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  1. Hey all, I've updated a list of Devils items I'm looking to sell, please check out the thread in the Marketplace. Could use the extra cash, and I've got some neat stuff. PM for photos. Thank you!

  2. Anyone happen to have an extra voucher for Wednesday's game that they can't use? Need two total, friend lost hers. Shoot me a DM if ya do, would be much appreciated!

  3. If I ran a tabloid, my back-page headline would be "NOT-TEAU!"...or "KING HENRIQUE!" Haven't decided.

  4. Sweet Zombie Jesus, the Mets sweep the Braves to start the season. How's things by you, Yankees fans?

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    2. DevsMan84


      As much as I like the Mets, realistically they will start backing back to Earth sooner rather than later.

    3. DevsMan84
    4. Demonic26


      4-0! not going to get my hopes up yet but hope they can keep it up

  5. Why hello, Playoffs. It's nice to care about you again.

  6. Didn't hit the Mega Millions. Anyone wanna buy a yacht with a pool housing a slightly smaller yacht? Barely used, $460 million.

  7. I've never been more happy to see my team acquire a guy with two starts to his name. Welcome to the Seahawks Matt Flynn!!!

  8. Every day Miss Janet, everrryyy dayyy

    1. DevilNurn


      love this commercial...

  9. We are traditionally a streaky team. Maybe we're choosing to suck early this year instead of in March.

    1. GoArmySports


      hah I kinda wrote something like this in a earlier post, lets hope were like the San Francisco Giants and win ti all!

    2. thefiestygoat


      i keep telling myself that....just hope it comes true

  10. If recent history has taugh us anything, it's that firing a coach of an underachieving team makes that team go to the Stanley Cup Final. I see no flaw in this belief. What are we waiting for?!

  11. I don't know what you guys are freaking out about. Clearly our season starts Thursday. I don't know where you're getting this 5 losses in 6 games stuff from. Our season opener has always been Thurs in Montreal, yes?

    1. RSC


      Optimism by denial...I like it.

  12. 'grats to Taormina on his first NHL point with the assist.

  13. Let's go Seahawks! ...I guess. Whatever. We gon' suck. When's hockey start already?

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