs to have high class younger players, Semin, Backstrom, Green, Varlamov, who don't destroy the teams cap hit. Teams that do win the cup with that sort of talent do have a degree of luck. For example, last year I believe the Penguins were able to jump to the cup a bit easier because they had a great deal of veteran presence, only one players above 5 million dollars as well, Crosby. This year with Malkin making as much as him, the talent pool of veterans has dropped and there are a lot of plug ins. There still dangerous but who knows for how long, there arent much Guerin's who play at a decent level and only make 2 million. Overall, my main concern for the Thrashers is that they don't really have secondary scoring and another high class player aside from Kovalchuk. They may have something in Little but he is not Malkin level. Peverley may be onto something but not in the same league as any of them. Without Kovalchuk their top players are potentials such as Evander Kane and some good talent - Antropov and Hainsey, but nothing too noteworthy. I don't tink the question is can they win a cup with Kovalchuk but can they make the playoffs. Without him they're not too promising in terms of competing at the moment. They have a good prospect pool but unless they get someone else who really can play at a high level (hopefully at least two) they need to do something. I say sign Kovalchuk because they're not hitting cap hell with him. As much as the arguement is that you cant win a cup with a player like that, you certainly cannot compete without him. The difficult part for Atlanta will be determining if he can be a playoff leader to really make a splash - which I think he can be based on his ability to put the game on his stick and get determined to score a goal. As long as he has guys who can retain the puck and allow him to shoot he is in good company, the second line basically can be a first with him even if he is given subpar team mates. Also, his +/- is a bit skewed, although he is very lazy defensively I don't think he is as bad as most people think he is. As mentioned, the +/- for the special teams is in question but as well I want to mention I do believe he is coached to not play defense. Given the olympics are coming up he may be told differently (may not) so it is an opportunity to see what is going on.
  17. Look at it this way, how much is he worth to Atlanta and with the salary cap, upcoming players, etc. Let's take a quick look. This season they have about 8.495 in cap space. Thankfully, Brian Campbell did not accept a contract years back when they offered him somewhere in the ballpark of 8 mil a season. In addition to nearly 8.5 million in space, they have Kovalchuk - 6.4, Kozlov - 3.85, Armstrong - 2.4, Reasoner - 1.15, Slater - .84, Afinogenov - .8, Boulton - .6, Kubina - 5, Popolvc - .6, Schubert - .6, Lehtonen - 3.0, Pavelec - 1.43, Hedberg - 1.087, who are all upcoming UFA and RFAs. If my math is right, that is roughly 36.25 million to in cap space. Realistically, Kovalchuk is worth a lot more to Atlanta than anyone else and if he wants 10 million, he basically will get it. Consistent 40 goal scorers, who can get up to 60, are hard to come by and Kovalchuk can bank that in. Doing so, for Atlanta, will not ruin their salary cap situation as well. If he capped 10 million, that leaves 26.25 left to resign players and free agents. I expect Kozlov to either retire or take a salary cut in his next contract as well as Kubina doing the same. Armstrong should be averaging about what he has more - deserves less I think - but may make 2.5 on the top end. While if they want to retain Afinogenov (which I believe they may) he won't cost more than 3 or 4 million a season, possibly even less. Kubina should be taking less than 5.0. While Little may get upwards of several million, I do not think it is a concern of the Thrashers to pay Kovalchuk. A lot of players may get paydays, pay cuts and they may get close to the cap but they can ultimately afford Kovalchuk's ransom.
  18. Snowing a great deal in lower central Jersey as well Stay safe people, enjoy the weather as well!
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