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  1. You really can't take away PIM... especially because I have a decent stock of it
  2. Players need to be accountable for their actions even if they're scumbags. If you can't talk about players and affairs then you can't talk about when they visit hospitals to brighten kids days, it is all or nothing.
  3. Maybe the real controversy is that Hartnell bit Carters finger during practice, thought he was Zajac for a second.
  4. http://thephillyfour.com/2009/12/affair-has-flyers-locker-room-split/?773b4a10 Could it be true? I am unsure how definitive the source is, but numerous people have reported this according to this article. Who knows? Maybe this is surrounding the trade buzz about Hartnell.
  5. You obviously dont know how NCLB runs. Ask any teacher 90% of them hate it because it truly is a bullsh!t act.
  6. He is on his first contract, exempt despite age.
  7. Very nice, can i get into that?
  8. Sorry, I lost this thread for a bit. I WILL make the schedule Tuesday, everything will be on here that night. Friday a good start for everyone?
  9. Funny how he signed a contract a week ago and is already called up.
  10. If its recorded off the soundboard they have different receivers to get the "real sound" before it hits the crowd so it is slightly different. Sometimes the singers voice is a bit higher and in the case of a band like Metallica, they probably deepen it, even in life performances. It's probably a bit thinner than the live quality too because they want to kill the crowd noise for a sound audible to a crowd to buy.
  11. In relation to Hall, Tavares, Stamkos who do you rank on top? I'm taking Tavares but Stamkos has been straight out dominate this season.
  12. Just asking a question. And yes they did, I did not know but thanks for the internet tough guy show.
  13. Did they ever find that girl who went missing at the concert in pittsburgh?
  14. Hang up. This team needs much more than a defender to compete and without a center theres no point to waste resources.
  15. Update on Fire and Ice Oduya suffers a setback with his injury
  16. Greene steps up in Martin's absence http://www.nhl.com/ice/news.htm?id=505230
  17. I actually am over by a bit but i can conserve from here, start strong and end strong. I need to just get in the limit
  18. I'm keeping that in mind, I'm positive I won't go over
  19. Do you have a certificate of authenticity? Without it you wont fetch anything
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